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LEGO Will Be Releasing A 'Sesame Street' Set, And Our Day Just Got Super Sunny

LEGO Ideas is a community site where people like you and I have the opportunity to bring their LEGO dreams to life. That's exactly how LEGO's Central Perk set was born.

After over two years, LEGO is in the works to bring LEGO Ideas member bulldoozer21's Sesame Street set to life.

The 123 Sesame Street Apartment Building is finally coming to life.

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LEGO Ideas user bulldoozer21 didn't miss one thing in their design and creation.

It looks just like the set from the television show!

Owners of this set will be able to open the apartment building facade to reveal all the different rooms where characters taught us important lessons.

Of course, the set is going to be loaded up with all of our favorite characters.

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Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, The Count, Elmo, and even the humans of Sesame Street!

The whole gang is included.

What's so fun about LEGO is seeing how our favorite scenes and scenarios come to life in block form.

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Many of us grew up watching Sesame Street, with parents still playing it for their children today, and now children can create their own show right before their eyes, or act out their favorite episodes.

My favorite piece of this LEGO set is probably Oscar and his trash can. So adorable!

LEGO Ideas

While this LEGO set has been confirmed, there is no release date or pricing information just yet.

Nevertheless, this release is so exciting, and I'm sure it will be flying off shelves!

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