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12+ People Riding The Line Between Funny And Dummy

A lot of comedy can stem from people treading that ever so fine line between being intentionally funny, and just being incomprehensibly dense. Whether it's people reporting themselves missing and joining their own search party or unloading thousands of bricks at a building site only to realize you're at the wrong location, the human race is capable of treading this line spectacularly well.

Well, thankfully, the internet is full of proof of people riding this line between funny and dummy, and the finest collection of examples has been gathered for you below!

"They obviously need all the practice they can get."

Reddit | PlayfulYetBored

In fairness, I think the person who is running the class needs some practice at running archery classes! Step one being don't set up the targets facing the door! Unless the people practicing are so bad that they managed to fire backwards.


Reddit | endgame14000605

This is in a school! Who is teaching these kids? My God there really is no hope for the future.

The Mystery Of The Missing Woman

Reddit | Estephano4243

I just don't even know how this sort of thing can happen without a single person noticing, and for it to be going on until 3a.m.?! How long were they looking?

"I Accidentally Broke My Thermometer And This Liquid Came Out. It's So Fun To Play With!"

Reddit | KarandeepSingh88

Nothing screams fun and excitement like mercury poisoning! You have all the excitement of nervousness, irritability or mood changes, numbness, physical tremors, and more to look forward to!

"Waited in line for this rollercoaster for two hours, when I finally got to the front they said I was too tall."

Reddit | LiteralGiraffe

This is why you always check that you are the right size for a rollercoaster before queuing! (I've never actually done that but thought I'd take the opportunity to take the moral high ground)

"Found In IKEA: Who Would Try To Use That?"

Reddit | Themadschoolbus

How many times did the janitor have to clean out the prop toilets before they took action and put this sign on there?

The Importance Of Proofing

Reddit | Racso-Lucario

Never underestimate the necessity of a good proofreader! I say "good" proofreader, I think anyone could pick this howler up though.

"3 humans... trying to unlock a car to get the keys out. Mind you.... there is plastic taped over the back window."

Reddit | beaverkc

I wouldn't be surprised if that window was still smashed from the last time that they had locked themselves out!

"What's the point then?"

Reddit | iloveham20

I don't think the phrase, "You had one job!" has ever been so literally applicable to a scenario.

"Our society is doomed"


I actually quite like how low-key condescending this can be read as being.

"Ordered an expensive gaming monitor and since no one was home the delivery guy decided to improvise"

Reddit | TheGamingTurtle58

The only way this could have been worse would have been if they had put the monitor in the bin itself. Actually, it would probably have been safer, if a bit smellier!

"That fact that this has to be put up"

Reddit | x_Luke

If anyone is daft enough to walk willingly down an elevator shaft, then there's little hope in this world for those people.

"I got this from my school, it's frickin wrapped in plastic."

Reddit | KaneInferno

I don't even understand why something like this needs to be in a plastic bag. It is a bag... just give it to people as a bag!

"When you feel that you are tired, remember that we emptied 6,000 bricks in the wrong address."

Reddit | eslamhanoura

I'd be amazed if these two lads still had a job after this blunder. Also, I'd be surprised if they still had spines after unloading 6, 000 bricks from a wagon, only to load the entire 6, 000 back on straight away! That would have seen me off.

They're Not Wrong I Guess

Reddit | devilsephiroth

Ah, now this is my kind of shop. There's nothing finer than a business which takes pride in being technically correct, which is the best kind of correct I've been told!

"Absolutely professional"

Reddit | JoiP_1

This is either one of the most amazing marketing pranks, or just the laziest maintenance shop on the planet. Either way, I love it.

"Forgetting to roll up the window all the way."

Reddit | Palifaith

It is bad enough having to de-ice the outside of a car on a frosty morning, never mind having to do the inside as well. I hope they had heated seats!

"My Grandpa Mac just got new security cameras around his house. He has my cousin and I on the online login. He sends us random messages."

Reddit | inquisitooor

Alright, the longer I look at this one, the more I just find it quite sweet! I mean, you'd think he'd write something a little more inspiring than just hello, but you do you grandpa Mac!

"Breaking: Cheeseburger stabber still on the loose."

Reddit | MrCommenteryCommenter

Honestly, they really should have thought that banner through before they went to air.

"My sister’s school health clinic may need some emoji-education."

Reddit | TwirlyGuacamole

I mean, I can definitely see where the confusion maybe sort of came from but I also don't understand how this ever got past anyone.

"This map is all over Twitter. Apparently some German guy got bored and tried to name all 50 states. This is the end result..."


Okay but TO BE FAIR... there are a stunning amount of U.S. states. How can anyone remember all of them?

"Welcome to Calculus 101."

Reddit | plsporo

I think someone should check her math.

"It's always so cold in our house. Our furnace sucks." -Wife Jan2020 -32C

Reddit | dgGobBluth

I want to laugh and pretend that I'm not guilty of this myself but... I totally am.

"There was a moth in our kitchen."

Reddit | ImJustSomeChick

I love the intensity here, although I'm not sure it's entirely warranted.

"Knitted handle covers for your pots!"

Reddit | goldplatedearl

I'm positive the person (grandma?) who knitted these phallic handle covers knew exactly what they were doing.

"To be fair, it is Family Guy."

Reddit | BenderDisorder

Honestly, knowing what that show is capable of, I really wouldn't put it past them.

"Mom didn’t get the memo."

Reddit | andrewshepherdlego

Mom did her best, and that's all that matters. Looking good Susan!

"I trusted you all”

Reddit | TheGameGuy

That was some severely misplaced trust, my friend. You should never trust anyone ever, especially when it comes to Nintendo codes. That's just the law of the jungle.

"Want to play a game?"

Reddit | radioflea

What option would you choose? In my mind, any friends who want to poop with you, aren't the sorts of friends that you want to be hanging around with.

Can You Move Your Car?

Reddit | danruse

Of course it was a Mercedes driver. If you'd have told me that there was someone who had parked like an asshole near my car and I had to guess what type of car it was, Mercedes would always be top — shortly followed by Range Rover!

"Everyone seems to have photogenic cats and mines just here like:"

Reddit | Potato_Cat

Hey, in this house we do not stand any kind of bullying. Your cat is beautiful, a model. That form? That fur pattern? Exquisite.

"Literally no one noticed that one pic it taken in front of a mirror I have no words."

Reddit | Calamity__

I didn't realize mirrors still confused so many people. Which is more likely, one photo is flipped, or they perfectly photoshopped the exact same tattoo on the other arm just to fool you in particular?

"Mom asked for some recent pictures of us for her new house. Naturally, I delivered."

Reddit | Dutch_Fudge

You did certainly follow the instructions. Not sure if it'll grant a passing grade though, or rather, maternal approval.

"Elementary school dropouts ahead."

Reddit | dafnasr

This is why we pay attention in math class. Yes four is bigger than three but fractions, people. Fractions.

"Cooking skills out of this world."

Reddit | GallowBoob

I can't imagine living like this. I still look up recipes for meals I've made 100 times just to make sure I'm remembering it right.

Um...Good Morning?

Reddit | iam_nobody

A true comedy of errors. Here's hoping he didn't lose his credit card in that door.

"If your buddy says he can definitely do a fade, don't listen."

Reddit | kophia

It's almost a human right of passage to get a badly done home haircut by a friend, parent, or by yourself. I've certainly been through it, and never will I again.

There's Locked Out, Then There's Locked Locked Out.

Reddit | iam_nobody

Suckers, just be like me and own a car where one door is broken and can't lock. It's the perfect solution.

Never? Are You Sure About That?

Reddit | lloyd_braun_no_1_dad

If that's a lie, I'm worried about the rest of the contents on this sign. Is it really wild caught? From Mexico? Is it actually $9.99?

"Dove Chocolate Loves Your Smile."

Reddit | MoreChillThanTheDude

I keep forgetting Dove makes chocolate, thought for a horrifying second that this was soap.

Cheese On The Side, Please.

Reddit | Theprofessor123

I understand working in a fast-food restaurant is probably a pretty stressful job, but you really couldn't find the second to put the cheese in the sandwich?

Lost In Transcription.

Reddit | pagodelucia123

Maybe they're just practicing for future newspapers where you can click on links and it'll bring you to another story. No, wait, that's just a news website.

Loud And Proud.


At least he's honest? And with that big of a warning, you know to pass him as soon as you're physically able.

I Don't Think This Is Quite Right.

Reddit | xTaihyu

This is one of those things you absolutely buy for the comedy of it and nothing else.

"We have ourselves a genius."

Reddit | Godofdagames127

I'm not so worried about people believing lies on the internet, that happens every day, but I really want to know where they got that extremely tiny penny.