45 People Who We Can’t Say Aren’t Trying

Life is all about trying. So long as you are giving everything your all, then things will turn out okay! Well, that's what people say, but I have yet to see any benefits!

Anyway, my depressing lack of achievements aside, the people on this list are certainly trying their hardest! So, please enjoy these 16+ people who we can't say aren't trying!

"So, I tried to face swap with my pooch..."

Reddit | Dvwtf

I mean, technology has really screwed them over here, hasn't it? Well, technology and weirdly folded clothing I guess!

There Was An Attempt...

Reddit | mahedric

Yet another example of why you always need to proofread whatever it is you're printing before you hang it up for everyone to see! It would have been a little ironic if they were looking for "Good attention to detail!" in their new employee.

"My 83 year old grandma's first attempt at a selfie."

Reddit | Foolish_guillemont

I like her thinking though! Someone also rightly pointed out that she has now created the infinity grandma, which is even more impressive!

So Close...

Reddit | nityamadaan22

All of that effort to be perfectly matching only to be let down at the last hurdle by your own stupidity.

"My sister's attempt at drawing Miley Cyrus somehow ended up as Nicholas Cage."

Reddit | mwr247

Your nightmares tonight have been brought to you by Melissa's Nicolas Cage/Miley Cyrus hybrid! Truly terrifying!

"We want to sleep in tomorrow morning. Doubt it will work..."

Reddit | Mayor_of_Nipomo

It is a valiant effort! However, one genius person suggested this alternative: "I like to tell my kids, 'we start doing our house cleaning chores as soon as you wake me up, it is in your best interest to let me sleep'. It works every time."

"Tried to take a panorama from our hike today, it really did my boyfriend dirty..."

Reddit | jumpinoffapeer

It has somehow managed to give him the exact body shape that Homer Simpson has, which is quite impressive to do by accident!

They Tried Their Best... Sort Of!

Reddit | DaySilver1

Well, I guess I was wrong when I thought that the Nicolas Cage/Miley Cyrus hybrid beast would be the most terrifying thing that I saw today!

"Local Pizza Place's Attempt at Marketing."

Reddit | danrunstheworld

I don't know what's more pointless yet well-intended: this advert or the green circle that this person put around it.

"Going for gold."

Reddit | aktivate74

They absolutely deserved that medal! They tried their hardest and didn't give a rat's ass how they looked while they were doing it!

"After years of pictures from our dad posing with 'trophy' deer, my brother one-upped him with this beauty."

Reddit | Dr_Delectable

What an excellent shot. They must be a read dead-eye to hit such a small target! I wonder if they ate their kill for dinner?

"The picture tells the whole story, really."

Reddit | blaack8888

"So, you're sure you know what you're doing?"

"Yes! Stop asking me!"

"It's just it's a very dangerous thing to be messing around with..."

"...My eye is bleeding."

"A picture has never summed me up so much."

Reddit | wtfishappeninnn

That is someone who is truly enjoying their food! I can resonate a lot with this. Weddings are just for eating and drinking too much and ignoring how happy everyone else looks.

"My sister's attempt at making a bagel."

Reddit | BigBoy756

No matter what you put on this bagel to try and make it more appetizing, it is only going to make the whole effect worse.

"My dad's disastrous attempt at baking a cake."

Reddit | Stoner10220

In fairness, it's better than my attempt would probably have come out looking! Also, one genius suggested, "lay it down and serve but fill the open half with ice cream and whipped cream/hot fudge" and now I can't think about anything else!

He's Trying His Best To Be Sneaky!

Reddit | KarlSuur33

"Look, Dave, just type in C2 and I'll be free!"

"Hmm... I don't know. I really wanted a Twix is the thing..."

"My brother (6'6/197cm) moved to Lithuania, my mother asked that he sends a picture that was 'undeniably him in Europe,' this is what she received."

Reddit | Farretpotter

Why on Earth would they make a door that is both so short and so damn wide?! They must be build like boulders around there!

"These pictures tell a very clear story."

Reddit | SoodSood44

Look, if you're going to ride a wheely chair down a hill then you need to go hard with it or go home, and she went hard!

"Nice try officer."

Reddit | Cublet823

I thought that the only people who bought cars like this were people who wanted to try and scare people around them, so this kind of defeats that purpose, right?

"There was an attempt made to build a safe and cosy nest!"

Reddit | andyv001

"So, are you gonna make the nest or what?"

"This is the damn nest! I'm going for a more minimalist aesthetic!"

"Took my daughter for a hike. She wanted to pack her own gear. This is what she packed."

Reddit | benglescott

Yep, can't see anything wrong with this! What if you suddenly need a disguise when you're on this hike?!

"Nice try death, I'm not falling for that one."

Reddit | jtstonge

I can just imagine the Grim Reaper behind a nearby bush looking and muttering, "Go on... go for it! Go for it!"

"What happens when you have green hair and take a picture in front of a green screen."

Reddit | hatwhatdb

Now it just looks like they have done an incredibly detailed dye job on their hair! Very impressive work.

"My little brother just got his drivers license and his picture looks like a James Bond villain."

Reddit | Jabroni12

A lot of people couldn't decide whether this guy looks more like a Bond villain, or Syndrome from The Incredibles. Where do you stand on this hot debate!?

"My boyfriend is creeped out by the Snuggle bear's eyes. So, in effort to help him do laundry..."

Reddit | evaxnull

This really is going above and beyond when it comes to making your partner feel comfortable! Although, maybe he was just using this as an excuse to not do laundry?

"A valiant effort."

Reddit | Turkeyman9000

That's a pretty good throw, considering! I wonder what they'll have to throw to get the scissors down now though?!

Preparing For The Inevitable

Reddit | Reddit

What on Earth are they doing with their water bottles that they have to go to such extreme lengths to keep ahold of this one?

"Apparently somebody accepted this at a bar. A for effort."

Reddit | Thankyouneildgtyson

I mean, there is some counterfeit money that it's hard to believe got accepted, but this is something else! Maybe it's time the person who accepted this got their eyes tested.

"Teaching my son to catch."

Reddit | mrbdun

Okay, maybe football isn't in his future, but dodgeball totally could be!

"The balloon guy had a binder for kids to pick what they wanted. The last page was the best."

Reddit | ryati

I really want to meet the kid who would want a balloon hyphen. They have glasses and perfectly coiffed hair and have already read War and Peace by age six.

"My girlfriend and her friends tried to take a group photo, Alfie wanted to be in it as well."

Reddit | young_filmmaker

The fact that they wanted to exclude Alfie at all is criminal. He's the star of the show!

"My little cousin wanted to be a road for Halloween, so my aunt made her this costume."

Reddit | Messyhook

If I hadn't known any better, I'd have thought she was a real road! Wait, no, that could end really badly...

"A driveway crew was pouring concrete at a new house next to a duck pond. They went to lunch and came back to this."

Reddit | BluestarHUS

Don't worry, you can spin this: "Natural, asymmetrical driveway texturing provides woodsy, mystical feel to the front of the property."

"My sister wanted to kiss a fish..."

Reddit | jtylerroth

But that fish didn't want to kiss her, delivering a harsh rejection before swimming back home.

"Trying to get through security as an engineer."

Reddit | ReluctantDogPerson

I'm guessing you know to show up way early to deal with this mess every time, so I guess the silver lining is you'll never miss a flight!

On The Topic Of Airport Security...

Reddit | Moviebrainrot

This user reminisced on this photo after uploading it: "That time I saw someone try to smuggle 50 boxes of cookies out of the Orlando Airport and was treated like a drug lord."

"Just don't get fired."

Reddit | Bit_Blitter

There are a lot of negative job qualities I'd be willing to overlook for a cool hat, bad pay and poor hours included.

"Oh dear, dad tried to print a video."

Reddit | Tom_Sawyerer

I'm not saying your dad is a wizard and forgot things like this don't work in the normal human world, but...I'd look into it.

"My coworker was trying to delete 20,000 files, but missed the recycling bin."

Reddit | zechalicious

It looks like they just won the worst, most inconvenient game of solitaire.

They Know Their Audience.

Reddit | TatumStrangely01

I don't need KFC to advertise to me. I know what they sell, they know what I want, just cut all the excess.

"My 7 year old tried pulling a fast one at school today."

Reddit | SANKMP

"No, Timmy, you need to do it right."

"But that is right."

"Not really, you have to do it properly."

"How is it wrong?"

"Y'know what- you fail this class."

"So my university tried to raise awareness for breast cancer."

Reddit | minidrc

See, this way they can raise awareness for breast cancer and testicular cancer! It's two birds with one stone.

"My aunt's attempt at homemade Peeps ended up looking more like unicorn poop."

Reddit | allie7792

No one likes peeps anyway, but everyone loves unicorn poop! I mean, you'd imagine they would anyway... It comes out of a unicorn so it has to be magical...right?

"I got a timed feeder for my cat to help him lose weight. He sleeps like this now."

Reddit | jposquig

It's a known fact that cats will actively work against you in whatever you attempt, so this isn't surprising. Or maybe he just really likes food.

"My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one."

Reddit | gilsolano12

This was quite a risky gambit, as she could have been pretty miffed, but apparently she thankfully saw the funny side of this!