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12+ People Who Are Doing Their Thing And Their Thing Only

Everyone wants to be unique. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we become derivative composite characters. Some people, though, truly manage to move to the beat of their own drummer.

All you can brush.

Reddit | Mark-Tom

If you're an adult, you've already moved from the "pea-sized amount" of toothpaste recommended for kids to whatever you're currently going with. If you can't get enough of your toothpaste's stripey goodness, you could go with this amount.


Reddit | Worset

There's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a guy who's pushing a human-dressed dog in a human stroller getting hassled by police. People like this are the last of the true outlaws.

When you're sick of chicken.

Reddit | the_cursed_corner

Nothing against KFC, but if you're not in the mood for fried chicken or violently green potato salad, this isn't really the fast food place for you. Clearly, it's not even the fast food place of choice for some people who work there.

The purrfect beat.

Reddit | whiteniteee

Earbuds are a tried-and-true method of shutting out the outside world and avoiding unwanted contact with strangers. These two priorities are essential to cats as well, so why not let them get in on it?

A highly specific sweater.

Reddit | DeauxDeaux

Did this guy specifically order a sweater that perfectly blends in with the junk on his floor? I'm not sure if this is idea is stupid, or if it's just too brilliant to properly grasp.

The lizard people have arrived.

Reddit | SD_1974

If her lizard-patterned outfit wasn't a dead giveaway, just look at the way she tries to simulate normal human behavior. She's got a purse, which is normal — but it's really the only normal thing going on here.

Better than dining alone.

Reddit | ApeCommando

The last time I was able to believe an inanimate object was real, I was a small child who believed my teddy bear could talk. But if you can keep the dream alive...good for you, I guess?

I believe I can fly.

Reddit | Ein_The_Pup

Driving your car into (and through) a house is easy to do when you think about it (even if no one actually wants to do it). But flying your ground-based vehicle into a house is almost impressive.

You, too, can look like him.

Reddit | Maelarion

It's tough to get back into shape and get used to exercising again. But if all you care about is your outward image, this guy's got the perfect solution for you.

Lousy Febtember weather...

Reddit | E_Wind

This electronic device was made in Taiwan, a real place that's easy to conceptualize. It was also created during the month of...Febtember...which is a little more abstract. Maybe it's the month immediately preceding Smarch.

Someone's gotta do it.

Reddit | ApeCommando

There are various ways to clean windows on tall buildings, but the simplest (and by far, most dangerous) way is to just get out there and start scrubbing away.

Fair enough.

Reddit | foonsirhc

It's hard to understand how one would cultivate an interest in plaques. But I'm not here to judge. For a plaque enthusiast like Stephen R., seeing his name on brushed aluminum must be a dream come true.

It's like a window.

Reddit | sxmuel26

Smartwatches allow us to make a watch face look like anything we want. Sure, this guy could have gone a different route, but if he's this proud of his arm hair, this way might be best.

Armor up.

Reddit | ItsMe_YO

When cooking with hot oil, most of us just accept the fact that we'll soon be covered in millions of tiny oil burns. But this woman realizes that modern problems require modern solutions.

One of those days.

Reddit | PR0CR45T184T0R

Have you ever had one of those lousy days, when you're in such a bad mood that it's actively annoying to see others express joy? I mean, I haven't, but this guy clearly has.

At least they're honest.

Reddit | depasonico

On one hand, it's a bit of a troll move to solicit feedback and then immediately trash it. On the other hand, this is way more honest than the way most big companies deal with complaints.

A mirror's a mirror.

Reddit | TruckFluster

Sure, it's a high stakes and hectic situation. But this protester realizes that her lipstick may have gotten smeared. She also realizes there's a perfect way to view her reflection, and it's inches in front of her face.

Found him.

Reddit | xX_AndyPer_Xx

The weird thing about Waldo is that he's super hard to find, but he's also dressed in a highly distinctive way. This pic provides an answer to anyone who's ever wondered if dressing like a real-world Waldo would help them evade detection.

Straight grillin'.

Reddit | whiteniteee

Once you go grilled, you can't just go back. If that means grilling bit by bit with a hair straightener, well, that's just determination and creativity overcoming a problem.

Feetloaf, it's what's for dinner.

Reddit | patrickjcoyne83

How you choose to loaf your meat is up to you, I guess. I find it's easier to just stuff it into a loaf pan, but hey, you do you.

Ambition is a must.

Reddit | ImBrainwashed

As the saying goes, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And at least the BMW part is aspirational, right?

Boom, roasted.

Reddit | missfeelgood67

Yes, this person added a custom roasted chicken hood ornament to their Hyundai. But it's a golden roasted chicken hood ornament, so...yeah.

Now that's a stretch.

Reddit | papixxx

Hey, you don't get to the point where you can even do something like this if you don't practice. I mean, I assume. I sure can't, on a subway or anywhere else.

Also, shoutout to the strength of those pants.

Brain freeze for days.

Reddit | Mineboy15

If you don't bring a fish tank to 7-Eleven's Bring Your Own Cup Slurpee Day, why even bother doing it?

But is it keto?

Reddit | stephenpmercer

I mean, it's a safe bet that a block of shredded cheese is indeed the keto- and Atkins-friendliest form of cheesecake. But even for those low-carb enthusiasts, this has to be more dare than dessert.

He's been husband-zoned.

Reddit | ninnuh

Hey man, it could be worse. You could be in there with her. I speak from experience. Grab a Starbucks, log on to the wifi, and get cozy.

Only a flesh wound.

Reddit | mikejandreau

Well, this is easier and less costly than getting your ride repaired, so it has that going for it, which is nice.

The Black Knight always triumphs.

Reddit | left-shoulder-closed

If anyone can wear the classic Python meme better than that car, it's this guy.

Eerily accurate.

Reddit | daave33

I don't know who planted this at Yankee Candle, but it's spot on. I can still smell that weird carpet. Which also goes a long way to explaining the success of Netflix.

Him? He is Vigo.

Reddit | PrawnTyas

The parent who would decorate their child's bedroom with the portrait of Vigo from Ghostbusters II is both bold and someone I instantly admire.

What's this? What's this?

Reddit | HackrMan420

I don't know what makes this scene better, the total dedication of the Nightmare Before Christmas crew or the look on Santa's face at being dragged into this nonsense.

Jack O'Tato

Reddit | TatersArePrecious

Full credit to the innovator who decided that pumpkins were too expensive to carve when you have perfectly good potatoes at home.

How convenient!

Reddit | mdavis360

The owners of this antiques shop recognize the high likelihood of hagglers, and also recognize their desire not to waste their lives engaging these people. They run a shop, and they do it their way.

Awareness is the first step.

Reddit | crazydarklord

A patch of violets is one way to get your city's public works department to fix a pothole, for sure. Doesn't it kind of look like Jimmy Hoffa might be under there, though?

Cleanliness first!

Reddit | SlakthusDisko

Just a guy casually using the car wash to hose down several large sacks of potatoes, as one does. Maybe he's getting ready for Halloween?

The cat with the purrl earring.

Reddit | Greatdagan

I wouldn't be surprised if this home also had a Vigo portrait in the kid's bedroom. I mean, culture is important!

A dino Easter Egg.

Reddit | elmilagro

Whoever planned this remodel clearly did stop to think if they should, and they went ahead, and it's wonderful. I didn't even know they made T. rex kitchen tiles. Now I want one, thanks to this remodeling hero.


Reddit | jgbones

That's seven years of pictures with the office tub of pineapple cottage cheese that expired in 2012. I guess she can't just throw it out now.

Spread the word.

Reddit | HopsRs

This guy has an important message to share with the world, saying what we've all been thinking, and frankly, it's about time.

Risky treats.

Reddit | buterbetterbater

These products are all delicious, sweet, ready-to-eat Rice Krispies treats. What, did you think they were anything different?

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