31 Tattoo Designs With A Special Meaning Behind Them

I'm a firm believer that pretty much every tattoo has a story behind it, whether it's to commemorate important events in their lives, to remember a person or place forever, or to heal emotionally. Some of these stories are truly unique and special.

Personally, I love to find out the motivation behind someone's tattoo journey. I find it so fascinating. If you do as well I bet you'll really appreciate these interesting stories.

1. This Scar Cover-Up Back Piece

Reddit | Twiggadee

Talk about making a bold statement with this back tattoo cover-up. This lady went through skin cancer and was concerned about covering this difficult scar. But in the end, the piece worked out beautifully for her.

2. This Japanese Gem

Reddit | Roverandomness

This avid traveler got a cool reminder of her time living in Japan by inking her favorite memories from that time. What an awesome and super colorful tattoo to get. I love this color combination here.

3. This *Star Wars* Scar Tattoo

If you have a unique scar, why not take advantage of it? This came out as such a cool tattoo idea. Don't you think? I think it's so fun. I love how they incorporated the scar here.

4. This Cat Tribute

Reddit | u/widgetinbeta

If you've ever had a beloved animal pass away, you understand how hard it can be. I've always wanted to get a tattoo tribute of my dog. I think it's such a great way to keep them with you.

5. This Self-Harm Cover Up

Reddit | suuuuga

Some people end up drawing flowers over their old self-harm scars. That's why this person decided to finally get a permanent tattoo done. It's good to see them beginning to heal with this awesome piece.

6. This Doggy Tat

Reddit | _allyp

What a great way to keep the memory of your furry best friend alive with this very unique tattoo. I've never seen somebody do just a little outline like this before. How neat is that, huh?

7. This Amazing Arm Piece

Reddit | Smashed95

Wow, this tattoo artist had their job cut out for them with this big arm piece. But I gotta say, I think they did a wonderful job covering all of this up. Don't you think?

8. This Mom Handwriting

Reddit | cailathefoxyfox

If you could have your mom with you at all times, would you? I know I would. This person actually got their mom's handwriting tattoed on their hand. What a beautiful reminder of the most important person in your life.

9. This Surgery Scar Cover-Up

Reddit | justincredible68

This person broke their leg during a hockey tournament three years ago and they decided to get an awesome tattoo cover-up of their scar. I think this is so cool and unique to boot. Right?

10. This Band-Aid Tattoo

Twitter | @grete_horde

This person asked their tattoo artist to put a Band-Aid on their old scar. This way it looks so much nicer and more colorful. I think this is such a great idea for a scar cover-up.

11. This Mom Memorial

Reddit | chica1994

We all have special people in our lives that we can't think about losing. This is such a gorgeous way to keep the memory of your beloved mom with you and close to your heart. How lovely is this?

12. This Father's Sacrifice

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

This father did something absolutely beautiful for his young daughter. He tattooed his own skull to support her after she had to have a skull reconstruction surgery. Aww, that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

13. This Watercolor-Inspired Cover-Up For A Scar

Reddit | sh4mtaro

I find watercolor tattoos quite interesting, especially if they're done by a well-versed tattoo artist like this one. I love all the colors used in this big arm tattoo. It's definitely a powerful piece.

14. This Birthmark-Turned-Map

Dealing with a larger birthmark is never easy, even for the most experienced tattoo artist. But as you can see here, this massive design job was handled beautifully. There are so many unknown lands to discover now.

15. This Doggy Tribute

Reddit | farmingcats

Oh my goodness, what an adorable tribute to the best boy that ever lived. I bet this pooch is now smiling down at his owner from doggy heaven, and also admiring this beautiful likeness of himself.

16. This Grandfather Tribute

Reddit | Yoda_Only_One

Do you remember making paper planes with your grandpa when you were a kid? That's always a great childhood memory. I bet that's why this person got a tattoo like this one in honor of their grandfather.

17. This Ghost Tattoo


This person has been drawing this little guy since they were 12 years old. They actually never thought they'd live to 18 to get him tattooed because of their struggle with depression. Depression can be such a hard thing to overcome but when you make it, it's all worth it.

18. This Dad Tattoo Replica


This person got an exact replica of what their dad had when he was alive, and this was actually their very first tattoo, too. I think it's a very fitting tribute indeed. Am I right?

19. This Fish Scar Tattoo

Reddit | eiffulf

This is probably the best way I've ever seen somebody incorporate a scar into a tattoo design. Don't you think? This is absolutely what I would consider doing with a scar I have on my ankle.

20. This Self-Harm Cover-Up Tattoo

Reddit | thatsnotcoool

It's never an easy task to work with self-harm scars. They're usually pretty random and unpredictable. But this talented artist did such a wonderful job covering all of it here. I can't even see the scar.

21. This Birthmark Tattoo

Many people have unique birthmarks or scars that they may want to cover up or incorporate into a tattoo somehow. This person did the absolute best thing they could possibly do with this unusual birthmark here. Isn't it so cool?

22. This Sci-Fi Cover-Up

This person finally had something creative done with their existing arm scar. I gotta say, that's such an amazing and unique idea for a sci-fi cover-up tattoo. It's so fun and incorporates the scar perfectly here.

23. This Baby Memorial Tattoo

This brave lady had a stillbirth due to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. This ink design has been percolating in her brain for some time, and some events in 2020 were finally the catalyst to get this piece done. There's only one word to describe it: beautiful.

24. This Doggy Tat

Some people treat their pets like they are members of their own family. I definitely feel this way. I've been meaning to get a tattoo in memory of my dog, and this one is a really cute and sweet idea.

25. This Kitty Tat

Speaking of beloved animals that have passed, how brilliant is this tattoo idea? This 20-year-old kitty is now getting the rest that he needs and the sunflowers are surely blooming. Aww, I absolutely love this.

26. This Beautiful Sleeve

Grandparents sure do hold a special place in our hearts. Don't they? They are always there for us to lend a helpful hand. So it's pretty fitting that this lady commemorated them in such a lovely way.

27. This Mom's Tribute To Passed Son

This cool mom got a memorial tattoo for a son that passed. Now, this bird is definitely free to go wherever he wants. This is a great way to celebrate someone's life.

28. This Tattoo In Memory Of A Friend

It's never easy when you lose a friend. It can be hard to let it go and move on. This person did the best that they could to celebrate their life in ink.

29. This "Jay Bird"

This person lost their dad, who people used to call "Jay Bird." So, they took that idea and ran with it. Now they have a beautiful tattoo to make them think of their dad whenever they look at it.

30. This Dad Tribute


This lady ended up reading the same book her dad read before he passed away, completely unbeknownst to her. So, to commemorate this wild coincidence, she got the title and the last page her father read tattooed on her wrist.

31. This Grandpa Tribute Tat


This person's grandpa drew this diagram in order to show him how to locate his home on the surface of the earth with longitude and latitude. This tattoo version is a great reminder of him. What an awesome idea.

It's beautiful to see how people choose to remember those close to them in such a special way.

Getting a tattoo to celebrate or to heal or to commemorate is a great way to deal with many different circumstances indeed.

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