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Tony Hawk Tweeted About People Not Recognizing Him Again And It's Still Hilarious

If you guys aren't following Tony Hawk on Twitter, you are missing out.

Not only is he funny, but he tweets about every single super awkward interaction he has with fans who recognize him—sort of.

It's a pattern, it's hilarious, and it just keeps happening.

For some reason, Tony Hawk just has one of those faces.

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You know, one were you sort of recognize him, but not really? Like, maybe he's just a guy who looks like Tony Hawk, but isn't.

Tony Hawk has noticed that about himself, guys.


Nooo, this one bummed me out. How do you not know who Tony Hawk is?

Even if you don't know him from skateboarding, you have to know him from video games, right? Right?

The disrespect...

Instagram | @tonyhawk

I want Tony Hawk to know something: I will never, ever get tired of these tweets.

Anyway, imagine walking up to a celebrity and immediately insulting them. I would die of embarrassment.

Where is the logic here, sir?

Why...why does this keep happening to him?

Tony Hawk has a weird life, firstly.

And secondly, did that guy mean to say that he's not that recognizable anymore? As in, he's not as famous as he used to be?

Why do people keep insulting Tony Hawk to his face?

Okay, this one broke my heart.

A kid at a skate park didn't even know he was Tony Hawk. My heart hurts, guys.

This tweet is wholesome and good, and thus I must conclude that Tony Hawk is also wholesome and good.

He can't even rent a car in peace.

This is like when you go bowling, and you and your friends all come up with the most outlandish names you can get away with.

Except that you're not bowling. You're Tony Hawk. And this is somehow your life.

Tony Hawk + TSA = Frenemies

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My favorite part of this exchange is the nearby agent, who confidently and correctly interjects to declare that Tony Hawk is not Lance Armstrong.

At least someone knows what they're doing when they see Tony Hawk, I guess.

This is something my mom would do.


I love the idea that Tony Hawk just carries his skateboard on a plane. He doesn't put it in a specially designed bag, or even in a backpack.

He just puts the skateboard in the overhead bin and goes on his merry way.

This checks out.

Finally, someone who knows how to ask "Are you Tony Hawk?" and actually nail it.

If you cover all your bases, then you're at least guaranteed to have met someone who looks like Tony Hawk. That's something to tell your grandchildren.

Wow I loved him in Iron Man!

That awkward moment when you accidentally do some promo for Marvel while in Cancún.

I also love the implication that the guy's friend was too afraid to straight-up ask him if he was Tony Hawk, so he sent his friend in his place.

At least people really like his tweets!

Instagram | @tonyhawk

I wonder if this guy deliberately asked him that so that he could become a tweet, too.

I'm not gonna lie...I would try something like that if I met Tony Hawk. But I'd tell him how great he is, okay? He deserves it.

Well, at least he knew who Tony Hawk was.

So, the overhead bin saga continues.

Now, he's progressed to carrying four skateboards, all still not kept in bags.

Tony Hawk, what are you doing, my good dude? Store those things responsibly.

Side note: how many skateboards do you think he goes through in a month?

I'm kinda worried about TSA agents.

None of them seem to be able to grasp that "Tony" is short for "Anthony."

I guess seeing a celebrity would jumble your brain a little bit, but you'd think that TSA agents would be used to that, right?

And so, dear friends, we come to the most recent tweet.

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Now that we've been entertained, shed a few tears, and overall found a new appreciation for Tony Hawk, it's time to see his most recent tweet.

I hope it's a good one.

They...they look nothing alike.

I said I hoped it was a good one, and it turns out it's a masterpiece.

There's so much to unpack here. Patrick Swayze, may he rest in peace, gets a shout-out, but the true bit of art is this revelation:

Tony Hawk kinda does look like Tony Goldwyn.