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21 Hilarious Signs That Got It Right

Have you ever passed by a sign that made you think, "Yes, that's exactly what I'm feeling right now"? Isn't it funny when that happens? I think it's an actual sign that there's somebody out there who's right on your wavelength.

Or sometimes, it's just life's funny way of making you smile. These signs did that and more for the folks who found them.

1. This Go Away Sign

Reddit | EdgDoge

OMG, whatever happened to the whole Pokémon GO craze, huh? I haven't heard much about it lately — which is pretty good if you ask me because it definitely was starting to get on everyone's nerves.

2. This Worksite Sign


I bet this sounds funny to everyone except those named Joe. My fiancé's name is Joe so I feel bad for laughing at this one. Why are there so many jokes about Joes? I wanna know.

3. This Party Sign

Reddit | orlanthi

If you're a fan of '80s music, I bet you'll get this cool reference to the popular "Safety Dance" song. This is one of my favorites so I definitely got a kick out of reading it.

4. This Nice Gesture

Reddit | youngManNFW

I wonder if somebody put up this sign on purpose. Because, you know, you always need to read the fine print, right? Ha, ha! This is definitely one of those things that could make anyone laugh out loud.

5. This Encouraging Message

Reddit | Jayko525

This sign was posted at a local bar. I hope they're not talking about liquid courage, lol. But nonetheless, it's a nice thing for them to put up something encouraging for their patrons to read while they get plastered.

6. This Threatening Message

Reddit | Kipsterton

Okay, I get that these guys really want to enforce the rules, right? And they're definitely trying to do it in a funny way. But if I saw this message I would probably just keep walking, ha, ha!

7. This Classroom Sign

Reddit | SkippyBluestockings

If this isn't a message posted by one fed-up teacher, I dunno what is. Am I right? I guess it's totally warranted since this is a classroom for a bunch of unruly and feisty two-year-olds.

8. This Coyote Warning Sign

Reddit | weirdonextdoor

Ah-ha, ha, ha! At first I was like, this sign is so long and boring. But then I got to the good part and I totally forgot about the boring part. I'm really loving this.

9. This Business Hours Sign

Reddit | boboldheart

This ice cream shop has a peculiar business hours sign on their door. I dunno if their customers appreciate their sense of humor or not. I would probably love it as long as I still got my ice cream fix.

10. This Bathroom Sign

Reddit | re-emerald

Oh my goodness, did you read the whole thing until the end? That's one way to make a man feel inferior, right? I dunno if I would put it that way but alright. Good for them for being blunt.

11. This Truth About Cats

Facebook | Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital

If this doesn't explain why cats act the way they act, I dunno what will, ha, ha! Having recently gotten a cat I definitely agree with this message. And I'm learning it more and more each day.

12. This "Stop The Spread Of Germs" Sign

Reddit | mr_minon

Here's one funny take on the fact that we now have to be germaphobes. I think I'm going to print this up and put it wherever I can to make people laugh.

13. This Theft Prevention Sign


The person who noticed this sign had to do a double-take when they saw it. I would have done the same thing because it's pretty dang funny. They do get the point across though, right?

14. This Funny Bar Sign

Reddit | deepmobber

I myself don't use Tinder, never have. But I can imagine that after one too many at this bar you may start seeing things a little differently. And I guess that's what they're counting on, haha.

15. This Truth Sign

Facebook | Norman Stamp and Seal

I bet if you're a parent you can totally relate to this. I gotta say I feel bad for parents out there who need to juggle homeschooling with work. That's one challenge I don't have to worry about.

16. This Littering Sign

Reddit | KuronFury

They say kill them with kindness but I think sometimes there might be a better approach than that. This harsh message might make people laugh but hopefully, it'll make them stop and think, too. Am I right?

17. This "Do Not Steal" Sign

Reddit | KoenigseggAgera

If you work for the government, you probably won't laugh at this. But if you don't, then go ahead and have a laugh. You definitely deserve it. There's no shame or guilt in doing that.

18. This Election Sign

Reddit | kdub425

Finally, a sign I can get behind, haha. If you're like me, let's start putting these on our lawns. Who knows? Maybe a dog can actually get elected one day. Stranger things have happened already. No?

19. This Non-Smoking Sign

Reddit | Cowboy5636

If you can't get people to listen to you, perhaps using humor like this might do the trick. Worst case scenario: They will just chuckle and hopefully be on their way. I say it's worth a shot.

20. This Restaurant Sign

Reddit | vision40

So good on this restaurant to make light of their situation. It's also a great way to update their customers on their progress, haha. I wish they would just keep going with this and do a new sign every week, huh?

21. This Realization

Facebook | Norman Stamp and Seal

Ha, ha, you can say that again, right? I wonder where this sign was posted. Whoever came up with this is one funny guy or gal. We should all follow suit and create humorous signs like these.

I hope reading these humorous signs made your day just a little bit better.

I know I got some good laughs out of these. I think the world would be a better place if there were more of them around.