20 Moments That Made Us Go ‘How Have You Not Been Fired Yet?’

There is an age old saying that goes along the lines of, "Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life." However, the people on this list never took this advice!

So, please enjoy these 13+ moments that made us go, "How have you not been fired yet?"

"After months of frustrating traffic backups due to bridge repair and resurfacing, they said F it and expedited the painting."

Reddit | Sunflowerburps

Whoever was in charge of painting these lines looks like they had had one too many beers in the pub the night before — or as they were doing it!

Rest In "Peace"

Reddit | Antroxe

Hopefully the person in the casket didn't die in a car crash as this would just bring up even more emotions for the family.

"Paved the street, boss!"

Reddit | pinguinzz

How could they possibly do such a lazy job?! (I know that it actually wasn't their job to move it, but just wanted to see people lose their minds in the comments.)

Yep! That's All The Information Anyone Could Need!

Reddit | TheDarkButcher

"Danger" is actually the name that this building site has for the wild dog they keep around, so it's not actually that daft!

"Well then, fire them already!"

Reddit | Ryno3639

Also, I don't like how this warning sign implies that the sun is shining out of the arse of these car thieves!

"No one paid me to move cones!"

Reddit | ErohaTamaki

I like the idea of the person who was cutting that grass lifting that cone at the end of the job, after having packed away all of their gear, and just placing it back down and whistling as they walk away.

None Like It Hot!

Reddit | Meowch22

That is all you need to know really. Although, I can't imagine that their boss will be too happy about them phoning it in quite so obviously.

"One of my mum's employees accepted this as payment!"

Twitter | d4nji

The person who accepted this needs a lot of help. I know that a lot of people might not necessarily be royalists, but it is taking it a little too far to confuse Peppa Pig with the queen.

Who Named These Canadian Streets?!

Reddit | SalazarRED

Talk about phoning it in! Can you imagine trying to call a cab to the corner of This and That Street? They'd think you were pranking them!

*Mission Impossible* Music Intensifies...

Reddit | kirvesperse

I actually feel quite bad for this poor guy. You can see realization dawning on him as he slowly comes to terms with the magnitude of his screw-up!

"So this just happened..."

Reddit | LorienStrawberries

"I think I'm going to need to speak to your manager."

"Well, I am technically the branch manager!"

"...Seriously, Dave, get your manager on the phone."

"PayPal Support responding to a tweet 9 years later!"

Reddit | actuallydavide

Yep, this actually happened. Whoever is running that Twitter page really has their finger on the pulse!

Technically It Is Filled With Cement!


Actually, the potholes around my place are so bad at this point that I would actually be happy for the council to do this!

"I occasionally forget my employee is colorblind, then I ask him to price out new inventory...."

Reddit | seathdarcstar

What if this employee is actually right, and everyone else is seeing the vase wrong?

*Twilight Zone theme starts playing...

"This is what happens when your dumbass manager doesn't believe that dough will continue to rise."

Reddit | [Deleted]

There's only one way out of this scenario: better get eating. I mean, there are a lot of other ways out, but I just want to see someone try and eat their way through this!

It's Always Good To Have An Eye-Catching Sign!

Reddit | alexboyko

"The sign I designed for you is amazing, honestly."

"Well, where is it?"

"It's in that folder, but I forgot to open it."

"Aye, there's the rub, Dave."

"My [friend's] carpenter saw nothing wrong with how he installed the closet doors."

Reddit | bv8ma

I hope you like only being able to reach a quarter of your clothes. Any clothes that end up on the ends are lost now!

"A store employee hunting a pigeon..."

Reddit | rp8ball

In fairness, I don't know that it would have said anywhere in that poor guy's employee contract that he had to catch wild birds! Looks like this shop has gone full Looney Tunes.

"Someone accidentally set off the fire suppression system in a military [hangar]."

Reddit | Juno012

Can you imagine being the person responsible for this monumental disaster? I don't even know if it would be worth telling anyone. It might be better to just walk off into the sunset.

They Had One Job....

Reddit | McDonaldsnapkin

Maybe the yellow line was inside them the whole time. They had always been behind it and they just needed to believe in themselves. Probably more likely that it is just a mistake though.