40 People Who Didn’t Get The Last Laugh

You always want to get the last laugh in life. Sure, there are things that are important like family and friends and that crap, but getting the last laugh in a situation is far more important.

With that in mind, please enjoy reveling in the failures of these 14+ people who didn't get the last laugh!

"Can't Believe This Guy!"

Reddit | Jeffreyed

He really doesn't give a duck that he's just ruined your hard work! Maybe you could try to bill him for damages.

"This girl at the gas station behind me ⏤ Should I tell her the evidence she got busy last night is on her hood?"

Reddit | SuperDuper_88

It would be worse if you told her and then it turned out to be her boyfriend's car and this was how she found out he was cheating on her!

"Someone tried to reenact the Italian Job in my town last night."

Reddit | Dolorous_Eddison

I told you to only take a bloody right! Not to go flying down the staircase and scratch the bloody doors off!

"At a party last night and my buddy disappeared, this morning we found this."

Reddit | AnOrphanedPlatypus

At least it looks like they aren't dead as they must have woken up and wandered home at some point! Wherever he is though, I bet he's still cold!

"Park like a asshole, get treated like a asshole."

Reddit | FiddleMyFunBags

Sure, they do deserve it, but I'd be very nervous that they wouldn't just smash their way out. I mean, they're driving a 4x4 Merc, so they're obviously an asshat anyway.

"Shame On You Timmy!"

Reddit | trinn27

Yeah, Timmy, I bet you thought that you were being the big man, but look at you now! Publically shamed by the Penguin Of The Month board! Take that, Timmy!

"I work with some real asshats."

Reddit | joeydynamo

I mean, at least they're honest about their opinions on the lasagna! I kind of admire the gall... They're still a git though.

"1 of 3 snakes is an asshole."

Reddit | Walks-On-Legos

Everyone always thinks that this sign is a joke — until they release the snakes, that is! A lot of places actually release snakes into the shop as a way to encourage people to leave.

"I Hate My Brother..."

Reddit | dipatoe

But...I mean, he's not getting to eat the cookies either really, is he, so what's really the point? Just dickery I guess?

"Payback: laptop on a cat."

Reddit | hurricanekarina

I'm guessing that the only reason why this cat is tolerating this is because it is warm underneath the laptop, too. However, I can't see them tolerating it when you start typing!

"Wife had surgery today and is on lots of meds. I asked her what she was working on for the last hour and she shows me this."

Reddit | pupeeb_utol

Joke's on her husband for laughing at her, as his wife has now sold the rights to this genius movie for an absolute fortune!

"Worked at car week in Carmel, CA last week and had to park in between these two McLarens."

Reddit | cwildman77

If you're ever going to ding the car door of the person parked next to you with your own, dear God, this is not the time!

"When the big kid sits in front of the class."

Reddit | ROOTBEER360

I always feel bad for short people who get stuck behind tall people at concerts as well. I mean, in class it's not too bad because no one really wants to be there.

"When you pass out around engineers and instead of drawing dicks, they solve mathematical equations of your back."

Reddit | Vhaeraun88

Yes, but they also spent a lot of time doing math instead of enjoying being drunk...which is just incredibly sad.

"To the asshole with the mustard packets..."

Reddit | Jboyd024

This kind of reaction is just what people like the mustard packet-bandit crave! They'd have been better off just checking the toilet for mustard packets every time!

"Last year my brother had to work on Thanksgiving. He asked me to save him a little bit of everything."

Reddit | Seely2593

I love that this actually probably took more effort to do and set up than it would have to actually just save him a normal plate of food.

"Dick is my girlfriend's grandfather. Her grandmother stores her photos of him in this aptly named box."

Reddit | tk1712

Sure, that's what they think. Just wait until they open it though and find that it's full of... well, I'm sure you can imagine!

"20 years ago my friend got her bubble tape taken away by her dad for not sharing. Today he gave it back to her. It’s so old It turned green."

Reddit | epfourteen

Mmmmm, it's now gone apple-flavored! The atomic apple flavor always was my favorite, however, this one might be actually atomic at this point!

"This asshole on the bus wouldn't let this guy sit down so he stood as close to him as he could."

Reddit | cueaqe

People who hog seats on the bus have a certain circle of hell reserved for them. I hope this man made that asshat's journey incredibly uncomfortable for him!

"We left some Christmas decorations out in the driveway last night which I just remembered when I turned on my car this morning. I near crapped my pants."

Reddit | seatonater07

"We, the nutcrackers, have come for you, Dave."

"Dear God, what are you going to do to me?!"

"...I think you know, Dave."

"Turned 40 today. My kids greeted me with this tragedy on my front porch..."

Reddit | MilitusLetum

I bet that they were looking forward to having a nice birthday, but not anymore! Nothing like a reminder of your own mortality to put you on a downer!

"That's one way to ruin someone's morning."

Reddit | theamishzombie

As funny as this would be, you're not going to get that taste out of there for a long time! Everyone is going to still be drinking garlic-flavored coffee for a long time after the joke has worn thin!

"Walked through a fly strip this morning... Spent an hour shampooing glue and fly guts out of my hair."

Reddit | queendank

One genius person pointed out that, "That's simultaneously both a hairy and sticky situation," and I can't thank them enough for that incredible observation.

Another Lying Feline!

Reddit | maxywaxy13

I know that it clearly says that they are a liar, but the more I look into those eyes, the more I can't help but feel the need to feed it still!

"This is how my university stops thieves."

Reddit | crzymazy

This seems a little needlessly over the top to me! Also, if someone needs a calculator that bad, then they'll just prise it off this, or steal the whole thing under their shirt!

"My friend just turned 32 and tried embroidery."

Reddit | jimmywsjensen

I actually really like it! It's oddly haunting, kind of like a childishly-drawn demon horse, which is what I'm sure they were going for!

This Hurts To Look At...

Reddit | Latricc

Sure, this may just seem like a kid who has dropped his trading cards to some people, but these will have cost him an absolute fortune! As someone who grew up on YuGiOh cards, I dread to think how much this would have cost.

"When you request a wall clock for your office but your boss is a dick..."

Reddit | StaplePaper

I mean, their boss will still have to see it presumably from time to time so I would say that no one wins here. It really is garish beyond belief, isn't it?!

"Local news just shared this."

Reddit | Hughft

So which do you think is more likely: they really hate their kids, or they have no kids and took it as a "drive like no one's watching" type thing?

"When you get schooled by a dog."

Reddit | KWisto

I love dogs, but I swear all their intelligence gets put into food. Ways to manipulate and trick their owners into giving them more food, specifically.

"Served a customer on the weekend. When he stood up I made a comment on his height. He handed me this card and walked away."


I can feel the bitterness in that last line there. He is not glad. He hates you.

"Airbag inspection."

Reddit | _ProfessionalLurker

Aw, how nice of them! I guess mine haven't really been tested yet, I should give it a go!

"Sir, are you lost?"

Reddit | jamatosoup

Either this is a prison escape, or a really bad detour. Could someone direct him back to a pond or lake please?

"My chair just kinda...gave up."

Reddit | tjcowell96

"Yeah, I think I've had enough," your chair thought to itself before breaking its own spine.

"Our view at the Grand Canyon."

Reddit | BBBlaze999

Really not the "colorful testimony" being advertised there. Or maybe it is, if the color is gray.

"My mom forgot the candle was burning."

Reddit | jake8796

I'll take melted wax in the drain over a literal housefire any day.

"The waterfall I went to see seems a bit dry."

Reddit | strongkhal

Unlike the Grand Canyon photo, at least this is still pretty. And you turned it into a great selfie opportunity!

Max The Liar!

Reddit | NicksStick

The person who posted this wrote, "Someone in the neighborhood owns him but he's free to explore. He's never had a collar. For the last year my wife and I have been feeding him and petting him when he's around. Apparently so does everyone else. This is him tonight."

"My dad realizing he put his new basketball hoop together backwards."

Reddit | TheRealGavin

Unfortunate, but why does it look like he's building it inside of a small scale airplane hangar?

"I dropped clear thumbtacks onto my cheapo carpet."

Reddit | Qwerdio

This is like the extreme version of spilling glitter in your flat. You're never going to be rid of these completely, and they're gonna hurt like hell!