17+ Times People Showed A Special Kind Of Stupidity

Where would the world be without all the lovable buffoons who do stupid things that make us laugh and distract us from our own lives? Well, we'd probably be more productive as a whole, but whatever!

So, in order to distract you from what you are supposed to be doing, please enjoy these 17+ times people showed a special kind of stupidity.

"The interns at my friend's office sure are dense."

Reddit | cnostaw

Look, they technically did their job and put the paper in the copier. However, they just happened to have missed one incredibly important step.

"Gotta love cacti in your face when the airbag deploys."

Reddit | GallowBoob

"Jesus Christ, what happened to this patient?!"

"They were in a car accident, Doctor."

"But why do they have cacti for eyes?!"

"Well, funny story..."

"This is so stupid that it is funny."

Reddit | kalumm

It looks like these bus drivers have wandered straight into a mathematics exam question!

Just... How?

Reddit | oOstacefaceOo

I don't understand how this happens. One person added, "I worked at a gas station and this happens more often than you think. Mainly because people get back in their cars when they fill their tanks, because it is too hot or too cold to stand outside."

"Dude should've tried with a ukulele first. Idiot."

Reddit | Esstien

I would absolutely love to see someone try this. The image I've got in my head of him trying to walk with the neck of this down one of his pant legs is too funny.

"What a nice view!"

Reddit | ST51rMan

What a nice and efficient way to absolutely ruin a lovely building! Who needs windows anyway when you have your reflection in a garish chrome chimney?

"So... Iowa has to claim this idiot."


Yep, that is an upside-down paint tray liner that has been stuck onto the car's hood and painted over. I wonder if it made them go faster?

"But why would you take a picture of... that?"

Reddit | Vimed

I also really don't like how the little face is winking. It really makes the whole thing seem a lot more sordid than it needs to be!

"Saw this guy in class today, and yes that is cheese."

Reddit | Joans1

Look, I love cheese. However, the idea of just eating a whole brick of cheese in class is just disgusting! His insides must truly hate him!

"Not Sure If That Is Up To Code?"

Reddit | zombieseatbrains1

I hope to God that they're just transporting this chair and not using it as an actual second seat, I mean, what kind of idiot would do that? (He says, desperate for a go on that chair...)

"The Look On Her Face When She Realizes Her Friend's Baggy Is Stuck To her Phone"

Reddit | hetestolz

Oh God, I can't bear to look at this one. I can imagine that there were a very few awkward silences and angry conversations after this.

"Black Friday Special!"

Reddit | RandomFlotsam

I know that this is a joke but I would love to know if anyone actually went in to try and take them up on this "offer." I'm confident that there must have been at least one!

"My Friend's apartment has a 1/2 bathroom on the ground floor. This is the view from the street."

Reddit | donnydealZ

I suppose the only thing more stupid than putting that window there in the first place is not buying a set of damn curtains for that window once they had moved in!

"This kid got a McDonald's receipt as a tattoo."

Reddit | golbo

Now, I've seen some bad tattoos in my time, but this has got to be up there with the worst. Also, wouldn't you get a slightly shorter receipt if you were going to do this?!

"Made a special minion cupcake for my boyfriend before I left for work... This is what he came home to."

Reddit | Lilluckyducky1

Why on Earth didn't they just put it in the fridge? (I'm sure that there will now be some sad ass bakers giving me a stream of tedious reasons of why you shouldn't put cupcakes in the fridge, and I can't wait!)

"Several stupid dogs..."

Reddit | Sghtunsn

I really don't think that the "Old Dogs" and "Young Dogs" should be the bit of the sign you prioritize here. I think that "Stupid Dogs" and "Drive Slow" are the most important bits!

"Apparently somebody accepted this at a bar."

Reddit | Thankyouneildgtyson

Jesus, how dark must that bar have been for the bartender to have accepted this?! Also, imagine having the gall to actually try and use this abysmal note!

"I really really hope this is just a spelling mistake."


Well, there is only one way to find out! I mean, I suppose you could ask but where would be the fun in that, eh?!

"Very poor website name!"

Reddit | CrisFarlyOnCoke

"Greg, are you sure we can't use my name for the website?"

"Angela, for the last time, we're using my name!"

"Okay, on your head be it."

"Friend of mine started their day off poorly."

Reddit | CappaWasDetated

Hopefully, they at least won't have any trouble with diaper rash in their gums going forward! And there is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

"Some next level snitchery."


Again, I'm sure that they get a few people looking at this and thinking, "Well, I mean, now that you mention it..."

"My special wrapping paper finally arrived!"

Reddit | PeteGrammarman

Someone suggested that they should wallpaper their room with it, and even though it could be the daftest idea I've ever heard I kind of want them to do it!

"My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond... I feel like the third wheel."

Reddit | Arsenicyellow

When I first moved in with my partner, her cat began only sitting on me and following me around. It still does it, and I don't think my partner has ever really got over it.

The Worst Car In The World

Reddit | A1rightyTh3n

Yes, I just gave it that title, and that is because the Nissan Cube is the most eye-wateringly hideous car to ever be created. It is so hideous, that it will actually make you go blind if you look at it for too long.

"Almost perfect."

Reddit | Quafin

"You sure you don't want to measure those, Dave?"

"Nah, I'm just going to eyeball it."

"Please, Dave... I'm begging you to just measure the damn thing."

"My girlfriend has a pair of gloves and all of the fingers are the same length."

Reddit | TheStaplerMan2019

There is something oddly unsettling about this image! Also, what psychopath designed these in the first place?! Well, probably the same kind of psychopath who bought them I guess.

"My aunt's attempt at homemade Peeps ended up looking more like unicorn poop."

Reddit | allie7792

If you want to be the talk of the town, then be sure to make your kids their own edible unicorn poop! They won't be saying good things about you, but they'll be talking!

"Parking Can Be Difficult!"

Reddit | catastropheballet

"Honey, I don't think that you're supposed to park in here?"

"But those other people have parked their weird little fence cars in the other one."

"Dave... those are shopping carts."

"I put vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar. My kids were horrified as I ate it."

Reddit | narcolepsyinc

You did a great job acting it too. Look at that face, that expression, the void in your eyes. You look like a man who'd start eating mayo just to feel something.

"This kid went from row to row."

Reddit | speldenaar

Surely he has a bright future in modeling. He's serving face like nobody's business.

"My mom tried to make a cane for my dad."

Reddit | crazinem

I can't help but think this is sweet, beyond the hilarity of course. If you're worried about splinters, don't fret, she apparently added a sock to the top to prevent just that.

"Mirror in the washroom broke, so I thought of a quick fix."

Reddit | lizsatan

Now you're out a bathroom mirror and a car mirror! It's genius!

"The kids made me breakfast for Father's Day."

Reddit | CaptainFiddler

Come on, don't your kids know that plastic sharks are more of a dinner food? And Lego doesn't pair well with tea at all.

"My son wants to be an engineer. Told him to fix a broken fence. This was his solution."

Reddit | Saltyash

Bad, yes, but I'm really impressed at his ability to warp multiple nails so badly that they look like spaghetti.

"Tried baking a pie. Ended up baking the Necronomicon."

Reddit | illegalmonkey

I'd eat that thing quickly, before it starts speaking to you in ancient tongues.

"I don't think the kids like this 'no smoking in cars with children' law all that much when the weather is this bad!"

Reddit | dchurch244

What, is he supposed to smoke outside? His cigarette will be put out!

"The guy in front of me in my chemistry class is typing this."

Reddit | GushyBean

I know they say "fake it 'til you make it," but I don't think that works when it comes to taking notes.

"My boyfriend's shoes starting breaking, so he decided to 'fix' them."

Reddit | MissRitaZebra

In case you were wondering, yes, the comments were filled to the brim with people wondering why he's wearing women's shoes that are at least three sizes too big. No answers were provided.

"A backboard repair done by one of my neighbors."

Reddit | MachoLad77

Just keep patching the holes over and over until you have a solid wall of tape that does act as a proper backboard.

"We live very close to the pet store and visit regularly. Today when my dog disappeared I knew where to find her. Too bad she can't read."

Reddit | jkatzmoses

She ran away from home, all for nothing. I'd check the rest of those signs though, not sure if she counts as a solicitor.

"It's not that bad."

Reddit | dread_p

That room will stop traffic, and it isn't even visible from the road. It's so loud that I can hear it three streets over. Why didn't you listen to the name?

"Try not to fork up while shaving."

Reddit | arthurdentstowels

I promise, whatever wack job "invention" you've made to save money is absolutely not worth it. It's not. Buy a real razor.

"Unreadable, found in a Swedish hotel room."

Reddit | KnugensBroder1337

I don't know what is worse: the design on this thing, or the fact that anyone would hang such a banal piece of tat on their wall in the first place?

"Fence is fixed!"

Reddit | troll_detector_9001

Thank god they specified it was brown. If they hadn't I would have pictured a white one which wouldn't match at all!

"Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse."

Reddit | Grumpntug

Get her a couple extra thousand of those little ladders and she might really have gotten herself an amazing viewing position!