16+ Times Maternity Photos Went Horribly Wrong

Everyone wants to create memories from when they were pregnant. It's a beautiful time that you can share with your child someday.

Except when those photo shoots turn into something that is just downright weird.

With different props, weird poses, specific clothing, and odd locations, we can't even begin to imagine just what inspires these couples.

Bearded beauty. 

Tumblr | maternitymisfortunes

Let's not discriminate: if our bearded allies want to have the experience of carrying a baby for nine months, let them have it! We certainly won't stop them, that's for sure.

To plank or not to plank? 


Remember that whole planking craze when people would take photos of themselves lying face down, arms to the sides in unusual public spaces? Well, I think this person takes the cake. Pregnant plank, for the win!

Poke, poke. 

Instagram | @queenbrown_2

Couples do a lot of weird things behind closed doors. Maybe he's just picking out her belly button lint for her as a kind gesture. Who knows? We're not judging...

Which way to the beach? 

Imgur | JustinAlger

Can't tell if this is supposed to be a maternity photo or if this is supposed to be an advertisement for the upcoming World's Strongest Man competition. I have so many questions.

The belly whisperer. 

Tumblr | maternitymisfortunes

I long for the day when someone will whisper sweet nothings into my belly super casually. I'm imagining him saying, "Don't worry, our sweet little babe. Everything is lit out here!"

#HusbandGoals, much?  

Imgur | DruishPrincess69

We love that that when this man's wife didn't want to take maternity photos, he took his own. That is a whole new level of extra that we aspire to be someday. Bravo.

Bey ain't got nothing on him. 

Imgur | garamas

This man's wife ordered this stunning outfit for their maternity photos. But when she tried it on, it didn't fit her. Rather then send it back, he tried it on for her and worked it out. DIVA!

Push it. Push it real good.

Imgur | Chira

This couple doesn't seem to take themselves too seriously and we love it. We wonder if they are just practicing the faces they'll be making in the delivery room for baby's arrival.

Fill 'er up

Imgur | ccc23dallas

If only all pregnancy was as easy as being filled up with a bicycle pump! But we'll give this couple credit for their ingenious idea. Now let's hope Santa and the elves leave them something nice.

But why tho?

Tumblr | maternitymisfortunes

We have to be honest, this photo gives us the creeps. Is he trying to drink out of her belly button? Is this an image they'll to show their child? We don't know the inspo here but they seem real close.

Food babies matter. 

Tumblr | maternitymisfortunes

This duo is so proud to be welcoming a brand new food baby into the world. We're so thrilled for them! We know how hard they worked to conceive this food baby and we wish them all the best.

On the next episode of "Sister Wives"... 

Tumblr | maternitymisfortunes

I am pretty sure I saw this on an episode of TLC's Sister Wives and I am like, so here for it. What an awesome and progressive way for a family to show off their pregnancy!

We had to do a double take. 

Imgur | nickolai252

Is this another man who's taking his partner's maternity photos for her because she didn't want to, or is this our eyes playing a trick on us? Whatever the answer, he's glowing!

It's a...burrito baby! 


To be honest, this is the way I look at a burrito every single time I order one as well. I want to meet this couple so I can give them a high five. They are goals.

Pregnancy, but make it fashion


I am getting Serena Williams in Vanity Fair realness...but if Serena Williams was on a tight budget and could only afford garbage bags. Either way, the commitment to this look should be applauded.

Karate kids

Tumblr | maternitymisfortunes

I wonder if they did this shoot in their dojo? She's rocking that baby bump so hard that her master would be proud. I'm waiting for The Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio to pop out at any moment.

Get used to this feeling

Reddit | Painfully_Optimistic

This poor dad-to-be was a tad hungover for this maternity photoshoot. I hate to tell you this, bud, but it won't get any easier from here on out.

Taking one for the team

Reddit | DruishPrincess69

When his wife didn't want to take maternity photos, this dad stepped up to the plate. The results were...interesting.

Sun's out, bumps out

Reddit | therealmcveetors

Was it really necessary for both mom and dad to show off their bumps? How much do you want to bet this was the dad's idea?

Oddly majestic


Is this photo weird? It is, but it's also strangely beautiful too. Maybe paternity photoshoots should become more mainstream.

The moment you realize you have another kid on the way.

Reddit | degolfer01

I can almost hear what's going through this dad's mind as he poses for these pics. I feel bad telling him he's not going to get a good night's sleep for another 10 years or so.

I don't even know where to start.

Reddit | eternalsunshine69

Who thought of this photo? Where did they get the horse? How did they time the lick? I'm just really, really confused.

I don't know if this is genius or just weird.

Reddit | SluttyMuffler

I mean, it got a chuckle from me, but did the dad really have to pose with the rubber glove that went up to his elbow? Yikes.


Reddit | ayyy_MD

Thanks to the forced camera perspective, I can officially say that I hate this picture. Ugh, I feel like this is going to haunt my dreams for a bit.

Reddit | rogue-_-robot

Here are a few prime examples of why men shouldn't take pregnancy photos. How do I erase these images from my mind?

There are a lot of unexpected surprises that come with pregnancy.

If you think capturing the perfect maternity photo is hard, good luck doing family portraits when the little one arrives.

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