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20 Unlikely Sights That Were Pretty Fascinating

I could tell you I once saw a moose and a whale both swimming in the ocean off British Columbia, but you might not be inclined to believe me because it's not the most likely of scenarios, and I didn't get a pic of it at the time.

You don't have to worry about that with these unlikely sights, however; the pics show it all.

In Egypt, a highway under construction passes within inches of some apartment buildings.

Reddit | ReaganAbe

Now, the government of Egypt does have funds set aside to compensate those living in the buildings who will have to relocate, and the buildings will be knocked down. However, why they didn't relocate people and demolish the buildings before construction is a mystery.

There is a method to this madness.

Reddit | licecrispies

Both directions of this bridge had to be closed off to move a rather massive piece of infrastructure because of its size.

Weighing in at 363 tons, it was too heavy for a single bridge to handle on its own.

Big cats need big meals, apparently.

Reddit | tricksovertreats, John Bailey

And they like seafood just as much as any house cat, too - so much so that this bobcat went fishing in the ocean and pulled out a shark to eat.

However, the bobcat apparently felt it might have bitten off more than it could chew and dropped the shark soon after this pic.

Someone in Kansas City has the nose cone from a Concorde sitting in their back yard.

Reddit | coreyisthename

It's actually quite a rare piece of aviation history, as only 20 Concordes were ever made, and only 14 of them even went into service.

The owner bought this piece, which belonged to a tester, at an auction in the late '90s.

On a clear day, you might not be able to see forever, but you can see across Lake Michigan.

Reddit | hindenbob

Yep, that faint outline on the horizon is the famous skyline of Chicago, with Willis Tower - formerly known as the Sears Tower - featured prominently.

Most of us have seen NASA's Space Shuttle from many, many angles, but how about this one?

Reddit | MohanBhargava, Carla Thomas

Catching a lift on a jumbo jet, the Space Shuttle Endeavor is seen from overhead in this amazing picture. All that had to happen to get it is for photographer Carla Thomas to snap it from an inverted F/A-18 Hornet.

There is a whole lot of empty space underneath Tokyo.

Reddit | BeardedGlass

It just seems to go on and on and on, just a big open space with a bunch of pillars holding the ceiling up. It's there for a good reason though: It's to keep the city and its 10 million residents safe in case of a flood.

There is a frog that looks remarkably like Kermit.

Reddit | alexlmlo

And amazingly, Kermit's design wasn't based on this frog. Jim Henson created Kermit back in 1955, but the frog on the left here is a species of glass frog only discovered and identified in Costa Rica in 2015.

Now there's a view that will get your attention.

Reddit | PraxisLD

The scene from the top of the Golden Gate bridge before the deck was added is simultaneously beautiful and terrifying. It also makes you realize what a wonder modern engineering is.

You know you work in a dusty environment when this happens.

Reddit | greyman1090

The dusty floors in this area went otherwise undisturbed long enough for two beetles to make a long journey across it, criss-crossing their paths.

The squiggly line in the dust is apparently from a larger ball of dust reacting to vibrations from heavy machinery nearby.

When is a tree not a tree?

Reddit | ishigomashimaro

When it's a vine that has just grown across a building to look like a tree. It looks like that vine won't be there for much longer, however, as someone appears to have cut off its roots out of fear of damage to the structure.

This tree is absolutely jam-packed with acorns.

Reddit | FunknSD

If you thought it was just squirrels that love acorns, think again. A woodpecker has gone out of its way to drill every hole in this tree and stash an acorn in it. They'll have a feast later - not of acorns, but of acorn weevils.

I didn't even know that could happen.

Reddit | charloBravie

This apple managed to grow an ingrown stem. That is to say, apple flesh has grown around the stem. I still think I would pass on eating this stem, however.

In a box of wagon wheel pasta, this little sail boat stood out.

Reddit | WestNileCoronaVirus

Maybe there's a parable in this, or a kid's book, or even a Pixar movie. But it's most likely just a packaging error that ended up being different in an interesting way.

You'll either love or hate this hotel room.

Reddit | nipplotapos

Yes, it's a real hotel room, located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and not a storage closet with a bed.

But if you're on the go and out and about all the time, you might be happy to just have a spot to sleep and little more.

There has to be a good story behind this scene.

Reddit | cannoneer

However, all the uploader gave was, "Okay so I was several miles into the desert and I found a bouncy house surrounded by horses...."

I guess folks in the desert who only have horses to get around on love a good bounce as much as anybody else.

The model for the iconic original Starship Enterprise is both surprising and not.

Reddit | sverdrupian

It makes sense that it would need to be sizeable to show up well on film, but seeing a cameraman next to it is still a bit jarring.

And funnily enough, there's an even larger model of the Enterprise out there.

This thing used to be a mirror until a lightning strike transformed it forever.

Reddit | MadAdam88

"This is a picture of a vanity mirror that I removed from a house that had been struck by lightning," the uploader explained. "The charge ran down metal conduit which had a drywall screw touching it. The electricity burned through the painted layers on the back of the mirror and discharged on the silver layer."

What are the odds of this happening?

Reddit | flatsixfan

"I found my rug in the Call of Duty map 'Azhir Cave,'" the uploader wrote. It must have been a strange sight, but then, the rug in the game had to have been modeled on a real rug, right? So it's not impossible.

A geology lesson on a grand scale.

Reddit | SwitchKillEngagedd

If you ever hear the term "folding" for how some mountains develop, just think of this image. In that process, the massive forces of plate tectonics push rocks together, upwards, into gigantic and majestic mountain ranges.

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