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Dill Pickle Cotton Candy Is Here To Challenge All Foodies

There aren't many folks out there who think that our food choices should be based on dares. At least, I hope there aren't many. Yes, you have to be brave sometimes to find delicious new foods. I admit to having to summon up some courage to try sushi, but I'm glad I did.

But at the same time, it wasn't exactly a challenge. Sushi has been eaten for countless generations — it's time-tested. Some of the stuff that has come up more recently should give us more pause.

I'm not sure if it was all started by hipsters, but there is a foodie trend to be more daring with pickling.

Soaking anything and everything in dill-laced brine kinda came out of the blue, and for those of us who love the crunch and tang of a good pickle, it was welcome. But it might have gone too far.

I mean, come on. Dill pickle cotton candy? You'd have to be a pickle obsessed foodie to try that, right?

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The maker even sounds like they're marketing it for the hipster crowd, saying "Our Dilly Pickle Cotton Candy has been spun fresh in hand crafted small batches."

Funny enough, I'm not even sure that dill pickle cotton candy is the strangest flavor/texture combination I've ever heard of pickles being involved in. There are some seriously bizarre ways lovers of dill will try to get their pickle fix.

Dill pickle slices on pizza, anyone?

Imgur | yodadude

I'm actually in the pro-pineapple camp, so maybe it's not that weird that I kind of want to try this. I imagine it tasting a bit like a cheeseburger, and that's never a bad thing.

How about dill pickle cupcakes?

Imgur | psuedon

I feel like lots is riding on the execution with these. Done well, it could be a good mix of sweet and salty. Done poorly, and you might be off both pickles and cupcakes for the rest of your life.

Who wouldn't want to cool off on a hot day with a pickle popsicle?

Imgur | frostbiteliverdead

I imagine somebody decided to freeze the brine leftover from a jar of pickles one day and stumbled across a way to market it. And maybe that same person really wanted to mess with their friends' kids.

For some reason, I doubt that dill pickle doughnuts could be nearly as successful as dill pickle cupcakes.

Imgur | Lunatyc

Like, way to ruin two perfect foods by mashing them into one, right? I think we've found the one kind of doughnut even Homer Simpson couldn't love.

Could dill pickle corn dogs ever catch on?

Imgur | jaimmster

We're getting closer to the perfect American stadium food with this: mystery meat, on a stick, deep fried, with a crunchy pickle inside. It just might work!

Dill pickle marshmallows, on the other hand, are right up there with the cotton candy.


Even if these marshmallows taste exactly like pickles, as their maker claims, there still has to be some cognitive dissonance between the flavor and the texture. These have to be so weird.

And then there's this low budget pickle creation.

I don't know who thinks of these things, hollowing out a pickle and shoving a candy bar inside, but there it is.

What do you think? Is this the weirdest pickle combo going? Or does that cotton candy take the cake?

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