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13+ Hilarious People Who Live Life Their Own Way

Everyone likes to have their funny bone tickled from time to time. Yeah, looking at funny pics might be a form of procrastination. But you work hard the rest of the time. Go ahead, dig in. You deserve it.

That clears things up.


We should respect our elders. That means not accosting them in public, no matter how much they look like a presidential candidate or the guy who gets into awkward situations on TV.

Special delivery.

Reddit | deadleaf_shrimp

This apartment mailroom takes a photo to verify each and every delivery. Thanks to this dedicated and performance-oriented delivery driver, those photos are truly a joy to behold.

My man.

Reddit | daviess

Festivals are great. Where else can a guy with a fanny pack and cargo shorts who's looking for Nemo, find Nemo? It's nice that there's a happy ending to this guy's tale.

The price is right.

Reddit | heputmystuffinjello

Given the usual prices at these art fair tent things, I think I'd sit down with these old coots. I might gain nothing from the encounter, but at least I'm not paying.

Can't argue with that.

Reddit | Ginger_King

This science teacher totally killed it at his high school's meme day. I've spent so long thinking of horses as horn-free unicorns that I'd never even considered the rhino connection.


Reddit | supremedoggo6

This is so much better than the standard cutouts of athlete's heads you see at college basketball games. You just have to be careful the ref doesn't see — he might give you a technical.

Police work can wait.

Reddit | Cutty__Slouch

These St. Paul, Minnesota police officers were called to an apartment for a noise complaint originating from a spirited Super Smash Bros battle. Needless to say, the police found it to be of pressing importance.

No way.

Reddit | floppyjackhammer

I'm so glad this guy snapped a selfie with, as he says, the "Pakistani Mr. Bean." You could tell the story, but a picture truly paints a thousand words.

The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Take over the world.

Reddit | johnsbuffalo

"Wife left me alone with the kids for the first time and after asking for an update I sent her this," wrote the Redditor who posted this image.


Reddit | apokalypso

You might think this isn't a funny picture since it just shows a woman who's in love with her cigarette. But when you factor in that this woman, Sylvi Listhaug, is Norway's minister for public health, things get pretty funny.

Don't take any chances.

Reddit | B_rodriguezzz

What's the worst part about winning the lottery? I wouldn't know, but I'd assume it would be the friends and family members looking for a handout. This Jamaican lottery winner decided to completely mask their identity as a precaution.


Reddit | Lewy-G

We used to go to the beach to enjoy the water and the sand. But times change, and apparently now we just go to the beach to take Insta-worthy pics all day.

Thanks, prof!

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

That's very, uh, "rad" of you. For real though, history and science are such fascinating topics that so many people are disinterested in. Maybe adding hashtags and literally calling students out for their ignorance will change things.


Reddit | TakuanSoho

One pic is the image of chilled contentment. The other is one of cranky longing. The contrast here is just perfect. Those cats are going to battle over this soon, I can feel it.

I get it.

Reddit | geek_fest

This DMV employee showed a keen awareness of popular culture by dressing as a sloth for Halloween. But I don't know, man. It's still the DMV...tough to crack a smile in that building.

Like father, like son.

Reddit | Bubbaluke

It's often said that people start to resemble their dogs after awhile. The same isn't really said for cats, but this pic of a grumpy cat watching TV with his grumpy dad is compelling evidence.

The weather authority.

Reddit | decide-and-go-be-it

Sure, it might not be as scientific as a barometer or whatever, but you know exactly what this chart is talking about. I wonder what their temperature charts look like.

Bread around the world.

Reddit | Lokimonoxide

The Redditor who posted this lives in Gunpo, South Korea. After contacting a dude on the exact other side of the world (Montevideo, Uruguay), they went outside at the same time and made an Earth sandwich. Sometimes the internet is beautiful.

Science checks out.

Reddit | UltimateProSkilz`

Can I switch to German? Because drinking a lot of beer and eating a lot of sausages sounds like heaven. The lower rate of heart attacks is just a bonus.

When you want a burger, you just need to get one.

Reddit | CyberTexan

As someone who worked at a McDonalds during the big Northeast blackout in 2003, I can attest to this. I literally spent a shift sitting beside the drive thru menu board telling people that no, we didn't have power either.

Those migrating birds are going to be very confused when they get speeding tickets.

Reddit | lilmizzvalz

I feel like this is an oversight. If it's easy for someone too just walk up and point the speed camera away from the road, then it's kind of pointless to put it there in the first place.

As someone baffled by emus, I wouldn't be surprised if they sprouted like plants.

Reddit | SacredHenry

I mean, I know they don't, but they're super weird birds. I can't tell is this one likes being watered or is just completely done caring.

If the kitty fits, the kitty sits.

Reddit | unCenteredFrame

Even if it has to crush all your pretzels to do it. Could they have stopped the cat before it ruined the snacks? Sure, but I would have wanted to see what happened too.

Someone at this newspaper is a great big nerd.

Reddit | vo_xv

That's praise, not a dig at them. I don't even care if this turns out to be paid advertising for the Detective Pikachu movie. I love it anyway.

Every teacher, everywhere.

Reddit | huhn3k

Even if you are fairly tech savvy, no teacher wants to be at the front of the class trying to figure out why the presentation computer is on the Blue Screen of Death with the eyes of 30 judgy students on you the whole time.

Kid logic at its finest.

Reddit | batanasov

If I was this mom, I'd find this hilarious and probably keep it in storage for when Joshua is older and in need of some embarrassment. Maybe during a wedding speech or when his own children are born.

Bowling. They are talking about bowling!

Reddit | Ben_snipes

Either the '60s were a far more innocent time, or somewhere out there a copywriter and artist are still giggling about how they got away with this.

A wizard is never late.

Reddit | NorVeganBazookaBill

He arrives precisely when he means to, even if it was bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way to the office. You were just early.

A twist on a classic.

Reddit | sweetwhitelies

Maybe the employees were just getting tired of people singing the rhyme at them all the time. Because you know it happened and every single person thought they were the first to think of it.

Sharing the tiny chocolate is serious business.

Reddit | w2amit

It's ridiculous, but if you've ever had a sibling, you've probably had the argument over whose piece is bigger.

This past Christmas, the uploader's mother-in-law made one of these for all the men in the family.

Reddit | KyleRichXV

These meets the intersection of adorable and funny wonderfully enough that I can almost picture everyone with mothers-in-law they can't stand looking longingly through the windows when these were unveiled.

Although we can hardly describe what this kid is doing now as "hilarious," there is something about him that makes me amused.

Reddit | woke_folk

Namely, that he has a recorder holstered onto his belt like a situation will arise where someone needs to hear ear-splitting notes immediately.

I wouldn't be surprised if this lady shreds the hardest out of anyone there.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

After all, it's always the people who look the most unassuming that end up kicking the most ass when they show up to the skateboard.

Apparently, it's a reality that even Tony Hawk himself knows all too well.

I'd have to find a pretty good movie for it to distract me from this oddly intimidating sight.

Reddit | ReaperMask

I'm not sure how often we normally need a distraction from our distractions, but I'd say it's about as often as we run into faces tattooed on the back of people's heads.

I have no idea how he did it, but this guy just proved that he won't be defeated.

Reddit | ITTRzz

I'm not sure even standing on a table will let us reach an outlet that high up, so I'm forced to conclude that he stacked furniture and then put it all back like nothing happened.

If you din't pause your vacation to take a photo next to a sign that made you laugh like an immature middle-schoolers, did you even go on vacation?

Reddit | vinnothesquire

I thought it was pretty amazing when I ran across a street in England that seemed to be named after me, but the distinguished Butthole Lane definitely beats that.

I hope the reason these heads are here is hilarious because otherwise, it's horrifying.

Reddit | rastroboy

Apparently, these were placed outside of a gated retirement community in Florida and that's about all we know.

Personally, I'd like to believe that this is just a sign that Florida Man is older than we thought. Because if he can retire, that should give hope to all of us.

When the band teacher's not around, something like this is almost guaranteed to go on.

Reddit | ram3nbar

As wacky as this is, however, I'd definitely wager that it's a lot more fun for the girl playing the tuba than the one with her head stuck in it.

RIP eardrums.

Either these jeans had a catastrophically big hole or their wearer just doesn't believe in your rules, man.

Reddit | -rico

They could've gone for a seamless fix, but that just wouldn't be fair to all the hard-working seams in the world.

Well, as long as toothbrush head here is happy about his new look, I suppose I am too.

Reddit | zavirsilas

Of course, we'll see how much his attitude changes when he has to walk through a door.

Obviously, this cat must make this face a lot if its owner could bang a whole painting out while it's doing it.

Reddit | jasontaken

I also have to hand it to the artist: This was the most distinguished look they could've possibly made out of that facial expression.

The sophistication and menace of a vampire definitely beats the confusion and malaise of "kid the teacher called on after they fell asleep in class."

This kid obviously didn't agree with the part where they took away the training wheels.

Reddit | Himetora

Although it's kind of hard to tell whether adding a hoverboard to the cycling experience actually makes it easier or harder.

And I value my knees too much to risk them for that experiment.

The placement of the sign in relation to the cartoon chef is unfortunate.

Reddit | whiskythief209

I give this 24 hours before some teenager sneaks up and replaces the E with an I.


Reddit | kcgg123

Lots of us have taken on this same glassy-eyed stare on our daily commute. But maintaining it while Arya freakin' Stark sits right next to you takes an impressive amount of commitment.

Dispatch must get a lot of prank calls.

Reddit | Lukey300593

The kids don't even have to try to come up with something clever. The city planning committee already did the work for them.

What happens at Disney...

Reddit | Nowdeaf_5_0

This is such a nice scene. Sometimes, when intoxicated strangers bump into one another and comment on each other's shirts, fisticuffs ensue. But here, everything is chill. I guess that's why it's the happiest place on Earth.

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