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These Photos of Cats And Dogs Are Guaranteed To Lower Stress Levels

There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and being greeted by your cat or dog. They're just the absolute best. And having moved away from my two beloved dogs in my hometown, I know firsthand how it feels to not wake up to them being excited to see me in the morning. Spoiler alert: it SUCKS. Welp, this got real sad real quick.

But thankfully there are endless photos from other pet owners on the Internet to give me my daily dose of animal "awww."

"Spot the odd one."

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Redditor nigaiii captured the perfect moment of cute.

It might be difficult to spot the odd one, but it sure isn't hard to spot the cute one!

A baby deer isn't normally what a cat drags in.

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Who knew cats and baby deer could be the bestest of friends?

My eyes are tearing up just looking at this photo!

Oh. My. God.

Reddit | strawberryhichew

Seeing how happy this dog is looking at their owner automatically makes me feel happy.

I could look at this photo all day, but I have work to do so brb.

This cat is in pure bliss.


To be honest, this is also how I look when I'm holding flowers.

I just can't get enough!

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