16+ Hilarious Signs That Speak The Truth

A funny, witty, or just downright strange sign is a great way for businesses to stand out in this modern age, and more and more businesses are clocking on to this fact.

So, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 16+ signs that hit home in hilarious ways!

"Had to do a double take on this sign by the Imax... solid advice."

Reddit | M4N8E4RP1G

Pfft, what kind of person needs to be reminded of this? If you aren't always carrying a decoy purse filled with bees then you've only got yourself to blame!

"This warning sign..."


And yet, despite this extensive warning, I imagine that there will still be people who injure themselves and try to sue.

"Owner of the store is a 70 year old man who changes the sign himself every couple of days. Very wholesome indeed."

Reddit | Madd-Nigrulo

I do like the idea of an old man just giggling to himself as he puts this sign up, knowing full well that it has no real relation to what the shop is selling.

"I pay, therefore I exist!"

Reddit | anislitim

I expect this kind of half-baked philosophical theory from drunk guys who've read one page of Camus and just have to tell you about it, but not from parking lots!

"This sign outside a local pub."

Reddit | deepmobber

Go on then: Walk in there and start pointing at people's faces and going, "Yes... No... Yes..." and see how quickly you get punched in the grid.

"Warning: This zipper may harm your penis."


The idea of this happening is making me feel a little sick. It's also reminding me of that scene in There's Something About Mary. I haven't seen that film for years, and I bet it really doesn't stand the test of time.

"So my boss asked me to make a warning sign for our second floor bay door. How'd I do?"

Reddit | rubydragoon666

I like the idea that someone spent so long reading through it that by the time they got to the bottom they had already walked off the second floor!

"This historic sign in my hotel explains how to use electricity in case you had never used it before."

Reddit | jcepiano

I like the idea of putting this up nowadays, just to be needlessly condescending to people!


Reddit | The_5tealth

I like to keep my 25 Twitter followers abreast of everything in my life, so if I'm in a fire, you can be damn sure they're going to hear about it!

"Don't say we didn't warn you."

Reddit | bobcats2019

That goose at the front under the sign looks like it's saying, "You see what happens? Keep walking!"

Wait... What Might Happen?!


I don't know how they are building trains in Penrith, but I don't think that they're doing it right...

"DOT warning this morning."

Reddit | puppersnuffs

I didn't know that they had the power to do that?! Take heed and put those damn phones down, folks... And that means you, person who took this photo!

"This hotel gets it."

Reddit | CrazybyRX

Clearly they have never encountered my dog. He is always playing the TV too loud and having mad parties — a real nuisance!

"The bowling alley had this sign up by the entrance."

Reddit | Cowboy5636

You wouldn't believe how long it took them to try and get a rabbit so smoke a cigarette so they could get that picture!

"Tailgate warning on a truck hauling septic waste."

Reddit | thekwyjibo

Well, there was no need for them to ruin chocolate milk by making that comparison!

"Cannibalism Is In..."

Reddit | virgin_memer

I think that maybe someone should alert the health board about this place's habits.

"The neighbors needed to be warned."

Reddit | bL1Nd

In fairness, that does look like one hell of a shady cat! Those are eyes that will pierce the depths of your soul.

Ankles Beware!

Reddit | QueenDunedain

I think that it looks like that little dog on the left is where the danger really lies. That dog on the right is too stoned to do anything right now.

"'Mirror lake' sign in Okefenokee swamp."

Reddit | penguinluvinman

Like a complete bonehead, I thought that it was written in another language, such as Russian, until I saw the reflection.

Parents Beware!

Reddit | deadinside6699

As a kid I went through a long phase of wanting to join the circus. Was this something that a lot of people went through as kids, or is it just me?

"This 5 INCH deep water feature has a NO SWIMMING sign posted."

Reddit | Goldpanda94

Maybe this warning isn't aimed at people... Maybe it's a warning for ants! Also, there are some idiots out there that I bet would be able to drown themselves in this puddle.

"The sign in my co-worker's 2nd grade classroom."

Reddit | SkippyBluestockings

I was going to try and make a dig at Ryan Gosling but, goddamn, I just love him so much. I mean, did you see Blade Runner 2049? Well, according to the box office, you probably didn't, but it was amazing!

"I feel like they need to keep updating their signs..."

Reddit | vision40

I like that no matter what they update it to, they always include the instruction, "But use the front door!"

"Buh GOK!"

Reddit | bobekyrant

In fairness, roosters can be pretty vicious! I wouldn't fancy crossing one. Those talons can be sharp!

"Hey, that smells like regular!"

Reddit | OpenMindedWheel

I can't help but love a good Simpsons reference every now and again, and this is one hell of a niche one!

"Thanks for the heads up!"

Reddit | Captain_Vegetable

Wow, way to make the war on drugs personal! The drug dealers in this park will probably be mighty upset by this dig. How unnecessarily mean!

"Free Services From The Local Vets!"

Reddit | ODLL223

How many weird people came in looking for belly rubs before they had to add the caveat of "sorry pets only" do you reckon?

"A sign at the local bar."

Reddit | DrunkenlyPosting

Unsettlingly, one person added, "I've done this, literally. It was terrible. I didn't have glasses at the time, so it was contacts [every day]. The oils wouldn't come off no matter what I did. It lasted five days."

"All or Nothing!"

Reddit | MajorLeeClueless

It's all fun and jokes until someone actually takes you up on this. MeWow indeed.

"We were cleaning up our rental vacation home and found someone had left this sign in our bathroom."

Reddit | Aust1nL33

Now that's some high praise! The only testimonial that really matters.

"I thought it was weird someone put tape over the sign..."

Reddit | ayeayekane

I sure hope no other cows try to come through here. It's for Oreo cows only!

"Saw this glorious sign while driving home. These people know how to garage sale."

Reddit | Mellow_me

Someone with this kind of humor probably has some great finds at that garage sale, too.

"The sign on my [husband's] graphic design department."

Reddit | meltee

It's the block letters turning into normal letters when running out of room that really does it for me.

"Great stop sign add on!"

Reddit | godfathergiants

Only $143? That's a great deal! Thanks, CRPD!

"This sign in a steakhouse."

Reddit | Theatrekidluc

On the bright side, they let you pick. Extinguisher or bucket of water?

"Sign in our break room at work today."

Reddit | Justbrowsing0009

One of the benefits to working from home is you can't get mad at coworkers for not cleaning up after themselves. You can only be mad at yourself.

Not A Public Anything, Actually.

Reddit | Sh3dinja

I feel bad for the person who owns this property. Imagine the horrors they must have seen for this to be necessary.

"Warning To All Crows!"

Reddit | KT17

Why would they barbecue a crow? I can't say that I've ever fancied a bit of crow when I've been at a BBQ!

Appreciating The View.

Reddit | into_goth_girls

If sexy people drive slowly, I guess that means I have to floor it.

Dammit, Joe!

Reddit | [Deleted]

I hope that Joe just handed his notice in and wasn't killed by one of the many accidents he had caused!