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15 Times We Really Had To See It To Believe It

I'm a pretty gullible person. If you were to tell me you've met Cole Sprouse on the subway, I'd probably believe you.

But some people aren't so gullible, and they need tangible evidence in order to believe something.

I mean, I can't blame them for that. These days, no one trusts anyone and someone's word only seems to go so far.

Plus, sometimes stories are so wild, you really do need to see it to believe it. Here's some of those times where "pics or it didn't happen" needed to happen.

1. This must be the proudest moment of his life.

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Forever caught on camera is this man's granddaughter laughing uncontrollably over her grandfather losing his pants just moments before her wedding.

2. Imagine going for a walk, looking up, and seeing a billboard with your face on it.

Imgur | worriedaboutcoop

Okay, so it's not actually this guy's face, but it certainly looks like his twin.

3. Can you really blame this cutie for wanting a donut for a mid-day snack?

Imgur | Imgur

TBH, if I found a full-sized donut on the ground somewhere I'd probably snatch it up and eat it too.

4. This guy took a selfie as the Google Maps car drove by this house.

Reddit | FreshOrange1

Then he waited patiently until he found himself taking his selfie on Google Maps. This guy is committed AF.

5. Have you ever gotten into your car, heard a weird noise, and found an owl in the back seat?

Reddit | TheGreatDekuTree

Me neither, but I'm learning it's not as uncommon as you'd think.

6. See, I told you weird animals end up in cars more often than you'd think.

Imgur | skay4

This turkey somehow ended up in the driver's seat of this car. I wonder if it was trying to escape Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws.

7. The real question: Did Liam Nesson really eat for free that day?

Reddit | frmacleod

And to follow, why do celebrities who make a ridiculous amount of money need to eat free, anyway? Ahhh, the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

8. This is one of the most perfectly timed photos I've ever seen.

Imgur | CanYouFeelItNoww

Seeing one dolphin jumping through the ocean would have made my day, but an entire family including the calf? Life made.

9. What are the chances you'd come across a road called Rainbow Blvd and a rainbow at the same time?

Reddit | WKBX

I mean, how many streets called "rainbow" are there out there, anyway?

10. I'm not going to lie, I've tried to return some super old clothes with tags on them before.

Reddit | thevintagekid

But 17 years is a pretty long time to hold on to an unworn outfit.

What's even better is that this look is coming back in style, too.

11. Forget tea readings, latte foam is the new way of telling the future.

Reddit | Tacec

And it looks like Snoopy is going to making an entrance into someone's life very, very soon.

12. I'd love to know the story behind this photo.

Imgur | noathings

Did the car, the tow truck, and then the other truck break down all at once? Did someone sabotage the pickup of the red car by messing with each of the trucks? I must know.

13. Deer must have been so much kinder back in the day.

Reddit | herecomesthe_sun

When this guy was trying to get in his car, this deer decided to give him a...hug?

It actually looks like he's about to whisper sweet nothings into the man's ear.

14. So cars are a pretty weird place to find animals, but a bathroom?

Imgur | Imgur

Also, this bathroom has a disco ball and some weird AF posters, so I know there's something strange going on here.

15. There's no way I would have hit the wall with an axe, let alone hit that axe with another axe.

Imgur | Imgur

I'm impressed AF with whoever managed to achieve this amazing feat. Please teach me your above average ways.

Alright, so maybe these photos are pretty legit.

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