40 Times People Thought Outside The Box

In this fast-paced, cutthroat world, it is important to be able to think outside the box and keep on the cutting edge of innovation. Although, that does take a lot of hard work, so if you can't be bothered then that's sound I guess.

However, with this notion in mind, please enjoy these 16+ times people thought outside the box!

"Uhh, excuse me officer, but it looks like you forgot something."

Reddit | QuasarsRcool

The police actually responded to this image on Twitter by saying, "Haven't you heard of wireless charging?" And, as funny as that is, I'm still unsettled that we have police officers out there who are stupid enough to do this.

"What computer users see in security warning boxes."

Reddit | Anonman9

No, I always read all the warning boxes. I mean, I don't understand a damn word of them, but I read them all the same.

"The Big Potato..."

Reddit | PsychologicalPermit9

I like it when people get a little left-field with their insults. I'll be remembering that bottom one for the next time I'm in an argument.

"This bagel bites box is teaching me about limits."

Reddit | verdango

I think that it sounds more like this bagel bites box is challenging you, as if it thinks that you couldn't handle 20 bagel bites! Are you going to let this box talk down to you like that?!

Drop Box Is Broken!

Reddit | trueBlue1074

If Cathy has her nine ferrets with her then I'd be tempted to drop my books off with her, especially if she has trained the ferrets to take the books back to the shelves for me!

"What's in the box?!"

Reddit | NinjaPawsFoxx

But, what sort of toy is this in the first place? Do kids want a severed head of their favorite cartoon characters? That seems odd.

"OK you got me. I'll take a $10 box..."

Reddit | xdboomsterxd

Oh great, now this is all that I will have playing over and over again in my head for the rest of the day. Nice one, Pizza Hut!

"Should I tell my mom she's supposed to take the iPad out of the box?"

Reddit | FrederikTwn

I love the fact that they have got the air model as well, only to use it as the thickest iPad of all time.

"I was in charge of getting a cake for my coworker's birthday. I forgot..."

Reddit | jbud3570

There's nothing wrong with pizza cake, however, having to share that one slice between the whole office is going to really suck!

"An actual prescription that my brother forgot about, guess he dodged a bullet."

Reddit | daemoncel

I guess it would be quite hard for him to take these after being "ded." Also, who says "take one capsule by mouth"? "Take orally" is surely the better way to say it?

"Forgot the spatula. Doesn't even matter we're camping!"

Reddit | Kauii

Mmmmm, seems incredibly sanitary. I've never been good at BBQs... I never really got the point. Just order takeout and eat it in the backyard!

"You can tell the age of a tree by counting the rings. For an artificial xmas tree you count the layers of duct tape holding the box together."

Reddit | Myxolidian4days

It is amazing how long these artificial trees can last for. Although, you can't beat the smell of a real tree. Maybe they need to make a spray of that smell to use on your artificial tree!

"Told them to write joke on each box..."

Reddit | djaudible

The person who wrote these sure sounds like a barrel of laughs! I can just hear deadpan laughter trailing off to a sigh just by looking at these.

"So... my aunt forgot to put a baby lock on one of her cabinets."

Reddit | millybays

A few people were unsure as to whether he was laughing or crying, however, the person who posted it added, "she said he was crying. I couldn't stop laughing at his facial expression."

"I went grocery shopping and my husband put everything away... it's a blue box so it must be pasta."

Reddit | HarleenQuinzel0330

That's gonna be some incredibly strange rigatoni! I don't think there is a recipe out there that would be able to make that work.

"Forgot to buy my son a lunch box for the first day of school. This should do."

Reddit | Scubazz

You would have actually gotten into a lot of trouble if you had taken this into my primary school. They really wouldn't tolerate anything at all like this, even as a joke.

"My Dad lost my house key to feed my cat when I was away... got back to this, his solution was to pour food through the letter box."

Reddit | jerbaws

I like the idea of the cat just sitting by the door looking at random amounts of food coming careening through the letterbox and thinking to itself, "I am owned by idiots..."

"This Sign in the Bathroom of a Movie Theater Creates a Few Questions..."

Reddit | LoisNoLastName

Maybe they were just trying to warm it up a bit after they had let it go cold? I can imagine that it would have gone everywhere though...and it's disgusting!

"My dad fixed my mower and dropped it off while I was out. Came home to this."

Reddit | yesermen

It's good to see that this person's dad is just leaning into the dad jokes. Don't try and fight it, it's only natural!

"Well, you gotta give it to him. He's got a big truck."

Reddit | Beyond_Deity

Weird flex, but okay I guess. I just don't know what you would ever need a truck this big for?

"My sister's 16th birthday cake. Inspired by Shrek."

Reddit | Dab-driver

I'm torn between thinking that this looks incredibly unsettling and kind of being desperate to try a bit.

Worst. Pizza. Ever!

Reddit | LoiTheBoi

Well, that's one way to turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength I guess!

"Black metal band logo created thanks to a mandarin."

Reddit | ChainsForAlice

I like the idea, but I can only read "Me Fetes" in this, and I can't say that that is a good name for a black metal band.

"Who designed this car?"

Reddit | Giono_OOf_01

I bet that this seemed like a great idea until they got sick of the sound of that thing billowing around behind them!

"My current budget is not very big, but I try to get the best out of it."

Reddit | Zitter_Aalex

As great as this idea is, as an actual sandwich it is diabolical. That amount of turkey is abominable, and who puts carrots on a turkey and cheese sandwich?

"They also repair disco brakes."

Reddit | DuckytheLoon

Who knew that mechanics had such a strong pun game?! Also, if you didn't sing this to yourself in the song's rhythm, then you're dead inside.

"Proud of my boys!"

Reddit | basespin

What in God's name happened just before this picture for these kids to have these facial expressions?! They are sure as hell not having a good time!

Blessed Are The Cobblers!

Reddit | CaptainMage

You can find salvation anywhere in this world, such as at a cobbler's workshop. Probably more likely to be in a church though if you think about it.

"My fiance runs a paint your own pottery studio, one of her customers painted this."

Reddit | Mick0331

If you're going to make your own mug, you better make it memorable, and what better way to do that then with a good ol' fashioned opossum?

"Low budget pool."

Reddit | dionx06

At this point, you might as well just hang out in your bathtub.

"Work was slow, I made a 'Chainsaw'."


Is this art? Is making a visual pun art? It certainly isn't a tool or anything with functionality, so it must be art.

"I made deviled eggs."

Reddit | Kellyann59

Yeah, you cooked the hell out of them! Or...into them? Either way, the devil is there.

"My coworker forgot her contact lens case, so she improvised."

Reddit | eleanor61

Not only is this wild, but the lighting in this photo makes it look like a horror movie. The real monster? Dust in your contact lense solution.

"Made a card for my friend's graduation from art school."

Reddit | ilikegear

I love that there's no form of congratulations. It's sure did do it.

"Moved into a new apartment and forgot to bring a wine bottle opener. So I thought 'screw it'."

Reddit | Albuyeh

I feel like the odds of a broken bottle increase exponentially with this method,'s a worthy sacrifice.

"This toddler loves the ads for a local personal injury lawyer so much, his mom made it his birthday party theme."

Reddit | ChristTaliaferro

That looks like a signed photo of him. How do you think that man felt when this woman approached him to sign it? My bet is on "flattered but still weirded out."

"Master Lock 100."

Reddit | superkaifas

This one isn't that egregious. It's simple, it makes sense, and it does the job!

"Forgot my wallet in Mom's car. My Uncle's reply..."

Reddit | DefinePride

I wonder how many people went racing off to this location after seeing this on the off-chance that they beat this person to it? I mean, it'd be stupid to post this before finding the wallet, but I like the idea of a race!

"I'm over 'promposals' but my little brother's was actually funny."

Reddit | iusedtostealbirds

See, promposals (and proposals in general) don't need to be expensive and extravagant. Sometimes you just need a bible and some bedsheets.

"Cousin went fishing, her BF forgot the paddle, a little hillbilly engineering."

Reddit | Teeterz

Look, if it works, then it works! I can't imagine that they were going very quickly, but at least they were going!