17+ Interesting Pics That Were Honestly A First For Me

No matter how much you think you've seen, there's always another weird sight out there somewhere. If you can't be bothered to make the trek to find these interesting sights, this list is a pretty decent alternative.

Needs more time on the grill.

Reddit | KaleBrecht

This rock — sorry, this mineral — has a fairly normal-looking exterior, but the innards are a sight to behold. Depending on whether you're a carnivore or vegetarian, you might find this mouthwatering or gross.

Democratic footpaths.

Reddit | theblckpill

The above photo shows a field at Ohio State University. The other photo shows the same field, after footpaths had been paved. Rather than following a set route, the paths simply mirrored the routes students were already taking.

Those aren't pallets.

Reddit | drkmatterinc

Drug traffickers are full of ingenious ways to smuggle drugs. Spanish police seized these pallets — not because they were hiding drugs, but because they were literally made of drugs.

Buckle up.

Reddit | drkmatterinc

I think most people wear seatbelts at this point, but this photoshoot is still a graphic reminder of how buckling up can save your life.

I hope someone fired that signmaker.

Reddit | halfchance100

Well, that was my first thought on seeing a mirror-image, upside-down sign. But when you look in the water, the genius of the sign is revealed.

A whale of a find.

Reddit | johns2000

Whales seem so majestic and harmless, almost cute, that it's easy to forget that they could murder us with the flick of a tail. Seeing a whale skull in person makes them seem a lot scarier.

Gets suds'd.

Reddit | IHeartBubbleTea

This carwash gives me an unethical idea: while your car is in the carwash, get a friend to operate the suds gun poorly, hitting everything but your car. Complain to the carwash and get free swag.

An unprecedented sight.

Reddit | Sissinou

This shot of the Holy Haram at Mecca shows something that's literally never been seen before: an empty yard where thousands of pilgrims are usually praying. It's been closed for the first time due to coronavirus concerns.

All mirrored everything.

Reddit | Smunchbar

If you're going to put a power outlet on a mirror, which is kind of a weird thing to do to begin with, it's essential to make sure everything matches.

This makes me uneasy.

Reddit | hiqler

I think I knew on some level that building a bridge required crews to do this, but knowing it and seeing it are two different things. Let's just hope it's leakproof.


Reddit | Fourtires3rims

This looks kind of like the big piles of snow that ice-cleaning machines deposit outside the arena. In this case, these are big piles of ouch-inducing broken glass outside a glass factory.

This tree is on fire.

Reddit | drkmatterinc

This gingko tree is 1,400 years old, which is pretty impressive on its own. What blows me away, though, is just how uniformly yellow the whole thing is.

Just a vehicle in a parking lot.

Reddit | SwedishMeatball21

Are you ever looking for a parking space on the outskirts of a crowded lot, only to find that a 19th century steam locomotive has taken up the last available spot?

I don't think it's functional.

Reddit | penntastic

This person's shoe tread uses a remote control mold. Was this a stylistic decision on the part of the manufacturer, or just a factory trying to make the best of the molds it had available?

So close.

Reddit | Boy_Decent

I've never seen a coin that's misprinted. It's incredible that this one even escaped the mint. I'm sure the rarity will add a little bit of value to what's normally a valueless coin.

Pupper's getting old.

Reddit | short-_-cakes

We think of the coat patterns on cats and dogs as static, but they can change with time. This dog had dark patterns around its eyes when it was young, but they've faded with time.

Hidden paradise.

Reddit | theblckpill

This beach on the Marieta Islands off the Mexican coast is truly idyllic. Now that its pictures are on the internet, it'll probably be full of Instagrammers within the next five minutes.

When it's not okay.

Reddit | lucadigennaro

I love that the baker decided to make one of thse smiley-face cookies have a frown. It's a good reminder that it's okay to be sad from time to time.

But why though?

Reddit | ROOTBEER360

You hear jokes about "stairways to nowhere," but somebody actually built one. It's just kind of there.


Reddit | rickylionheart95

You know it's been a long time between cleanings when you can read the logo in the dust pattern. Anybody out there ever let their computer get this dirty?

Stretchy boi.

Reddit | Donkehs_Apprentice

Swimming pool owners sometimes pull strange things out of their skimmers — this person found a long-necked turtle taking a dip in their pool.

That had to hurt.

Twitter | @RobinLehner

You know when you see someone get hit with something and think, "That will leave a mark"? Well, this the result of an NHL goaltender stopping a slap shot — remember, this was covered by protective gear.

Lottery ticket time?

Reddit | ja2854

If a branch somehow came down and avoided my ride like this — which would never happen, let's face it — yeah, I'd probably get a scratcher at least, just to see how far I could stretch my luck.

Look Ma, no hands.

Reddit | mobiusunderpants

Yeah, instead of the usual hands, this watch uses disks to show the time. It's an interesting piece, and probably a good conversation starter. You have to wonder how long it would take to get used to reading it, though.

I can see the appeal.

Reddit | nekospace

This tea is both flavored by and packaged inside of whole tangerine peels. And apparently you're supposed to just use the whole thing to make a pot of tea. Interesting!

He's not done with it yet.

Reddit | Quossum

Usually a molting reptile just sheds its skin and moves on, right? At least, that's what I thought, but this fashion-forward lizard is still wearing its shedded skin like a shirt.

Is this a thirst trap?

Reddit | 1lade

This train station positions plants underneath drips from its leaky roof instead of buckets, which is just the kind of efficiency that should be commonplace.

A new route.

Reddit | Craigrets

A fierce storm managed to pull the surface of this road loose and re-route it. Since lots of roads withstand storms, I'm guessing this one was poorly paved in the first place.

Just chilling.

Reddit | VigoureusePatate

Whether this birdie is enjoying a snack under an icy umbrella or confined inside a wintry prison is a matter of perspective, but either way, the bird doesn't seem to mind.


Reddit | contrappostheaux

The human eye can have all sorts of easter eggs, from being different colors to having a second iris. This person's eyes have rings, almost like the trunk of a tree.

I think this tomato might be past its prime.

Reddit | Diggs9136

Well, its prime for eating, anyway. Not its prime for growing. Usually by this point the tomato would be long gone from my counter and in the compost, because eww.

All better now.

Reddit | Voingo

Yes, I can honestly say that before today, I had never seen anybody fix a broken pencil by stapling it back together.

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