Woman's Brilliant Grocery List Hack Ensures That Her Boyfriend Won't Miss A Thing

When it comes to grocery shopping right now, things are rather crazy. Under normal circumstances, people can go to the store and buy things whenever they want and get whatever they need.

But, now, with the pandemic going on, it's hard to get to the store and pick things up that we need because we can't truly ensure that we are keeping ourselves and other people safe and healthy.

Many people opt to have one person in their family do the shopping.

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With face masks and gloves, they embark on the journey to take on the grocery store and buy what they need to feed their families and themselves. Sometimes, it can be rather difficult to navigate the stores.

Many wives and girlfriends are particular about what they want from the store.

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Everyone knows when it comes to food there are specific brands and options we want and like. But, trusting our men to get exactly what we need is sometimes a tricky situation.

One girlfriend on TikTok shared that she made the most "fool-proof" grocery list for her boyfriend.

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As he was going to the store to shop for them, she knew she needed exactly what she wanted and didn't exactly trust him to get what she needed. So, she went above and beyond.

She shared that her normal list consists of just words on paper.

TikTok l @stefferronii

She normally writes out her grocery list regularly, just putting down the specific items that she needs. But, for her boyfriend, she got creative to make sure he didn't mess up.

For her boyfriend, she went all out.

TikTok l @stefferronii

She put everything in alphabetical order and made sure to put in a detailed description of each item — exactly how many and how much and sometimes, even what brand she wanted for each product.

For specific ones, she even added photos.

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You know what it's like to be facing 100 boxes of pasta. Instead of making him call her 100 times, she added photos of the brands and products she wanted.

She admits that she is a bit Type-A.

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And, who can blame her? If we're stuck inside the house all of this time, we all want to be locked away with the food we absolutely love and enjoy, am I right?

She also meal preps/meal plans for the week.

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Which means, she needs enough of everything to get by. But, even though her grocery list is a bit long and excessive — her boyfriend hasn't messed up once! So, it seems like a win to me.

Next time you're sending your man shopping, just make a long spreadsheet for him.

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Instead of fighting over what he forgot to buy, you can make sure he gets everything by giving him some light reading to do while he's browsing the aisles. Score!