Mom Tired Of Family's Clutter Shares DIY Hack For Storing Shoes

Moms end up doing so much. They're cooks, cleaners, and they pick up all our messes. So it's no wonder they need to be clever in order to get everything done.

This one mom was so sick of her kids' shoes being dumped on the stairs she came up with a smart idea to organize them and it cost her virtually nothing.

Is this a familiar sight in your house? I bet it is.

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Kids seem to think that the stairs are their own dumping ground and they leave shoes all over the place. This mom had to do something about it.

What she came up with was a bespoke stair basket but when she looked one up online she found out that they can be pretty pricey.


This was definitely not in her budget so she had to think fast.

So instead of shelling out the money she decided that she would just make one of her own.

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She had some cardboard lying around the house and that proved to be the perfect material to use to make this basket.

The first step was to measure the stairs correctly and create the perfect L-shaped box.

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That way the box would fit exactly where it needed around the steps. Isn't that just a brilliant idea for an awesome DIY project?

Then, of course, she needed the basket to look good. That way, it wouldn't be just another eyesore.

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So she ended up using some PVA glue and fabric fat quarters that she already had in her collection and voilĂ .

She created a cute Mary Poppins-inspired bespoke stair basket so now her kids' shoes wouldn't be all over the place.

Although she doesn't think the box is perfect she does think it's way better than before, and I agree.

When she posted her idea on the Extreme Coupon and Bargains UK Facebook group other moms started chiming in.

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It turns out they all loved her DIY idea and thought it was simply brilliant. Now they want to make one, too.

Sometimes it only takes a simple idea and good execution to create something you would otherwise need to spend money on.

Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

In this case, this mom ended up using things that she already had in her house for this project.

What do you think of this creative idea?

Are messy shoes a problem in your household? If they are, would you be able to use something like this? I think this is a great little DIY project any mom can do.