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5+ Cheap Gifts To Make When You're Too Broke To Buy

I absolutely love making gifts for loved ones, although generally I think that's because I love being creative rather than being cheap. However, you can totally make a ton of stunning gifts for people you love that look expensive, but don't cost much at all.

Have I caught your attention? If you're too broke to buy, then definitely consider making something yourself. Are you ready to see some of these sweet DIYs?

1. DIY Matcha Tea Sugar Scrub Cubes

Shrimp Salad Circus

I feel like anything related to bath and beauty make amazing gifts. Why do you think Bath And Body Works always has those huge sales at Christmastime? But, even with the sales, don't you think it would be nice to make a ton of bath products yourself?

Turns out, it's actually pretty easy to make them.

Shrimp Salad Circus

Shrimp Salad Circus made a huge batch of these matcha green tea sugar scrubs, and I bet they make you smell like a yummy treat!

You could make a ton of these and give them as gifts any time of the year.

2. DIY Grapefruit Wax Melts

See Vanessa Craft

Along the lines of bath products, candles and wax melts are another fun gift to give. There's definitely something kind of luxe about some fancy homemade candles or wax melts, and I think See Vanessa Craft would agree with that!

She made these adorable heart-shaped wax melts that are sure to melt some hearts.

See Vanessa Craft

This would be a sweet gift for a bestie or sibling, or even as a office holiday gift! I know I'd be happy to receive something as cute as this.

3. DIY Cat Face Sneakers

Flamingo Toes

I can think of a few of my friends who would love to receive a pair of these adorable shoes as a gift! You just need a pair of cheap black sneakers and some white paint.

How freaking cute are these guys?!

Flamingo Toes

Flamingo Toes did a stellar job with these shoes. Even as a dog person for life, I would be down to rock these any day of the week!

4. DIY Pom-Pom Plant Hanger

Sarah Hearts

It's definitely no secret that I'm obsessed with anything related to plants, or pom-poms. So, I was super stoked to see this project that combines them both.

I am seriously in love with the final reveal!

Sarah Hearts

Sarah Hearts definitely nailed this DIY project. It's perfect parts whimsical and functional. I know I'd be happy to receive this as a gift!

5. DIY Pom-Pom T-Shirt

Lovely Indeed

If your friends love color, then this might be the DIY gift to make them! It's super simple to make since all you need is some fabric pom-poms, a t-shirt, and a needle and thread.

It's definitely a cute and unique way to make a statement.

Lovely Indeed

This is a super fun project from Lovely Indeed, and I bet it'll bring out the inner child in all of your friends!

6. DIY Crepe Paper Magnets

A Kailo Chic Life

I love putting cards, artwork, and other fun things on my fridge. But, you've gotta have cute magnets to hold things up, right?! That's where this DIY comes in!

Next time you gift someone a piece of art, think about including a magnet as well!

A Kailo Chic Life

These crepe paper flower magnets from A Kailo Chic Life would be the perfect addition to any fridge full of art!

7. DIY Tassel Earrings

Tell Love And Party

I absolutely love making jewelry for myself and for my pals. Fun, colorful earrings are definitely back in style these days, as is making a statement with your ears!

With a little bit of fringe and some standard earring findings, you've got yourself a super cute gift.

Tell Love And Party

I'll definitely be making this DIY from Tell Love And Party as a Christmas gift this year!

8. DIY Tassel Pillow

Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewood Farms created this adorable tassel pillow that would make a sweet housewarming gift. Seriously, someone give me this when I move!

I love how this pillow gives some texture to an otherwise plain couch!

Thistlewood Farms

This is such a cute addition to any couch, and it would fit the decor of my new place perfectly.

9. DIY Thumbtack Art

Bloglovin | LiveLoveDIY

Next time you're wandering down the school supplies aisle, think about picking up a pack of thumbtacks for this next project by LiveLoveDIY.

Who knew that thumbtacks could make such a cute piece of art?!

Bloglovin | LiveLoveDIY

There's something oddly chic about this piece, maybe it's the ampersand? I'm not sure, but I would definitely put this in my home!

10. DIY Cactus Ring Dish

Collectively Christine

I received a ring dish in a holiday gift exchange last year, and wasn't sure if I'd use it. Turns out, I use it all the time!

And I would definitely use this cactus one!

Collectively Christine

Made out of clay, this DIY is cheap and easy to do. Thanks to Collectively Christine for sharing this cute project with us!

11. DIY Glitter Tumbler

Leap Of Faith Crafting

Do you have a friend who would love a customized tumbler? What about someone who loves glitter?! This DIY from Leap Of Faith Crafting might be the perfect gift to give!

How fun are the custom decals and glitter?

Leap of Faith Crafting

I can think of a few little ladies in my life who would love one of these for their hot chocolates! Plus, some older ladies who'd like something a little harder in theirs.

12. DIY Air Plant Holder

Live Laugh Rowe

I'm not great with air plants, but I know the importance of finding them a good home. They aren't exactly easy to keep alive, so it's important they have a happy place to live.

Which is why I love this simple holder!

Live Laugh Rowe

Live Laugh Rowe created this minimalist air plant holder that would look great in any home. You could keep it plain like this one, or add some color with paint!

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