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Apparently, We've All Been Eating Pineapple Wrong And People Can't Handle It

Oh, I hear what you're saying: "How could there be a wrong way to eat a pineapple?"

And yes, technically, you can eat that pineapple any way you'd like to — but keep it far away from my pizza, you heathens! I just can't with that.

But sometimes a better way comes along. A way that blows the minds of everyone.

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Most of us probably slice the pineapple into rings, cutting them into wedges for easy snacking. Maybe you grill the rings or use them in an upside down cake.

Or yeah... put them on pizza. If you must.

It's the snacking part that this new method is most useful for.

It began with a video shared on the social media network TikTok, but once the video was shared on Twitter, people went crazy over it.

In it, a person is seen simply grabbing one of the nubbins on the pineapple's skin and peeling it away.

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With it comes a perfect chunk of pineapple. Like, with this trick you could just settle in front of the TV with a whole fruit and just chow down. The only prep required is to cut the top off.

So of course people decided that they needed to try it for themselves.

There does seem to be a trick to it, as some people struggled to get the same perfect pieces seen in the original video.

There were a bunch of theories batted around.

Some people wondered if it mattered how far down you made the initial cut.

Others thought that if the pineapple isn't the right stage of ripeness, then the outer berries may come loose or the flesh of the fruit could be too soft to break cleanly.

A few people thought it failed as first, but then figured it out.

It seems like once you figure out the trick to it, it works pretty well. Which is often the case for these sorts of viral hacks.

Other people rocked it on their first try.

There's something really satisfying about all the photos and videos being shared of this. It's like the world is coming together to learn something new.

I could watch these videos all day.

And then, I'll probably stop at the grocery store on the way home to check out their produce section. It's off season, but maybe I'll be lucky enough to snag a perfect pineapple of my own.

It's actually kind of sad when people admit their failure to replicate the hack.

Of course, even if it doesn't work out as planned, you still have a pineapple to enjoy. The old ways still work, so get out your knife and chop it up. It may be less efficient and fun, but the pineapple will taste the same.

Of course, some people are skeptical of the hack's actual usefulness.

Skillet | Claire Lower

Claire Lower of Skillet tried her hand at it and while it did work, she thought it was a neat, but basically useless hack.

While it does work, she noted that it's not really better than the old way.

Skillet | Claire Lower

When she did manage to get a nice chunk, juice sprayed everywhere, and she noted that while this seems cool for parties, it could be kind of gross.

Multiple fingers of questionable cleanliness digging into the flesh does seem iffy.

Lower makes sure to note that she's not anti-food hack.

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There are some that work really well, like this trick of using a glass to perfectly peel a mango in seconds.

Also great is this hack for easily peeling peaches.

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Fruit with really thin skin can be a pain to peel, but this trick involves putting the peach in boiling water, then ice water. The skin will come right off.

This also works great for tomatoes.

So basically, like with any hack, your milage may vary.

Even if they aren't the most practical, these hacks are always super cool to learn about.

Just keep that pineapple away from my pizza, please and thanks!