11+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Is That Allowed?’

Rules are meant to be broken! Well, except for all of the really important rules that keep society functioning properly, that is.

However, there are some rebellious people out there who simply can't resist breaking the rules. So, with that in mind, please enjoy these 11+ moments that made us go, "Is that allowed?"

"Satellite dishes are strictly forbidden!"

Reddit | rastroboy

"Tony, they said we're not allowed a satellite dish?"

"What are you talking about, I don't see a dish anywhere."

"Tony, you've clearly just painted bricks on the dish."

"Invisible... Totally invisible."

"Sometimes, I really hate my brother."

Reddit | xQcKx

Clearly, from this picture, your brother is either a psychopath or just a generally terrible person. I can only hope you found a way to exact revenge on them somehow.

"Here's a shirt my sister bought from an Asian store... It just gets worse as it goes."

Reddit | OddlyCalmOrca

Something tells me that the person printing these t-shirts may have told a few little lies on their resume about their ability to speak English.

"Because sharing sucks..."

Reddit | riceomatic69

As someone in the comments accurately pointed out, nothing sucks worse than having to share something you wanted for yourself. I'm not saying I'm proud of agreeing with that, but I do.

"Nothing worse than slow internet."

Reddit | Xadacka

You can feel the acerbic tone through the writing here, and I love it. Can you not live without the internet for the duration of one damn flight, people?

"Imagine banning the world's coolest dog!"

Reddit | Minicomputer

Most of us can only wish to be half as rad as this doggo in our lives! This dog's life is clearly a little too rad for the local authorities though!

"My girlfriend is short and hates pranks."

Reddit | hawtcore

Jesus, this is like anxiety in one picture. That one roll at the front looks like it is defying physics!

"These nightmare-fueling wax figures!

Reddit | MrBlackye

Nope, don't like that, don't like that at all. They haven't even tried to dress them properly, and somehow that makes it worse!

"The New York subway system bans canines unless they can fit in a small bag, so this guy trained his pit-bull to calmly sit in his small bag."

Reddit | strangetitss

That dog looks like it is more polite than most of the people that I actually encounter on public transport!

"Husband got colored pencils for his birthday growing up and hates them as he's colorblind. He's wanted an iPhone so I got him one. This is how I wrapped it."

Reddit | jabberingginger

I can't wait for him to throw the box out of the window when he opens it, destroying the phone by accident.

"My Name Is Ian And I Hate Starbucks."

Reddit | Gomets51

These are just an absolute travesty! I mean, "Enian?" Why would Ian ever have two "n's" in it?!

"I hate having to write up my employees right before the holiday, so I compromised and she has to wear this for the rest of the afternoon..."

Reddit | thejohnblog

For anyone working in an office who is confused, microwaving fish is NEVER allowed. This should be abundantly clear to everyone.

"I hate you USPS."

Reddit | carpwrist

This looks like it would be part of a Professor Layton puzzle. How would they ever think that someone would get that out?

Laziness 101

Reddit | ItsSkyway

"Did you move the clock, Dave?"

"Not exactly..."

"What do you mean?"

"Look, you can read the clock now which is what matters!"

"Good, I Hate When They Leave The Bones In!"

Reddit | RyvalHEX

It's not boneless though. I can see the seeds still in there! Are seeds the bones of a watermelon? I feel like I've gone insane just asking that.

"I've been called worse."

Reddit | catheww

I don't know what they mean by this insult, but I don't take kindly to it! You know what, if I want to be a dog leash, then that's my choice! Leave me alone!

"I think it's a new flavor. Cheerios cat meal I think..."

Reddit | miekaleon

Selling cats for $3.99 seems very irresponsible. I mean, if my partner saw this, she'd take your entire stock and then I'd be stuck with even more cats!

"Teacher said we are allow to bring single side paper for notes during final."

Reddit | Jack114555

Now that is one hell of an ingenious way to find a loophole! Also, there's bonus points for people who can tell me what the term for this shape is?

"I told my boyfriend the new puppy wasn't allowed in the bed."

Reddit | shockhead

I'm terrible at knowing breeds of dogs. Is that a Great Dane? Whatever it is, it is cute as hell and I can see why he would want to relocate.

"A heartless empanada, sold by a heartless vendor."

Reddit | nooyork

Before you rush to the comments, please note that the "Empa-nada!" joke has already been made. However, if you have any variations on that pun, I am all ears!

"Went through taco bell drive-thru. When asked if we wanted sauce, I said: 'As much as you're allowed to give me.' I may have made a mistake."

Reddit | ThreadedPommel

I hope to God that this person likes Diablo sauce. I can just see that attendant thinking, "So, he wants Diablo sauce, eh? Right, well, I'll give him Diablo sauce!"

"Entrepreneurs selling hot dogs in front of a Ban Meat at Berkeley stand."

Reddit | EvTheSmev

I can't say that I fully endorse this idea. However, you cannot for a second knock their ingenuity!

"Max must NOT be allowed in the Library."

Reddit | ChildLockOwnsME

I really, really want to know why it is that Max's owner is so against him being in the library? Let Max learn and expand his literary tastes, you meanie!

"And the job went to the lowest bidder..."

Reddit | MisterT12

No... I can tell you for certain that this is definitely not allowed. I wonder how many other homes have had this happen to them?

"My dad's old truck got hit by a truck carrying old rotten potato slurry to a feed lot for cows. His passenger window was down..."

Reddit | Dixo0118

Look, I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're driving a tuckload of rotting slowly and extremely carefully!

"He must definitely miss his professional cameraman."

Reddit | vartonk

Look, if you're working from home, doing work in your underpants is pretty much fair game...but not if your job is on the television!

"This wholenut chocolate I got only has 4 nuts in it!"

Reddit | The--Fonz

This must be the new whole chocolate bar from the company that brought you Lay's chips.

"My new wireless mouse can't be turned off. Or on."

Reddit | Pissball_Jenkins

Thank goodness it managed to pass the quality control though. If you can get it on in the first place I'm sure it will be great!

"I'm almost certain pandas are just an extremely elaborate hoax."

Reddit | AMarkedImprovement

They look like two retired old men reminiscing about their youth, sharing stories, and thinking about good times. And one is on a rocking horse, for some reason.

"They're really getting fancy with these router designs."

Reddit | brianjhong

Whoa! That'd blend right into a home perfectly. No awkward wires or cables... It's amazing how far technology has come!

"I don't think they know what 'on the house' means."

Reddit | burgerkingrainbows

I also don't think they know what pasta looks like... What is that on the plate?

"When a 5 year old says 'there's no way you're getting all of my ships'. He's not trash talking. He means it!"

Reddit | ddukes7

Look at that little satisfied face in the bottom right corner. He knows he's cheating but does not feel bad about it. He'll do whatever it takes to win.

"My phone's battery case finally arrived in the mail! I'm really gonna miss being a mom."

Reddit | EnderMom2425

If you had to pick: kids, or a cool battery case for your phone, you can't tell me you also wouldn't pick the battery case.

"Spotted at the Renaissance Fair."

Reddit | hide_your_lurkers

Something tells me you weren't supposed to spot them. But Starfleet is the one who chose those bright, conspicuous colors for their uniforms, so that's on them.

"This man is a true inspiration to all us 9 to 5ers."

Reddit | grimmzt

Sometimes you just have to take a stand at work against nosy coworkers and disruptive management, and sometimes taking a stand is making an impenetrable box fort for your desk.

"Fair enough, actually."

Reddit | eroux

The spider excuse would have been forgivable all on its own, but it also had red fangs? I would be glad they left. Someone would have died!

"My 17 yo only wanted money for Christmas. He’s gonna have to work for it."

Reddit | lostinthesauce42

Just looking at this makes my brain hurt trying to detangle it all. I'm sure the payoff is pretty good, here's hoping he can get through it.

"My wife did think this paddling pool was suspiciously cheap."

Reddit | Mea05cer

You lost a paddling pool, but you did gain...a foot bath? I guess? An inflatable sink.

"My niece got her arm painted at a St. Paddy's day festival. I guess it looks like a clover."

Reddit | northface6

The placement of those white lines is a little too right. I'm calling shenanigans on this one. And by that I mean they totally did this on purpose.

"Who the hell carries their pizza like that?"

Reddit | SoundGuyJake

This is criminal behavior. Who in the world does this, and why do they want to watch humanity burn so badly?

"My favorite guy at the street fair."

Reddit | TheLandmine

Someone in the comments pointed out that he's using military-grade straps, which means he really knows how to handle this precious cargo.

"My family hates mice and rats. So I have taken to hiding beetroots around the house."

Reddit | PersonallyDifferent

The endgame to this hopefully being that one day there actually will be a mouse and they'll go to pick it up thinking it is another beetroot, only to get the fright of their life!

"In fairness, that is what I said."

Reddit | jengi

"Your first name is Uhh? Wow, that sounds foreign. Where's it from?"

"Someone must have really loved those electrical cables. RIP."

Reddit | tobyselwyn

It looks like a reserved plot since there are no dates, probably so they can be buried next to their love: underground plumbing.

"My daughters job only allows black pants and no rips. Her normal pair was still in the washer so she hacked it. Will it work?"

Reddit | IndoorNewb

I know that people are supposed to show ingenuity in the workplace, but is this specific brand of ingenuity allowed?