20 Random Discoveries Nobody Expected To Find

Do you ever stubmle across something a bit weird? Of course you do. We all do.

We may never understand all of the world's weird machinations, but we can at least commiserate by sharing these weird experiences with our fellow humans.

The neckbreaker.

Reddit | PythonRegal

I guess something weird needs to happen to stairs in awkward locations like this. I'm just not sure this is the safest possible option.


Reddit | pressis_

Yeah, 'barf' aptly describes dog food. But still, do you have to call it that? Apparently it actually stands for 'biologically appropriate raw food'.

Little weird.

Reddit | rayornot

It must be odd to sit down at the patio with your friends and have to share your table with a random fire hydrant.


It would be excusable if these were made by different companies, but I think the good people at Black & Gold need to do a better job of differentiating their products.

The impossible bench.

This swinging bench is made without nails, screws, bolts, adhesives, or fasteners. That's neat, but there's no way I'd risk trying to sit on it.

Why you gotta be like that?

Reddit | LorellxIsLegit

Those distinctive Target, uh, balls are usually unremarkable: red, spherical, and in a perfectly straight line. This one clearly needs to zig when others zag, though.

Rabbit nugget.

Reddit | Snaccetti

No, it isn't a rabbit nugget, it's a chicken nugget shaped like a rabbit. Then again, maybe that actually makes it a rabbit nugget after all.

One job.

Reddit | kunalkalra97

I wish the engraver had gone on a little longer about the recipient's wish for this plaque to not be engraved in any way, shape or form.

Through the ages.

Reddit | baboubouma

This random Lego brick has a secret: on its studs, you can see the evolution of the Lego logo over the years.


Reddit | darkspark_pcn

Is the address here 23? Is it 230? Is it literally 20three? I guess we'll never know, and I'll bet the letter carrier doesn't know what to do here.

Poor graphics.

Reddit | PVTZzzz

Something about the combination of snow and light from this lamp has caused the shadows to become all pixelated, like a video game with bad graphics.

Forbidden energy drink.

Reddit | weully

Sometimes life smiles on you and gives you a cold can of Monster energy drink. Sometimes, fate frowns at you and provides you no way to open the can.

Dead man's curve.

Reddit | Longmire11

This road in San Marcos, Texas makes no sense, judging from this photo at least. It looks like an absolute death trap.

Orange you glad you're unique?

Reddit | jamesjonty2000

This orange has some weird stuff going on under the skin. It might be weirdly segmented, but at least it's still orange and juicy.

Unique kitchen.

Reddit | Psykram

Putting microwaves up high, around eye level, is a pretty normal thing. But putting a stove up there seems like it's just asking for trouble.

Leafy lore.

Reddit | Firewolf2004

This autumn leaf has a story to tell. It's a story of...weird patterns that almost look like flames, along with some strange pigmentation stuff going on.

Wasn't necessary.

Reddit | Garlic_bruh

So the peanuts on the label are 'enlarged to show texture' despite the fact that the container is clear. They also appear to be smaller than the real thing.

The duality of potatoes.

Reddit | zarav70

Potatoes and sweet potatoes don't seem similar enough to be hybridized, but judging from this half-and-half potato, it looks like it's possible.

Scenic vista.

As if the woods aren't pretty enough on their own, someone hung a random painting on a random tree to add to the autumnal beauty.

Weird choice.

Reddit | donpuglisi

The cannons at this castle in Stockholm are pointed directly at a church. I know they're not functional anymore, but it just seems like a weird target.

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