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13+ People Who Could Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends

Asking for help from your friends is nothing to be ashamed of — in fact, it's largely what friendship is about.

Whether you've got your head stuck in that pumpkin for the fourth time that day, or you've just found a particularly leery rat in your trash can and need some reinforcements, friends are there to help!

So, to paraphrase the Beatles, here are 13+ people living in a yellow submarine — wait, no, the other one, people who could get by with a little help from their friends! Enjoy! Strikes peace sign

"A normal day in Russia"

Reddit | SuperMarioMaker2play

If you look, there isn't even anyone in the forklift at the bottom. That guy at the top really is in need of a friend to help him out!

When You Try To Print A Video

Reddit | Tom_Sawyerer

Not only were they trying to print a video, but the video was of a guitar tab? Just print the tab, surely?

What's In The Box?!

Reddit | CharlieDarwin2

Oh dear, Olaf's gonna be having nightmares for a long time after this gets out. Didn't realize the frozen sequel was just a jaded psychiatrist screaming, "Let it go!" at a wailing Olaf.

I've Made A Huge Mistake

Reddit | Rad_Shibliter

Well, it's a bit of a step up from writing your name in wet cement, I'll give you that!

"My friend’s daughter’s homework."

Reddit | slow-lane-passing

I don't fully understand what the problem is from this, but it sounds like something someone should bring up with that child ASAP!

All Aboard The Snake Bus!

Reddit | orchid_breeder

Just make sure you keep your eyes on the toad!

*Enya-Sound-tracked Oreo Flashbacks Ensue*

Reddit | dinuba

Somewhere in that library, there is a librarian crying themselves to sleep, only to be haunted by nightmares of Oreos.

Unfortunate Cookie

Reddit | WhiteY515

Hey! Competitive eating is hard! Take it from a man who ate fourteen bowls of Frosted Flakes in one day because we had no other food in and vomited.

Chicken Is My Only Friend

Reddit | Dev1cer

Chicken will never let me down, chicken won't leave when it's their turn to get a round in, and chicken certainly wouldn't get so drunk that we get kicked off the last bus home and have to get a cab which I have to pay for because they spent all of their change on a KFC.

"My friend and I randomly decided to take edibles and go to Disneyland."

Reddit | rephan

In their mind's eyes, all this pair is seeing is the ending to 2001 A Space Odyssey. They'll never be the same again after this, but they'll be closer for the experience.

"Resting on the back of my buddy"

Reddit | mak-nil

I'd still rather risk traveling like this than wearing Crocs.

"Cats Love It!"

Reddiot | A_H_S

That cat won't be able to show its face around the neighborhood for a long time after this!

"Just how did this happen??"

Reddit | kkafadarov

My guess is that this person tried to get in between my nan's aged, yet surprisingly nimble fat cat and its food.

"I wonder how long this guy was looking for his keys this morning."

Reddit | glitteryguts

How many pairs of pants do you reckon that person went through the pockets of that morning?

We Were Unable To Deliver Your Package

Reddit | achin4baconbegs4eggs

(The comment attached to the bottom of this picture will be delivered to your browser any time between 7 am and midnight at any point over the next month, please keep this window open at all times in anticipation of your delivery).

"This guy is having a bad day at work."

Reddit | Antscannabis

I never got the appeal of wrestling even as a child, and this photo has done nothing to clear up what people enjoy about it.

"My friend refused to ask for help with putting sunscreen on. This is the result."

Reddit | LilJrChicken

If you're not comfortable enough with your friends to let them apply lotion to you, then they're not your friends — and that could be the creepiest thing that I've ever said, apologies.

If anyone needs a little help, it's United Airlines

Reddit | sadaimawaymessage

This guy is likely BFFs with the guy who works the ice cream machine at McDonalds. We know it isn't always broken Liam, you just don't feel like making me an ice cream.

"He saw the cat do it ONE time and this happens."

Reddit | clindsay94

Someone help that good boy down!

"I'm a woman in construction, this is how I choose to eat bananas."

Reddit | MissingHoney

This gal either needs help being shown how to eat a banana, or help getting into a less misogynistic career. Either way, help is needed here.

Livin' The Dream

Reddit | jkell1990

I mean, honesty is the best policy.

Get Yourself A Guy With Some Glass

Reddit | billaaalll

This is an accurate representation of my self-esteem.

"I’m pretty sure my cats are planning to kill me..."

Reddit | ismphoto123

Honestly, it may be too late to provide help for this girl now. She has been captured.

"Found In My Grandpa's Office"

You lose some, you lose some. That's how that phrase goes, right?

Oh Holy Night

Reddit | Vacman85

Didn't he receive gold, frankincense, and fur when he was born anyway?

"Buddy was traumatized from getting his claws trimmed."

Reddit | banmeplzadmin

When I say this cat needs help, I mean in the form of like, talk therapy.

Ah, Rats!

Reddit | mars

What a coincidence: "We Are Heros, They Are Zeros" is the name of the next Fast And Furious movie!

"Each year a friend buys me a bottle of rum for my birthday. He likes to be creative with his wrapping."

Reddit | JamesRustlington

You know what? Nevermind. This guy does not need any more help from his friends. They have done enough.

Santa Honey, you're friends with Jeff Bezos, right?

Reddit | trisony

This is less of a one-kid-problem and more like a social epidemic.

"Christmas tree sculpture in Paris"

Reddit | clarque_

I hate to be a party pooper here, butt we've got to pull the plug on this kind of public embarrassment.

So close, yet so far.

Reddit | i_am_atoms

Would you like some help there, buddy?

"Well, that's a first."

Reddit | Eyspire

I've actually seen a lot of people doing this. The Apple shop in town is full of people popping in to use the chargers on the display models.

I have never had the audacity to do it myself, I live a very sheltered life.

"I'm just going to back up slowly."

Reddit | Jesper90000

Imagine the driver's blood pressure, just sat there sweating profusely at every little bump in the road. This is a job for people with nerves of steel!

Hold My Couch

Reddit | Deppfann

What with exploding trucks and loose couches on the roofs of cars, the roads are a wild place these days! I can't think of a single friend of mine who I'd trust to hold a couch steady on my roof while I drove — and I can't think of any friend that would trust me to do it either!