21 Weird Things We Didn't Even Know Could Happen

All of humanity's knowledge is readily accessible to you thanks to the smartphone in your pocket. But while we think we may have it all figured out, we really don't. Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you, creating situations you never even thought possible.


Reddit | Juno012

I knew that a fast-acting foam was sprayed over fires in certain situations, but I never knew that it literally created a six-foot-deep sea of foamy goodness.

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

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In 1971 — about 4,500 years after it was built — an archaeologist found that the Great Pyramid of Giza actually has eight faces, not four. It's only observable on solstices and equinoxes.

New look for the patio.

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This is what 100+ mile per hour winds can do to a backyard. This heavy-looking metal lawn chair was picked up, thrown through the air and punctured the siding on this house.

Aren't you supposed to mix?

Reddit | Severe-Item

This shows the site where the Rhône and Arve Rivers meet in Geneva, Switzerland. Because of the differing sediments in the water, they appear dramatically different in color.

So close.

Reddit | thePhilosopherTheory

This cicada had its whole life ahead of it and was just about to embark on the next exciting phase — then it straight up died before it could even finish molting.

O.G. sheep.

Reddit | Nightstar95

You may not like it, but this is what peak sheep looks like: they naturally have long tails to store fat deposits, but this has been bred out of most commercially farmed sheep.

Perfect sequence.

Reddit | mentol_mentolo

I don't know what kind of insect laid these eggs. They'll probably be crazy gross when they hatch. But until then, I can certainly appreciate the geometric perfection.


Reddit | Thefireisrishing

Venus fly traps are carnivorous plants, so it stands to reason that their bitey little mouths will chomp anything they can. I'm just surprised there's no mechanism to stop them from biting themselves.

Wide swath.

Reddit | Dhiet

A storm ripped through several Midwestern states in August of 2020, leaving such significant crop damage that it was visible from the International Space Station, 250 miles above.

Weird dust.

Reddit | cedar_ether

This fridge magnet is so powerful that, over time, it's collected a decent amount of magnetized dust out of the air. It makes you think about the tiny particles that are constantly floating around.

Segmented fire.

Reddit | mrpieisawesome

We're used to seeing weird demonic faces and abstract faces in pics of fires, but this is something entirely different. Why are those colorful areas so separate from the rest of the flame?

Improvised planter.

Reddit | walls-of-jericho

It wasn't planned this way, but the little nook in this car's wheel well turned out to be the perfect place for dirt to accumulate, and eventually, for life to take root.

Do you even know how to corn?

Reddit | black_pizza

This cob of corn is...well, I can't sugarcoat things. It's all bulbous and messed up and wrong. I guess it takes time to harvest the perfect corn.

On its way.

Reddit | wrk_wrk_wrk_wrk_wrk

This person has had a small pebble embedded in their hand for the past 25 years after a bike accident. Now, a quarter-century later, the stone is ready to come out.

I didn't know tablets came with pillows.

Reddit | MailmanTom69

Inside every smart device is a rechargeable battery. Within every battery is the potential for this horrifying possibility, where the battery inflates and ruins the device.


Reddit | Zolden

This window does weird things to the stuff behind it, like making everyone look pixelated. To really drive home the weirdness, just look at what it's done to this person's thumb.

When the Apple App Store first launched, someone made an app called "I Am Rich."

Pexels | cottonbro, Armin Heinrich

The app was designed to be a status symbol, with purpose other than being able to show others you could afford its exuberant $999 price tag.

Eight people bought it.

Quick repair.

Reddit | atodaso

This zucchini suffered some injuries to its delicate skin after repeatedly rubbing on the edge of a garden bed. After it was picked, the gardener discovered that it had stitched itself back up.

Opposite day.

Reddit | Pindadio

This drill bit got a little overheated, so the scorch marks make sense. What doesn't make sense is the fact that its threading somehow got reversed in the process.

Upside-down Chicago.

Reddit | handsomodel

This pic, shot from a plane, is very pretty in its own right. But what really gets me is how it's somehow showing the Chicago skyline entirely upside-down.

No yolks about it.

Reddit | Stumpiss

This little egg has a clear yolk. I had to look into this phenomenon. Apparently it's a real thing, and — I can't make this up — it's known as a 'fart egg'.

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