17+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I Give Up’

Sometimes you will come across something that will make your head fall into your hands, and your despair at the world we live in let itself out in the form of an almighty sigh.

And, I have gathered some of the most ridiculous examples of these moments, so please enjoy these 17+ moments that made us go, "I give up."

"Damnit Jeff!"

Reddit | Bleach88

Look, Jeff, I wouldn't feel too bad about this little fiasco! I mean, ordering too much ham is an understandable mistake for someone to make. You can never have too much ham...well, most of the time anyway!

Way To Ruin The Surprise!

Reddit | nereuszeer

I reckon that the person who posted this did it on purpose, and is just an absolute misery who hates birthday parties!

"I decided it was faster to draw the QR codes, boss."

Reddit | speederaser

Some people thought that they might have been having a laugh, however, the person who posted it wrote, "No this guy legit thought this would work the same."

"The Brids."

Reddit | elikessler

One person did suggest that they buy them all, add an "e" on the end, then sell them at a premium for weddings. Although, are wedding-themed plant pots really that big of a draw?

A Job Well Done

Reddit | Tombombleron

The fact that they didn't take a few moments to just flip it around and fix this obvious mistake is so irritating! Imagine living near this and having to see it every day. That would drive me insane.

"Cut the tomatoes boss!"

Reddit | Chubby-Fish

There were a lot of people saying that they would actually quite like this, however, as someone who cannot stand tomatoes, this is making me feel sick.

"Words in here ghghg hg hgh ghg hgh ghg..."

Reddit | Dudeface34

I can imagine that the editor had a fair few very important meetings with their boss after this absolute gem went to print!

"Painting the parking lot..."

Reddit | lasseoh

"I'm paid to paint lines, not to move leaves around like a damn nerd!"

"Dave, for the love of God, go into a different industry!"

Tick Tock!

Reddit | Potato-Pat

I would like to know what will happen if this one breaks! Will they then have to get a smaller clock and stick it over this one?

Dammit UPS!

Reddit | eggsplorer

"Hmm, have you seen this sign, Dave? Maybe we should knock a little harder?"

"I can't see any sign. They must be out."

"But, it's right..."

"Allan. I said, I can't see any sign."

Could Not Connect.

Reddit | zorbix

[Insert sarcastic comment here, possibly supplemented by a reference to popular culture that people can get on board with...]

"My daughters laundry hamper with an inspiring quote."

Reddit | Jrea0

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out the white-out, paint over that text, and then place your own damn text in there!

Who On Earth Designed This Bike Lane?

Reddit | duva_

Clearly it was designed by someone who absolutely hates cyclists! I can imagine that this has lead to a fair few teeth being lost over the years!

"When you order a pizza during finals week in a college town."

Reddit | MellamaRich

This pizza was clearly cut by someone who has either already handed in their notice, or is just about to hand in their notice!

Frankenstien's Pug

Reddit | kiitchiii

The guy who put up this advert is either completely dense, or he has seen some really messed-up looking dogs in his time!

If You Say So...

Reddit | awesomeduuuu

I would actually be pretty happy if I got a trophy and this was on the plaque! Although, I just really want a trophy... Dear God, someone give me a trophy!

"After renovating the band room the people who painted the shelves just painted over the gum."

Reddit | voluntariss

This is absolutely rancid behavior. I never got how people could just leave chewing gum stuck around the place. It's not hard to find a bin, people!

The Least Secure Bathroom In History

Reddit | randomuser9061

How do you like your bathroom cubicle locks? Unlocked? Or, extra unlocked?

"I Wouldn't Exactly Call This Handicap Accessible..."

Reddit | AidsInMyBrain

Christ, you would need some speed and skill to make it up that ramp without getting injured!

"Yep, The Sign is Up!"

Reddit | thenightmancummeth

Well, a Happliday Hoys to you too, whoever you are! I hope that you had the happlidayest of hoys in fact!

I Sense A Trap...

Reddit | Ookgluk32

I don't think that I'll be falling for this obvious ploy! Whatever is on the other side of the north crosswalk can wait for another day!

"I probably don't need to put descriptions here..."

Reddit | abstractassassin05

Look, if you can't work out what the buttons do on your own, then you shouldn't be buying this speaker, quite frankly!


Reddit | AlexSmith9572

That's clearly not chocolate milk then, so goodness knows what it really is...? Give us your best suggestions for what it could actually be in the comments!

Where Is The Rest Of It?

Reddit | LoopHoleSurgeon

The person who posted this explained, "My colleague ordered some bowls online and this one came exactly as you see it. Someone wrapped a broken bowl, without the parts that broke off, meaning it didn't break in transit."

"When 'rock moving' wasn't in the job description."

Reddit | B3PO1

Surprisingly, there were a few people who said that they thought it looked pretty cool and they wouldn't mind it in their garden. There would be no way that I could look at that every day though!


Reddit | bloop3338

People kept pointing out that normally these bricks are cosmetic, and that there is a steel pole underneath holding the structure up. However...this is still very unsettling to look at!

Following Instructions Can Be Hard Sometimes!

Reddit | nekacookie

To take a quote from quite an unexpected movie for a moment, "[They're] more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules."

"In the local laundromat bathroom."

Reddit | aspiringmountainman

I love the attempt here. I mean, it takes a lot of bottle to genuinely try and pull this off. Work smarter, not harder!

"Ahh yes, reality is often disappointing."

Reddit | CommanderZanderTGS

Be it seed or cream filling, icing or custard, any deception like this is disgusting and damn near treasonous.

"How my family uses a tape measure."

Reddit | doemaarkoraal

I'm afraid of getting thwipped in the face by a flying metal band as much as anyone else, but that's no excuse for this.

"I have an ad in my fortune cookie."

Reddit | Full_Metal_Machinist

Is this fortune trying to ask me if my cookie is too spicy? I know I can't tolerate spice well, but it's not that bad...

"No its not bigger. It's the exact same size."

Reddit | cpt_obvious

They probably made it a sliver thicker and called it a day. They didn't count on anyone being smart enough to actually check.

"People in my house insist on 1: not removing all of the seal and 2: using the same spoon for the peanut butter and the jelly. I hate it."

Reddit | RedditSteadyGoing

The first point is bad enough, but when coupled with the second? That warrants finding a whole new family.

"Wait, what?"

Reddit | vikimal19

Those bathrooms must stay really clean seeing as no one probably uses them due to confusion.

"I got this package in the mail today and the mail man left it stuck like this in my mailbox."

Reddit | tiberius_the_first

I don't understand why we as a society haven't moved on from small, curved mailboxes to large, rectangular ones that are perfect for packages.

"Found one in the wild."


To be fair, this is more likely to get me in the door than anything else they could have put on that sign, just based on hilarity alone.

"I did it boss, I put up the door!"

Reddit | ERROR-40404

"What, there's not supposed to be a window? What if people get claustrophobic in there? I think that's a bigger concern than privacy."

"This ATM in Egypt is not grounded and can electrocute people, paper says 'Use wooden stick'."

Reddit | saintkillio

It really is shocking how much some ATMs charge you just to get at your own money! I dread to think how many people got zapped by this evil machine!

"The stamp I ordered came in."

Reddit | DelisionalMeatball

I think I'd get this one on purpose and make it my signature, just to mess with people.

"Which way do I go?"

Reddit | QuarterMile82

I mean, it clearly wants me to go rliegrht, but I just don't think that I can do it. Better to just turn around and head back the way you came!