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Valais Blacknose Sheep Called The 'Cutest Sheep In The World' For Obvious Reasons

Sheep are always cute. That's a fact. But cute is a spectrum, you know? I mean, there's "aww, so cute," all the way to "omgit'ssocuteIcoulddierightnow!!."

Depending on how full their wool coats are, sheep can cover such a large swath of that spectrum that they are practically rainbows.

But if there is one breed that everyone agrees belongs at the top of the cuteness pyramid, it's these ones.

Valais Blacknose Sheep are native to the Valais region of Switzerland, but have been growing in popularity.

Facebook | Valais Blacknose New Zealand

For obvious and less obvious reasons.

In their native land, though, they are documented in historical writings as far back as the 15th century, under their local name of Walliser Schwarznasenschaf.

They are commonly referred to as the "cutest sheep in the world."

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I mean, I can't argue with that assessment. Just look at them!

Apparently, the breed nearly went extinct twice, once to disease and once to cross-breeding, but each time fans have rallied to preserve them.

All Valais sheep have black ears, knees, feet, and hocks. Females also have black under their tails.

Facebook | Valais Blacknose New Zealand

They make popular pets, since they love interacting with humans and have been known to follow people for long stretches of time.

Their wool isn't soft enough for fine clothing, but is popular for rugs and slippers, and is amazing for wet-felting.

The breed has already gained a foothold in the UK and was recently brought to New Zealand.

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But their popularity is only growing and it could just be a matter of time before these fluffy cuties, with their curly mops and dark knee pads, are found all over the world.

h/t: Farmer's Weekly