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Deer Spotted Relaxing Beneath Stunning Cherry Blossom Trees In Japan's Nara Park

At this point, it just goes without saying that we could all use some super wholesome content to help us through these trying times.

That's why I've brought you an absolutely darling story that will make you forget all your worries and troubles so you can simply enjoy a stunning scene showcasing what nature does while we aren't around.

But before we continue, I have to ask — have you ever heard of Nara Park in Japan?

Located a short train ride from Osaka, this popular tourist spot offers guests the chance to get up close and personal with over 1,000 sacred, free-roaming Sika deer.

As CNN reported, these sweet creatures have actually officially been designated as a national natural treasure and are as fiercely protected as they are widely admired, since they're also considered to be a "symbol of the city."

They're so accustomed to being around humans and being fed by them that they've learned to literally *bow* for treats.

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Some even understand which vendors inside the park sell shika-senbei (special deer rice crackers), so they'll linger around those particularly carts in the hopes of scoring a treat or two.

If you run out of snacks or simply want to be left alone, all you have to do is wave and say "bye-bye" and the animals will usually wander off.

As fascinating as they are to encounter, the deer aren't the only sight to behold at Nara Park.

The park also draws tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy its fields of stunning cherry blossom trees.

Just a quick location search on Instagram reveals hundreds of thousands of photos from people trying to capture this natural beauty, as well as those who couldn't resist posing beneath the blushing petals themselves, particularly if a deer happened to be nearby. Talk about a perfect shot!

However, the recent outbreak has seen this normally bustling hot spot fall quiet as tourists and locals alike stay home.

Back in April, Japanese photographer Kazuki Ikeda was on scene to snap some pictures of a newlywed couple when something caught his eye.

Momentarily diverting his attention away from the newlyweds, he managed to perfectly capture the scene inside the park where the Sika deer, likely confused by the sudden lack of humans, appear to have simply taken to enjoying the peace and quiet before they all return again.

Just watch this video of the deer chilling beneath a field of cherry blossom trees and tell me you don't instantly feel *zen*.

According to Bored Panda, Kazuki shared the beautiful scene across all his social media accounts and encouraged people to come visit Nara to see these elegant deer for themselves — once it's safe to do so, of course.

This isn't the first time the Nara deer have gained international attention during the outbreak.

At the beginning of March, the sweet creatures were photographed and filmed roaming the streets of Nara, Japan, in search of food.

The sudden lack of tourists to the park had left the deer with no choice but to wander outside to see if they could find something to snack on. The magical, if not slightly humorous sight saw these beautiful animals quickly go viral.

h/t: CNN, Bored Panda, Photos: Instagram | @kikiphotoworks