20 People Who Know What They Want

Everyone has things that they want in life, and it is important to try and actualize these dreams as fully as possible with positive thinking! (Is that how you use that new-age-hippy-crap-lingo? I've never done it before?)

Anyway, with this positive idea in mind, here are 15+ people who know what they want!"

"When your company brings in a dude that makes balloon animals and you ask for an octopus with a machine gun."

Reddit | Xandervdw

This balloon artist has probably had this specific design in his back pocket for years, and was made up when someone finally asked him for it!

"Preschoolers get asked a question every week at this daycare and they post the responses on the whiteboard. This week's was pretty good."

Reddit | SupermAndrew1

I love all of these suggestions! They show such a clarity of vision! I particularly like the idea that we use it as robot zombie fuel!

"I was told to kill a spider today at work. This is what came of that."

Reddit | ImmortalBones

You do you Fred! It's good to see a worker getting the recognition they deserve! I'd rather have a spider than gnats any day as well!

"In 1994, I told my dad I wanted to be an ear for Halloween. He really came through."

Reddit | mm620

I have heard of kids wanting to be strange things for halloween before, but this one is something else. I might go as a spleen this year.

"I made a Guy Fieri sock puppet today. No, unemployment is going great, why do you ask?"

Reddit | trash_sac

This sock puppet looks like it has spent a lot of time in Flavortown over it's years! It is also rocking that shirt more than the real Guy Fieri in my opinion.

"We asked the 3 of them to take a pic of their awesome costumes and this guy jumped in..."

Reddit | bebe627

In fairness, if Peter Parker suddenly had to make a spider suit with no previous sewing experience, that one on the far right is probably what the first model would look like!

"My experience with RPGs is telling me to ask this guy if he has any rare weapons or abilities for sale."

Reddit | Cropgun

Well, either that or he will give you an absolutely kick-ass side quest! Although, there is always the chance that he will just try and sell you Meth.

"I asked my wife what nickname she wanted for her upcoming 10km run."

Reddit | MiLK_MaN_RoX

I love the idea of one of the commentators reading this out over a tannoy as she finished the race!

"I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed and I came across this."

Reddit | lipefleming

I used to do this all of the time with socks. However, I can tell you right now that this will more than likely just cause your hair dryer to burst into flames!

"My friend's little girl (11) sent a boy in school a note to ask if he liked her. This is the answer she got..."

Reddit | lindsrae

That is a remarkably polite and well thought out response from someone so young! I wish that I had that level of foresight now!

"This guy is walking around campus asking for people's emails so he can send them money."

Reddit | mikex5

Nowadays, students are so desperate for money to pay off their student debt that they will try anything!

"I am a grown ass man, if I want to make a bacon and egg hot tub for my toast people I will."

Reddit | Hold_the_Beaver

This guy is really living the dream! I know exactly what I'm going to be having for breakfast tomorrow!

"The mailbox has to be red!"

Reddit | fen0x

Well, it is certainly red. The little face on the mailbox looks just as disappointed as everyone else with this job!

"I asked my husband to stop eating all my ice cream in the middle of the night. Well, he didn't eat ALL of it."

Reddit | TealHousewife

I like how this guy thinks! He's getting by on a technicality. Although, I reckon that his partner didn't really see the funny side of this!

Hint, Hint!

Reddit | ihazadum

Well, that's good to know I guess! And to think that everyone called me mad for deleting Tinder in favor of using car rear windows as a way to meet people!

"Ask for plates, and you shall receive."

Reddit | Pagynn

Mmmmm! I love nothing more than flakes of dangerous paint in my food as well when I head out for a meal!

Happy Birthday!

Reddit | puppyk

"What the hell is this sis?"

"Oh, just a ladle thing to show you how much you mean to me!"

"I hate you."

"Just sitting in KFC watching a dumb ass get stuck whilst climbing over a fence."

Reddit | VYJ

That guy clearly wants his bargain bucket, and absolutely nothing is going to get in his way. Well, except for his belt loops perhaps.

"Asked my boyfriend to make the dish for a potluck this weekend..."

Reddit | LadyMacDeath

"Mmm, these taste quite a lot like McDonald's burgers?"

"For the last time Janine, I made them from scratch! Now butt out!"

"They said I could become anything. So I became a pineapple."

Reddit | 1leggeddog

Look, if you're going to go for a specific style then you really have to just lean into it, and that's exactly what this person has done!