Missing Dog Has Perfect Reaction To Getting 'Arrested'

Life on the run must have tasted pretty sweet for this free-spirited pup. That is, until the feds eventually caught up with him. Then the fun was definitely over.

As The Dodo reported, an unnamed dog from Germany recently got loose from his owners and set off on a solo adventure which ended with him in the back of a police cruiser, a place this wild and free pup most certainly did not want to be.

At the beginning of November, a group of cyclists in the German village of Ziegenbach came across the dog while he was happily exploring life unleashed.

While the pup probably thought their interaction would be limited to a quick head scratch from each member of the cycling pack, he was pretty disappointed to find out the concerned humans had actually called the cops.

What a bunch of snitches.

Once local police showed up, a pair of offers "arrested" the unimpressed pup, and even snapped a hilarious pic of him inside their cruiser.

Shared to the department's Facebook page, the photo shows two smiling men in uniform...and one very spooked looking pup who doesn't seem prepared for life in the slammer.

Or, rather, the big (dog) house.

Thankfully for this visibly alarmed pup, the officers didn't feel the need to take him downtown.

After asking around town, the cops were able to track down the dog's owners and returned him home safely.

Judging from the look on his face in that photo, I think it's safe to say this pup has definitely been scared straight and will seriously consider running away again next time. Unless, of course, he happens to see a squirrel in which case all bets will probably be off.

h/t: The Dodo

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