45 Moments That Were Funny For Us, But Not For Them

It is often the case that if you're laughing at something, then there is someone else (often on the receiving end of the joke) finding the situation incredibly unfunny!

However, from the comfort of being on the other side of a computer screen, we're safe to laugh without any consequences...sort of. So, please enjoy these 19+ moments that were funny for us, but not for them!

"Bought tickets for me and my dad to see a concert, and this is my seat."

Reddit | Kennedylan

Now that is what I call bad luck! They did go on to say that they were provided with a garden chair in replacement which was fine!

"That's gotta be a bit embarrassing."

Reddit | Palifaith

I don't know what would be worse, having to make that phone call to the fire department, or being the responders who had to deal with this fool.

"My dog really took a dump on my proposal!"

Reddit | Demanez

Their dog clearly doesn't bless this marriage. I reckon you could crop out the unimportant bits of this picture quite easily.... By that I mean the proposal, of course.

"Got trapped in a toilet in China with this note on the mirror. Found it translates to 'please do not lock the door'."

Reddit | denob

This person wrote that they banged on the door until someone helped, then wrote, "They said a few westerners had been trapped. I offered to write an English translation but they couldn't find a pen so best of luck to the next person who enters!"

"When the big kid sits in front of the class."

Reddit | ROOTBEER360

For all of those other tall people out there with terrible eyesight, I feel your pain! Those look like quite important notes as well... Or, at the very least, they look confusing!

"I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke."

Reddit | Tio76

I cannot really focus on anything here apart from how unbelievably identical all of the people in this picture are!

"Roommate sets his goals pretty low."

Reddit | Duquette_Roxx

Look, I know that he's supposed to have set his goal low, however, not losing socks is nearly impossible! Why start with something so deceptively difficult?!

"Belly too big."


I feel a lot of kinship with this little fella whenever it gets around to the holiday season. There's no judgment here, buddy, don't worry!

"I finally got to see Big Ben."

Reddit | chadillac86

Ah, yes, just how it looks in the movies and such! At least there's plenty else to do in London! Also, holidays are just about being able to get drunk any time of the day you want anyway!

"Is roommate shaming a thing?"

Reddit | Lewgold

Just wait until you wake up covered in flames. I had a friend who was terrified of doing this when he was drunk so he used to lock the kitchen door to discourage himself from going near the oven when drunk.

"This photo my dad took of me at Machu Picchu."

Reddit | Mr_Tom_Yabo

What would be even better would be if this person had asked their dad to take their photo at multiple landmarks around the world, and their head was covered by his finger in every one!

"My roommate got a food saver. I hate him."

Reddit | caffeinateintoxicate

"Just use a knife to open it!"

"Dave, if I open this cupboard, is every knife in the house going to be vacuum sealed?"

"... Perhaps."

My dad finally found his missing Led Zeppelin tickets... 44 years too late..."

Reddit | TheRealCorbonzo

You know what? I don't know if I can laugh at this one actually. The idea of missing out on a chance to see Led Zeppelin is just too heartbreaking.

"I found this while vacuuming under our bed..."

Reddit | Domestica

And yes, you're right, they do not in fact own a snake! they do, I guess?

"Man gets a tattoo he found on his pup, not knowing it means he's neutered."

Reddit | tanishvv

Look, the only way to make this accurate is to...well, I think they know what they need to do!

"Gotta worry about ninjas now as well? Ran over a shuriken today on my way home from the store."

Reddit | blackjacketset

If you're trying to look on the positive side here, at least you now have a pretty cool shuriken!

"My friend's cat had surgery and now he has no pants."

Reddit | edwardhowrongtu

This cat is rocking the same look that everyone has when they're on a Skype business call. There's no judgment here, cat!

"My friend works as an extra in movies and does stock photography.... just saw him pictured as a sex offender on a bus in Florida."

Reddit | devandangers

This guy really should have checked the fine print of his contract to make sure that there was something in there that barred them from using his likeness to advertise sex offenders.

"Shoutout to the 13-year-old on a skateboard who called me a 'candy corn bitch'."

Reddit | ronlechler

I mean, I'm sorry, but if you go outside in pants like these then you deserve at least something to be shouted at you.

"Found out my kid had this on his school classroom wall all year."

Reddit | bhornet2008

"Why do you need a copy of this picture, son? It's not to publicly ridicule me, is it?"

"No reason, just really want a copy for myself."

"Aww, isn't that sweet!"

"Absolute Nonsense!"

Reddit | downriverrowing

This could be one of the most disappointing-looking snacks that I have seen in a long time! Is that toothpaste they've put on there?!

"A buddy of mine seemed to think stick sun screen was a good idea."

Reddit | iwaspresidentonce

Stick sunscreen is a good idea and did work. I think that it's your buddy's brain that is the defective thing here.

"My roommate fell asleep at the library so I put 50 Shades of Grey in front of him."

Reddit | WotUsernameIsntTaken

Joke's on you! He's actually been looking forward to reading this and you've just given him the perfect opportunity!

"My brand new Roomba ran over my puppy’s shit and proceeded to 'clean' the rest of my home."

Reddit | screamicide

I hate this. It is almost possible to smell this image through the screen. It's making my eyes water just looking at it.

"My dad cut into the brownies like this to 'assert dominance'."

Reddit | Minnie-might

I think that in our house we just call it "being an asshat," however, to each their own, I guess!

"My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night."

Reddit | bytorthesnowdog

Wow! I really hope they didn't have anything important in there waiting to be collected. Can you imagine having to try and swing, "I'm sorry I didn't get your letter, it was struck by lightning!"

"Washing dishes I felt something land in my head... Well found a nest of these guys in my light fixture."

Reddit | Jrocky87

Nope. I'd have moved out of that house by the end of the week. The house would now belong to the spiders, and they would be welcome to it!

"New skelton found in Pompeii: this guy was running from the eruption, when a 300kg boulder hit him right in the face."

Reddit | I_Shot_Marvin

And just making the shortlist for being one of the unluckiest people in history is this guy!

"There's a story behind every sign like this."

Reddit | rjray

"Wow, this hand sanitizer smells amazing! It makes my hands kind of sticky, though. It makes my hands...really stick, actually..."

"Best waiter ever!"


Can you imagine him walking into the kitchen asking them to cook him one fresh french fry, the finest they can make?

"Turns out drunk people have a hard time with puns."

Reddit | wallsonfire

You can tell by her expression that she didn't factor "reading comprehension" into the hilarity of her costume.

"Winters are tough on slower people."

Reddit | Flyingpigtx

Hilarious of you to think I'll be going outside at all if there's a polar bear nearby. I'll sleep at work overnight, I don't care.

"His ex-wife just sent him this out of the blue."

Reddit | Nikil_k

Now the fun game we all get to play is "are they really good friends still or do they hate each other on such an extremely petty level as to pull this?"

"My work gave me a hard time for calling off. 1. The buses aren't running. 2. There is a driving ban and 3. My car is in the garage."

Reddit | geoffmcc

"See, back in my day, we used to pull our cars through the snow! No matter how much, even in storms! Both ways!"

"The meanest Christmas gift I've ever gotten."

Reddit | actually_good_advice

At least you can stage fake Instagram shots about your "Christmas Haul!" and pretend you did actually get a car. That's almost the same thing, right?

"I'm worried about what my daughter's makeup job looks like.

Reddit | TheTonz

Personal injury, but make it more fashionable. Glitter is really in this season and can dress up any bruise.

"Hit and run driver will be hard to find."

Reddit | gerrware

How hard do you have to hit a car to leave that clear of a plate imprint on another car?

"Consider me sold!"

Reddit | Velcros

"Honey, what did you buy?"

"What do you mean? They told me you called."

"Why would I call them instead of telling you directly?"

"I dunno, for a surprise..."

"Party hard, puppy."

Reddit | BigDeeeeeeeeeeee

If it's any consolation, at least it looks like she regrets it. She won't be turning to the bottle again any time soon.

"Saw this group of friends having what seems to be a hard time, 5 AM at Burger King."

Reddit | Nissie

If you're at any fast food place at 5 AM, you either had a rough night or you have a very early morning. Neither are desirable, though.

"My hard drive is dying and my boss said to put it in the freezer...I don't trust my coworkers."

Reddit | henleyjohn

I feel bad for you if your coworkers are such chronic food stealers that they'd risk a bite of metal just in case it was a snack they'd never seen before.

"I'm pretty sure they don't even know each other."

Reddit | gracefuego

Listen, exam season is hard. You're forced to form bonds with new people and rely on others to keep yourself sane. This is just human survival.

"My dog did this..."

Reddit | OlivierDeCarglass

Well, looks like this owner is about to have the world's least fun jigsaw puzzle of all time! Get out your rubber gloves!

"This card I received from my wife perfectly sums up our marriage."

Reddit | adyeardly

Make it easier for yourself: Just bite down as soon as you feel that finger in your mouth. Like a bear trap.

"Worst. Delivery. Ever."

Reddit | AusFail did they even manage this? I'm assuming that they just launched this from the curb, but overcooked it a little.