Woman Shares Cheap Hack To Make Your Pool Crystal Clear Overnight

When it comes to having a pool, it's a love-hate relationship. Those who are lucky enough to have a pool in their backyard know that it's the best luxury during the summer. But, beginning the season off isn't all sunshine and diving in.

Many know that it takes a lot of cleaning to get their pools looking right.

Unsplash | Tim Bermudez

Getting the dirt and grime off of the pool to begin the season can be a huge hassle. Many know that the water is a muggy green before it's ready for the sunshine and summer.

Some people spend hundreds of dollars getting their pool clean.

Unsplash | Casey Clingan

Companies charge upwards of $250-500 depending on how big your pool is just to get it clean and sparkling for a nice swim.

But, there are tons of ways to do it at home for a pretty low price.

Unsplash | Jakob Owens

Getting your pool ready can be easy and quick, if you know the right products to use and how to do it.

One grandma happened to discover a DIY way to clean the pool that's probably the most cost-friendly we've ever seen.

Flickr | shelaezqhb

All you need is one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and you're all good to go!

Lisa Pack saw a post on Facebook claiming that if you leave the Mr Clean Magic Eraser in the water filter bucket overnight, it'd clean the whole pool.

Unsplash | Chris Lawton

Obviously, she didn't believe it at first because... well it seems way too good to be true.

Previously, she said she would spend 45 minutes a day trying to clean her pool.

The trees were constantly dropping in leaves and other debris, and the pool would turn from blue to a grimy green almost instantly.

After seeing the hack on Facebook, she figured why not try it out.

Facebook l Lisa Pack

And, she was skeptical at first — because how could something so inexpensive work so well on such a big pool?!?

But, she had to try it for herself.

Facebook | Lisa Pack

Pack said she left the Magic Eraser in the filter bucket overnight and the next day, her pool was sparklier and cleaner than ever before.

"I’m pretty excited to think something so cheap could help so much," she said in her Facebook post.

What a brilliant hack and cost-friendly way to maintain summer fun!

All you need is a pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and some time— and before you know it, your pool will be good as new!