45 People Who Played Us

It's important to not let yourself get played in this world! Whether it be by a prank-happy coworker, a dirty-minded tour guide, or even inexplicably by a piece of medical equipment, everyone is out to get you in this life!

So, whether you're a player or... the opposite of a player whatever that really is in this context, here are 15+ people who played us!

"My parents haven't noticed."

Reddit | SanePsycho82

"Mmmmm, yes. Strong with the force this baby is."

"David, stop what you're doing, it's incredibly blasphemous..."

"In grade eleven I secretly changed my name on photo dealized so it got printed on my say. Nobody student card."

Reddit | EricMory

I also particularly like the subtle irony in the fact that the school's motto is "Maturity through responsibility" and they went and did this.

"Recently had a CT scan and noticed this in the report..."

Reddit | ottawa123456789

Getting played by a coworker or family member who is a fan of pranks is one thing, but to get played by a piece of medical machinery is something else!

"Grandma recently passed. She saved every picture from every grandchild in a folder for each of us to have when she died. Found this in mine lol."

Reddit | Knopfler_PI

Sure, you might have accidentally played yourself and they might not be worth as much as you thought they would be, but it's still incredibly sweet!

"Captured the exact moment that I realized I should have stayed home."

Reddit | Shaggyjd93

This is the exact face that you can see on people who put on their Tinder bio that they "love going for long walks" and then actually have to go on one when they get a match.

"Was picking up my grandmother from an eye surgery centre when I noticed every single sign was bent back."

Reddit | jim_diesel6

"Today, we will be judging your eyesight by how far back you bent the sign outside and to what degree you left it standing at."

"Well played book store..."

Reddit | KickassRhythm

I'm guessing that this was a customer who did this? And, if so, I'd love to know how furious the clerk who had to fix this was when they saw it.

"Replaced my little sisters graduation photo with one of the supreme leader 3 weeks ago. Dad still hasn't noticed."


I mean, at least you used a picture where the supreme leader looks relly happy! Maybe your dad is just a big fan of his?

"Once he went to get our car I noticed our valet was doing some light reading..."

Reddit | mcdngr

I was torn as to whether this valet was studying or just messing with people; however, the person who posted this went on to write, "He was taking a criminology course. When he got back we jokingly pointed it out to him and when he realized the page he left it on he got bright red."

"Didn't realize until after I stole the pen. Good work Jerry."

Reddit | dam_b_ver

This is why you never let people borrow your pens! Did you learn anything from school? And yeah, I didn't let people borrow pens, what of it?

"Just re-arranged my friend's DVD collection. How long before he notices?"

Reddit | leolambertini

In my experience, owning every DVD of the X-Files never actually leads to having a sex life, just a heads up.

"Navajo tour guide insisted he take a pic of us because it was 'THE money shot.' Didn't notice until later. I wasn't even mad..."

Reddit | phantofan

How many tourists do you reckon that this tour guide has taken photographs of in this very spot?

"Found this on the park yesterday. I think this may have made me paranoid if I was stoned... but it made my day yesterday!"

Reddit | bigarnd

Who are the people who have the time in their life to go out into the world and do this kind of stuff? I mean who has the time to write things on rocks, not turn rocks over... not that it makes much difference!

"Was scared I was going to get pulled over when I saw it..."

Reddit | lenabug420

Oh, sure, you may not necessarily be getting a ticket off this guy, but this means the planet is in danger... presumably, I didn't watch those films, is that what happens?

"Just bought a standing desk. I'm 6'4'. GF is....not."

Reddit | DylanPierpont

God, there is no way that anyone can work at that height! You'd need an oxygen mask!

"Mom went couch shopping. She sent my sister a pic when we saw something..."

Reddit | Jchka3

And no, the person who posted this picture had absolutely no idea who these people are. I don't know if they were just crouched behind the couch on the offchance, or if they work there and always try and pose like this when someone is taking a picture in that store?

The Art Of Disguise

Reddit | ZBGT

"Why did you put that post there, now we can't see the clock?!"

"Should I move the clock a bit to the right?"

"No, that'd be stupid, I've got a better idea."

Animal Farm

Reddit | foxystoat69

I never understood how people could be amazed at the fact that farms smell as bad as they do. They literally spread manure on their fields for Christ's sake.

"Checked out of my motel this morning. I just noticed this."

Reddit | lolowe12

Like most people, I was delighted by this quaint little sign, until I saw that they used the wrong "you're" at the bottom. Perhaps the managers should have gotten a dog to write the sign also!

Well... Where Are They?


Is there anything quite like the sinking feeling of seeing that the toilet roll is empty? I feel like once circle of hell could just be cubicles where all of them are out of toilet paper.

"As I'm leaving the restroom panic sets in...then I realize I just pissed in a urinal and the bathroom door was solid wood when I came in..."

Reddit | jaydscustom

At that point, regardless of whether you've made a mistake, it's too late anyway! Just run out as quickly as possible and walk like nothing is the matter once you're free and clear.

"Chose this seat because it was next to an outlet...two hours later, I went to charge my phone just to realize it's a sticker. You got me, stranger."

Reddit | heheardaboutthefart

They probably should have realized that other people had tried to peel off this satanic sticker; however, they explained that they thought it had just cracked a little.

"My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction. It wasn't until we went to pick them up that we realized it was at an elementary school."

Reddit | nevermatter

Well, looks like the only thing to do now is to cut down the legs on everyone's desks and make them an appropriate size for these tiny chairs.

"I changed my sister's bathroom art while dog sitting. She still doesn't realize that it doesn't say 'HOPE'."

Reddit | jalapeno_face_

I mean, this is actually a more appropriate message to have up in a bathroom than "Hope" I guess.

Consider This Your Notice!

Reddit | chatterboxkpop

They're not wrong. Also, is that meant to be an anarchy symbol at the end? It looks more like a terrible badge form a knockoff car dealership.

"Played a trick on my wife. I took a photo and photoshopped her feet to Hobbit proportions. Told her she didn't look bad working out and showed her..."

Reddit | n1ckle57

As someone who is very conscious about their feet, this is so mean! This person went on to say, "She looked so sad and said "Are my feet really that big?!!!' I felt bad then."

Replacing Air Freshener With Shrimp Scent

Reddit | 4themayor

At first, I could not think of a single reason why anyone would have a shrimp scented spray in the first place. I am now incredibly glad that I don't know anyone who fishes!

"What happens when you don't notice the 'kids-size' part of the ad when ordering furniture online."

Reddit | musicforthedeaf

Jeez, there really are more people out there buying tiny furniture by accident than I thought there were! Look into what you're buying before you buy something, guys!

"Mom asked for some recent pictures of us for her new house. Naturally, I delivered."

Reddit | Dutch_Fudge

I bet she's so excited for people who come over to ask her about this one. "Yes, that's my son, and yes, he' that."

"Fergus after the 20th trail walk of the week."

Reddit | francesco_flores

Dogs always wanna go for more walks until they actually get the chance. He'll be careful what he wishes for from here on out.

"My kids waiting for the bus today. Happy April fools day!"

Reddit | goblu33

The joke being that school was canceled that day. This is incredibly cruel, if my mom had pulled this on me back in the day, I don't think I would have been able to forgive her for maybe a whole hour.

"Our AirBnB had a translucent bathroom door. I’m used to my impatient toddler stalking me through the bathroom door, but this took it to a much creepier level."

Reddit | goodluck_canuck

Are you absolutely certain that your kid wasn't swapped with an alien while you were in the bathroom? Because that's what this looks like to me.

"These people who set up a tent at an art fair."

Reddit | heputmystuffinjello

At least they're honest about it being worth what you pay.

"My mom got tired of me making fun of her 'Live Laugh Love' sign and modified it."

Reddit | MayorsMaxims

When exasperation isn't enough, you need to take more passive measures. She sure got her point across though.

"I asked my Thai Place to make it so spicy someone would get in trouble...They gave me this."

Reddit | Ralphie25

Not only did they follow your instructions, that little smiley tells me they followed them so well you're gonna regret it later.

"Pretty Accurate."


I know they say that pets sometimes look like their owners, but I think if you're trying, it's kinda cheating.

"So my 8yo lost a tooth today..."

Reddit | StufferOfMuffins

Hey, no harm in asking, right? If he's starting his hustle that young, he'll be a great salesman when he grows up.

"Days worth of dirty diapers for whoever keeps stealing packages off our porch."

Reddit | TheLastDeBarge

This is probably the least that person deserves, but it's an amazing start.

"An honest fortune cookie."

Reddit | RPh_a_go_go

That happy face holds so much passive-aggressiveness in it I can feel it radiating through my screen.

"My 4 yo son reassembled my Keyboard after cleaning..."

Reddit | Wastey111

I'm sure this was fun for him at least. It's like a puzzle that he had no interest in actually doing right but wanted to participate in anyway.

"This dress."

Reddit | wazo600

Now here's the question: big head, or small body?

"The moment you realize you married a psychopath."

Reddit | YetiConvention

Okay, alright, everyone has their preferences, but sometimes those preferences are wrong and bad.

"That's a very good point, local Mexican restaurant."

Reddit | church38

It's not really that unbelievable, is it? If you choose to believe that everyone was indeed kung fu fighting, then your horizons will be forever broadened.

"Who wants huggies??"

Reddit | Zeslartibartfast

Well I didn't before, and I certainly don't now.

"Neighbor's car hasn't moved after he cheated because this was her revenge."

Reddit | Hsduncan

What a genius way to get back at someone! Sometimes the simplest revenge plans are the best!