22 People Who Have A Right To Be Cheesed Off

Most often, it's the little things that tick us off. We know we shouldn't let our coworker's chewing put us into a murderous rage and we know we shouldn't get so angry when our phone autocorrects "as" to "A's" every damn time, but sometimes, we just can't help it. Now, the next 16 pictures are a different story...let's just put it this way: These people have a right to be enraged!

1. You dare to slander the King?!

Reddit | PVLVCE

2. "Don't play me like that, Coke!"

Imgur | Imgur

3. Literally cheesed off...

Regretful Morning | Regretful Morning

4. "I can hardly wait to drink out of these..." 

Reddit | Kronill

5. I just lost faith in humanity 

Instagram | @hoedity

6. There's no way in heck this is chicken

Twitter | @regsldn

7. Enjoy... I guess...

Twitter | @Alic0ban

8. "I'm sick of your lies!"

Reddit | Kidcouger

9. Like cotton candy, but furry

Twitter | @Adamstone341

10. "How dare you bring that into my home?!"

Instagram | @hoedity

11. "Great...a desk light for my hamster"

Reddit | bolthead88

12. Oh man...

Instagram | @kalesalad

13. Is that a dehydrated pickle?

Instagram | @joanneruppelwalker

14. We should ALL be deeply angered by these ignorant words 

Instagram | @kalesalad

15. I don't know who should be angrier: the sister or the goldfish 

Twitter | @samuelannis

16. It's not always people who are the ones getting ticked off

Twitter | @CuteEmergency

17. How rude! 

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

18. "When I finally find the coworker who does this..."

Twitter | @TinkaV6661

19. This is gonna be an awkward 2-hour lecture...

Reddit | Mickdollarsign

20. Unacceptable! NO WORDS!

Twitter | @BlazeTheGreat_

21. If I spent $300+ on a dress, I'd be mad if a hot dog stole the spotlight 

Reddit | joanimacaroni

22. "Don't you dare cut that line!" 

Reddit | ifoundcarmenandwaldo


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