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15+ Things That We Probably Wouldn't Have Believed Without Photo Evidence

Most of us had one friend growing up who we always needed to take with a grain of salt. While we all want to be cool sometimes, we seemed a little more willing than this kid to let our awesome fantasies remain as just fantasies.

This kid, however, decided that as far as their friends were concerned, all the cool things we daydreamed about really happened and they had enough stone-faced seriousness about to make us not want to argue with them. Of course, that doesn't mean we believed them for a second.

But of course, bizarre things do happen every now and then, but the people on this list were smart enough to support their captivating yarns about them with a picture.

Just like that kid didn't have of their uncle who totally worked at Nintendo.

This lady may not have a massive bug on her back, but it seems like she wants to give us that impression.

Reddit | bowstring0924

I'll give her this, any friends that she gets separated from won't have too tough of a time finding her.

While some places have more bugs than others, it's still unlikely that "it belongs to the crickets now" is an everyday phrase anywhere.

Reddit | gracklespackleattack

However, considering that these ones apparently made some weird seething sound whenever anybody approached these bikes, that's just the solemn reality they had to accept.

I can't say I've come across a "dried shark" before, but now we all know what one looks like.

Reddit | ackglebi

I suppose that if you had asked me to imagine such a thing, this toothy specimen that looks like it's made of socks would probably be close to what I'd come up with.

Thrift shops can hold all sorts of fascinating finds, but they're not always this disturbing.

Reddit | AnnaEd64

And considering that I'm not usually the type to go out of my way in search of giant, screaming, purple-faced babies, that's probably for the best.

Besides a big kick, I'm not really sure what this guy is hoping to get out of this.

Reddit | slimeturtle69420

Like, does he think that the horse's legs will suddenly move hyper fast like it's trying to start up the Flintstones' car if he boldly goes where no one has gone before like this?

I kind of want to live in his world, but it ain't this one.

Apparently, somebody made these with the expectation that other people would want to have them on their lawns.

Reddit | jmona789

While it seems like a great choice of decor if you're trying to prevent anyone from visiting, I'd still be curious to know how well their business is doing here.

While it's always awkward to give someone their stuff back after a breakup, "awkward" is the least of this person's concerns.

Reddit | toletpainter

Yeah, when that stuff apparently includes a bat with nails pounded into it, it's probably best to leave it with a mutual friend.

Although that friend might also have some questions when all is said and done.

While this isn't the first time I've seen people relax during a flood, they don't usually do it with special, terrifying guests.

Reddit | pata_de_perro

I suppose crocodiles and alligators can have chill days just like everybody else, but I'm happy enough to not gamble on which days those are.

These are some fearless kids.

I'm not sure how this situation started, but I have to give a shout out to this person for seeing it through.

Reddit | PR0CR45T184T0R

Also, I guess it makes the people behind you a lot less likely to honk at how long you're taking when you can stare into their souls the whole time.

It's easy to underestimate how comfortable some folks in Russia are with bears until you see a picture like this.

Reddit | TheRealMontaLoa

Sure, I've seen some guys out there give their pet bears affectionate snuggles before, but they usually limited that to their backyards.

I never would've guessed there were such a thing as inside bears.

Unless whoever put this in really hates it when people walk around on their phones, they must've been pretty groggy that day.

Reddit | gusenish

I can only imagine them thinking, "Yup, those look great" with half-lidded eyes and no realization whatsoever that they just built Obstacle Course Avenue.

Based on the way her hair is hanging, I'm guessing she's actually right-side-up in an upside down room.

Reddit | Wiildman8

Of course, that only begs the question of why there's an upside down room with aliens chilling in it like they're not making a mockery of our pathetic earthling gravity.

Those kids look way happier than I would expect anyone to be in such a distressing situation.

Reddit | crotchinabox

It's like riding in the trunk wasn't unsafe enough without the part where they leave it open with nothing making sure they don't fly out.

Just, why?!

Well, I guess I can't say that I've got any better ideas than this.

Reddit | a3aank

Oh sure, there's all sorts of equipment that's actually safe to do this kind of work with, but I guess this is what happens when the job listing cites "comfort with heights" and "tendency to not ask questions" as ideal qualities.

I have to say that this dog's innocence manages to shine through even in bizarre situations like these.

Reddit | Macho_Mans_Ghost

After all, it seems like it couldn't be more comfortable with this situation even though these dog masks would only fill our heads with questions. Possibly questions about upcoming bank robberies.

Normally, this is the kind of situation that would make us roll our eyes and ask how this waterfowl could have possibly caused enough chaos to need so many cops.

Reddit | jezzamybeast

However, I can only say that those who ask that question haven't spent a lot of their time with geese. That untitled goose game isn't too far off, folks.

I don't need to ask what made this sign necessary. I both know the answer and don't want to all at once.

Reddit | sayin_smart_thangs

Instead, let me extend my deepest sympathies to whoever had to put it up. I'm sorry that happened to you.

There are a surprisingly diverse array of cars with all types of crazy junk stuck to them, but this one seems particularly worrying.

Reddit | theWet_Bandits

It's not that these little decorations are all that disturbing, but I've never seen any that were fastened in such a worrying fashion.

This isn't just some random pic someone took of people passed out in their neighborhood. It's from Google Street View.

Reddit | dusslord

You can tell because of all the weird blurring, but in this case, the people pictured are probably glad of it.

There had to be a better seating option.

Reddit | danya140

That looks like it hurts and the kid's face kind of says it all. Next time, maybe make sure there are enough stools for everyone.

This is why I hope that the *Guardians of the Galaxy* movies never introduce a female of Groot's species.

Reddit | libeldraz

These are pretty clearly meant to be Adam and Eve, but I just can't handle the facial expressions. They creep me out so much.

There is a line that cosplay shouldn't cross, and this may have done it.

Reddit | Cmann14_

Though at the same time, it's definitely memorable.

Redditor ElJonJon86 said it best: "I'm torn between "Chewie's Angels" and "The Wookiepuff Girls".

At least they thought about weight distribution?

Reddit | CaptainAcid25

That's about the only good thing I can say about this. Presumably there was some official, safer way to do whatever it is they are doing.

Apparently, this is what happens when dental technicians get bored.

Reddit | CactuswithGooglyeyes

I'm both impressed by the creepiness of the weapon and really wondering about the mental health of the person who made it.

This machine carries only the essentials.

Reddit | weirdo0808

What? You need more in life than condoms, cologne, and Pokémon? Clearly, you are a failure as a person.

So bearcats are apparently a thing that exist and one got into someone's house.

Reddit | Higashikawa

Also, they apparently have a bacteria in their stomachs that make them spell like buttered popcorn.

"Guy found a glass eye embedded in the rock at a beach." —JinxXedOmens

Reddit | JinxXedOmens

Oh no, there's totally nothing sinister about this discovery. Imagine just walking along the beach, looking for pretty rocks, and seeing that staring back at you.

I like to think that I'm open to more adventurous pizza toppings, but this is a travesty.

Reddit | -RStyle

I like how they seem to think that nine olives are enough to make this even close to a pizza.

The rice is the worst.

I hope this picture was also taken as evidence to give to a wife or something.

Reddit | 4chanAD

Because we should totally shame this guy on the internet, but someone should also inform him of how stupid this is IRL.

Please tell me someone did this on purpose to freak people out...

Reddit | cakatooop

And then please tell me that there are no actual children — or drunk teenagers — able to access this particular balcony.

It's called *art*, you philistines!

Reddit | Mattressy_Mick

Is this an interactive exhibit? Like, do you get to break the eggs that are taped to the guy? That could be cathartic.

People driving away with the gas hose is actually pretty common.

Reddit | Carpenter267

Most stations have breakaway systems installed to prevent further damage to the pumps. They also appreciate it if you return them.

It's a good thing these particular mushrooms aren't poisonous.

Reddit | cakatooop

Still, what kind of person just wanders up to one in the woods and takes a massive bite out of it? Ew.

Okay, I'm saving this for the next time a Baby Boomer complains about Millennials need for "adulting" classes.

Reddit | TooZenToCare

Look, we just want basic home economics classes brought back into schools so we know how to work kitchen appliances without burning the house down. You guys were "practicing" how to get married and feed each other cake.

You may wonder why someone would have a chicken in their backseat. And then you learn that the pic was taken at the beer store and it all makes sense.

Reddit | dankfunk0141

Due to the Redditor who shared this having unclear punctuation, I can't be certain if this was taken at a generic store in which beer is purchased or it it was literally The Beer Store, which is a thing in Ontario, Canada.

Even this mannequin has put more effort into Halloween than I did this year.

Reddit | crm3210

Something about this being spotted at a record store in Salem, MA really makes sense to me.

I'd be changing lanes so hard if I saw this ahead of me on the highway.

Reddit | the_gostev

Then I'd do my darnedest to pass them and get far ahead. Because that's an accident and a traffic jam just waiting to happen.

I'm sure nobody is more surprised to hear that Tony Hawk is running for president than Mr. Hawk himself.

Reddit | LazerBarracuda

Oh, excuse me, I mean "than future President of the United States Tony Hawk" because he's winning whether he wants to or not.

Given what kind of underwear we have on display, I would expect this house to be a little bigger.

Reddit | diply

Really, the fact that it's not at the top of a beanstalk is enough of a surprise on its own.

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