35 People Who Got Revenge In Weird Ways

A lot of people like to serve revenge cold, as the old saying goes. However, there are some people out there who like to serve this dish in a variety of bizarre ways!

So, to showcase a few examples of this strange behavior, here are 17+ people who got revenge in weird ways!

"My neighbor went on vacation for a week and I decorated his house with some inspiring lyrics from his least favorite band..."

This prank didn't come unwarranted, as this person explained: "This was payback from the last time I went on vacation and he decorated my house with penises."

"For the future war of humanity!"

Now I can just imagine a load of people running down the road lobbing these balls at a retreating army of bearded people in round glasses, short pants, and no socks, all weakly moaning about the bands they liked before they got popular.

"Boyfriend left his gameboy in my purse after taking it to the cinema and ignoring me in line for 2 hours. I executed my revenge via text the following day."

The different little faces absolutely make this! Although, I am curious, is that Pokémon Emerald in that Gameboy? My God, I sunk some hours into that game.

"Well, someone at my work is gonna have a bad time..."

I would just be sitting in the office waiting for the sound of incredibly hurried footsteps dashing toward the bathroom, accompanied by muffled groaning.

"Locked my cat in the bathroom while I made a meal because he was being annoying. Revenge was had."

That is one of the smuggest looking cats that I have ever seen in my entire life, and I have seen some smug cats in my time!

"Some asshole stole my media teacher's Big Lebowski bobblehead..."

Who could actually steal the likeness of the Dude, that's sacrilege! I bet that bobblehead really tied the room together as well.

"Karma: Friend's car after a hit and run."

"So, did you happen to get the guy's plate?"

"Well, yeah, actually I have it right here."

"To the asshole with the mustard packets..."

Something tells me that this sort of extreme reaction may have been exactly what the mustard bandit was after!

Manners Cost Nothing!

This is a level of pettiness that everyone should aspire to in life. And anyone who tells you to take the high road in such circumstances has clearly never lived!

"Creative way to deal with assholes."

In fairness, when I worked as a barista I didn't really care if people spoke on their phone. I hated every second of being there anyway so really there wasn't much that people could do to annoy me any more anyway.

"Grandma's Revenge!"

There are few things worse than seeing family fight over money. Well, except for the new Cats film, that was absolutely worse.

"Well, it's not wrong..."

But without human beings here then the planet wouldn't be able to benefit from our... Wait, give me an hour or so and I'll think of something!

"Nature slowly gaining revenge on an old logging truck."

Nothing screams revenge quite like wearing down the carcass of an arch-nemesis over many years! Terrifying!

"Sweet Revenge..."

I wonder if these two people planned their attack or if they just instinctively knew what to do to punish this asshat?

"Sweet, Sweet Justice..."

Looks like this guy has been a victim of some friendly fire. In fairness, I can't think of anyone more deserving of it!

"The littlest asshole!"

Dammit, with that cat filling up the box, where are you going to find room to store your assholes? Also, why do you have an asshole collection in the first place? Bit weird, my guy.

"New sign went up in the neighborhood. Wonder what her sign says?"

Ah, yes, this sign really is classy as hell. Also, I think they mean "let's," and no party is complete without grammatical accuracy! Woop woop!

"Freelancing flying b*stards!"

Someone pointed out that this seems like something that the seagulls may have written to throw people off the scent, and now I can't imagine anything else.

"My former coworkers were so supportive towards me changing jobs, they got me a cake!"

I love that you can tell they wrote the words themselves instead of making some poor bakery employee do it. A real labor of love.

"Someone stole the pumpkins off of my porch last night. Round two punks."

This is some pretty steep punishment, but then again, stealing pumpkins is a pretty steep crime. Who even does that?

"Neighbour stole my parking [spot] yesterday. Woke up to this. Birdgods have my back."

So, what are you going to do with your newfound bird army? Go terrorize more cars, maybe take over a country?

"Dropped in on my kids’ Zoom classes - payback for all the interruptions to my work calls."

When you say "dropped in," I really hope you mean "slid across the wall like you're trying to blend in with absolutely nothing."

"We buy him expensive toys and he plays with TP rolls and paper bags."

Cats do not care for the aesthetic or cuteness of toys. They care only for disappointing their parents. And this is coming from someone who has a cat.

"Don't really look at my rear-view camera when backing out as I am familiar with where everything is; glanced down and squealed."

Apparently their sons did this. Hell hath no fury like a parent startled.

"Don’t park like an ass..."

I am genuinely a bad parker. Not atrocious, I don't get into other spots, but I am often crooked and not centered correctly. My biggest fear is this happening to me because of it.

I'm not an ass, I swear, just dumb!

"Literally everything in [my roommate's] room was wrapped and put back in the same place."

This prank was done in response to said roommate pranking the other guy first, leaving over 400 balloons in his room some time back.

The whole "wrapping everything" prank isn't new, but I admire this one a lot because he did the walls, the curtains, made snowflakes, and added cotton snow. This is art.

"He stole my strawberry. I grabbed his acorn he dropped. Now we're just staring at each other, waiting for the next one to make a move."

I'm sure he would still want the acorn you picked up, but are you sure you want the strawberry back?

"I work with my sister. She [texted] me 'I sent you an urgent scan, please review.'"

"Reviewed that scan you sent. It all seems in order, though maybe a little petty and childish. That's neither here nor there, though."

"As revenge for my brother wrapping my Christmas present in duct tape last year, this year I've wrapped my brother's present in concrete!"

This reminds me of those little blocks you could get at gift shops where you'd chip away at it and find a little fossil or something — but much bigger and much worse.


Short backstory to this: This person found someone's dumped garbage in a field, and in that garbage found an envelope with their address on it. They decided to return it all to the person who had surely just lost it.

"Someone stole a plant from the front of our house, and left a trail to theres [*sic*]. Later received an apology via FB when he/she saw a post I made about it."

Okay, you found the house, made the post, got the apology, but...did you ever get the plant back?

"Someone is in timeout..."

From what I hear, he counted a few less pieces of kibble than usual this morning. He has to remind you who's boss around here.

"How to tell your human sucks..."

"This is what happens when you poop on the floor and rip the toilet paper, guys!"

"Oh, Dave, this war is only just beginning. Hide your socks."

"Payback is sweet."

"Happy birthday! Now spend that birthday popping tons of balloons, annoying the rest of your coworkers and preventing you from doing your job!"

Don't Steal Folks!

I mean, most people know not to steal due to a functioning moral compass, but the idea of getting foot fungus should also ward a few people off the idea.