Remember All The Good In The World With These Heartwarming Pics

You know what's kind of amazing about these pictures? It's not just how many of them are out there, it's how many there aren't. As in, how many good, kind, heartwarming deeds have gone unnoticed because a camera wasn't handy. These are just the tip of the iceberg!

And that's fine. I don't think many of us do good things for people looking for recognition. We do it because it's right, and because we want to live in the kind of world where niceness is its own reward, and because we'd want people to do nice things for us when we need it.

But all the same, hey, credit where it's due, right?

1. Good habits start early, as this mom knows. She's teaching her son to keep his little corner of the world clean, and it looks like he's pretty into the lesson.

Reddit | FudgeRubDown

That's some good parenting!

2. "A kitten had crawled up into the underside of a car at Whole Foods," wrote Reddit user Mikelightman. 

Reddit | Mikelightman

"Two random strangers spent almost an hour underneath the car & finally pulled this little girl out. Turns out she had 6 toes on each paw."

3. This school in a low income, high crime neighborhood was hit with some wholesome vandalism the day before a new school year started.

Reddit | JeffTrav

Wouldn't it be great if these kinds of messages greeted students every day?

4. "Last time I delivered to this house I saw their samoyed in the window and wrote, 'You have the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!' on the box," wrote Reddit user tsume24. "Today i delivered to them again, and they gave me this."

Reddit | tsume24

Always nice when dogs and delivery carriers get along well!

5. In the bathroom at this doctor's office, patients have a discreet way of allowing victims of abuse to ask for the help they need.

Reddit | theryanfight

It's just a tear-away strip of red paper they can hand to anyone at the office.

6. Hurricane Florence has brought out some amazing acts of humanity in the face of danger — you can just imagine what these exhausted rescuers have been doing.

Reddit | LuNqiu

No doubt they've earned their rest.

7. Ordinary citizens have been looking out for each other, too, as well as for pets.

Twitter | @_andrewcarter

For example, this lady who has helped rescue dozens of dogs that would have been trapped otherwise.

8. Dogs caught up in Hurricane Florence had plenty of support before the storm even began — here's a line of people ready to take in foster dogs to help shelters evacuate before the hurricane hit.

Twitter | @AliStandish

And you have to think even more came and went that day.

9. "This old gazebo had a no roof, was leaning and I almost demolished it, then I read a plaque that said, 'Built for Victoria by jack with love 1973,' I had to restore it," wrote Reddit user ajallee. "In 2016 we bough this ranch from Victoria after jack died."

Reddit | ajallee

Yep, pretty much no choice but to restore it, and it looks like it was meant to be.

10. This Make-A-Wish candidate used his wish to donate 22 PlayStation 4s to the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virgina.

Reddit | BlackEyedBroad

An amazing gesture to help ease some of the toughest times his fellow patients will ever see.

11. When this nanny resorted to telling the kids she cared for that she worked at Chili's instead of being paid "to hang out with them," Chili's backed her up.

Twitter | @Chilis

Sure, it's good marketing and PR, but sometimes some good comes from that, too.

12. "The first time I visited my girlfiend (now wife) in college I bought a peach tree from a local nursery and told her, 'someday we will eat peaches from it years from now, because we will still be together,'" wrote Reddit user rhysoneill. 

Reddit | rhysoneill

"Well it worked better than I planned. Here is our son eating a peach from that very tree."

13. Stopping traffic to help wildlife cross safely is a worldwide phenomenon — in Brazil, this lady brought traffic to a halt to make sure these capybaras made it safely across.

Reddit | jensmcatanho

Be kind to these wonderful rodents!

14. These Belgian students are helping to restore the tombstones of WWI soldiers.

Reddit | speedycat2014

What a wonderful way to learn about and show respect for the heroic sacrifices of a previous generation.

15. Music producer and DJ Alison Wonderland found out that one of her fans couldn't make it to her show after having a kidney transplant, so she FaceTimed with her.

Twitter | @bEthanybRanson

Must have meant the world to her!

16. "Today I was stopped by Mr. Grimsley while patrolling in NE Winter Haven," wrote Polk County Deputy Scott Marcum. "Mr. Grimsley explained he was going to church and was on his way to his fathers house to get his tie tied — he said he didn’t want to walk all the way and asked if knew how. I was happy to help and Mr. Grimsley was very thankful also. When you need them, it’s encounters like this that lift your spirit." 

Instagram | @polksheriff

Nice work, deputy!