17+ Pregnancy Hacks That Make Life Easier

That special time you've been waiting for your whole life is finally here. You are pregnant. You are expecting a little human. They're on their way (don't pass out; this is a good thing). Don't stress, you've got this and the list you're about to read will make your time with your unborn child more comfortable than it was for your mother. Times have changed, and there is a lot of support out there for moms-to-be. This is a wonderful list of all the amazing things you can do to make your life easier for the next few months.

1. The Grabber Thingy Is Not Just For The Elderly

Burlington VT Moms Blog | Burlington VT Moms Blog

Accept your stunning new size and lack of mobility with this handy-dandy little grabber. Give it a name because it's about to become your bestie. The hardest part is letting go when the baby comes (or forgetting it at home).

2. DIY While You Wait

Pinterest | Meg McNaughton

You've got nine months to kill, and that baby belly keeps on growing. Grab an old tank top and cut the bottom of it off so that you can use it to cover the space between your pants and your top. This way you won't have to get heat stroke under layers of clothes when you only need an itty-bitty.

3. You Might Qualify In Your State

My Parking Sign | My Parking Sign

Some places have "expecting" parking spots for mothers-to-be, but they are still kind of a new concept. Thankfully, most establishments have designated handicapped parking spots and in some states, pregnancy makes one eligible to park in these spots. All you have to do is apply for a permit!

4. Don't Go Buying New Bras Every Five Minutes

The Lingerie Addict | The Lingerie Addict

You're going to feel changes (ch-ch-ch-ch-changes), and those can be expensive if you let yourself start shopping for solutions. Just because you feel like your boobs are growing every month doesn't mean you need a new bra every month. You're probably good with a hack like this one. Just take the clasps off of one bra and attach them to the other. Simple!

5. Get Tubular

Rising Lotus Maternity Services | Rising Lotus Maternity Services

If you've always slept on your side, good for you, skip to #8. If you like tummy time as much as your baby will when learning to crawl, you're probably struggling with having to sleep in any position other than on your front.

Your solution comes in the form of a donut (no, you're not going to Krispy Kreme. I said the form of a donut). Simply dress an inner tube with your favorite blanket and enjoy the best sleep of your pregnancy.

6. Turn Your Bra Into A Brrrra

Infoskep | Infoskep

Being pregnant is hot. Literally, you feel like you're cooking inside of your own skin. This little solution might not last forever, but it is a great way to cool down quickly and get back to feeling like the most powerful woman alive (try it, I swear it's liberating AF)

7. Keep A Notebook Because...

reddit | Tamoka

...people want to help. They really, really do. The people in your life are just as happy about your new addition as you are, and they want to feel useful. There is no shortage of things to do, so use the help by keeping track of what you need done. Something in that list could make a friend or parent feel included, and it's one less thing for your prego self to think about.

8. Beyond The Hospital Bag

Popsugar | Popsugar

There are lots of things you're going to have to worry about when baby comes. One of the scariest things that happens to any parent in the first few months is baby's first cold. When you're already sleep-deprived and working on autopilot, you'll thank yourself for packing all your baby's first aid items into a neat, organized pack.

9. Mommy Sweats! Get Your Mommy Sweats!

Tumblr | 1d-boys-imagines

These are transitional pieces. Don't stay in them forever, but get the most use out of them by getting them before you need them. Make sure they're kind of big on you so you can wear them as you grow and after you deliver!

10. Safe Words Are For More Than Making The Baby

Tumblr | reverseracism

You're likely to be a little different while you're growing a human in your body for nine months. All those hormonal changes can be totally innocent but seriously stress out your partner. Sometimes, it's hard to tell what you're really upset about. This is why a safe word is a great idea!

Find a word or phrase you and your partner can have in the event of an emotional moment so they know it's not them. "You did this to me" might not be the best choice.

11. Take A Tinkle First


Pee before you do anything...especially brushing your teeth. If you gag on your toothbrush, you won't have to clean the puddle you can't reach.

12. Pack Your Puke Pack, Jack

Rock the Baby Bump | Rock the Baby Bump

It's not likely that your name is Jack, but it is likely that you're puking more than ever before now that you're incubating life in your lower half. While you're already making your baby's packs, make yourself a little pack of emergency bags, wet naps, etc. Again, future you will praise the Lord for current you.

13. A Recliner Might Change Your Life

Ashley LaMar | Ashley LaMar

Yes, it's ugly and big and takes up space and reminds you of old people. That clunky thing might look horrible in your living room, but it helps with heartburn. The angle of your body in this chair is far better than the flat bed.

14. Do All Your Scheduling NOW

Coastal Law | Coastal Law

A lot of people are having babies, so appointments everyone needs get booked quickly. Take a moment to book everything you're going to need to do as soon as possible. This way you can choose the time of day around other things you have to do like work.

15. This Pants Trick Works For Food Babies Too

Myria | Myria

Those awesome jeans you loved before you grew a baby belly can still be worn with this trick. No more popping buttons! (You could take an eye out with those.)

16. Tape That Shape

Diary of a Fit Mommy | Diary of a Fit Mommy

This looks funny, but it makes a lot of sense. Sport tape is designed to hold things in place, so why not use them on your baby bump?

17. Soothe Swollen Feet

Try wrapping cabbage leaves around your feet if they are looking and feeling extra puffy. Remember to keep those cabbage leaves handy once the baby comes to help with engorged breasts, too!

18. Support That Bump!

If you're looking for another way to support your baby bump and alleviate any back pain, you can also purchase bump supports like this one from sites like Amazon. It's worth the investment.

19. Try Freezing Gatorade When You Can't Keep Anything Down

Freeze Gatorade or a DIY electrolyte solution in an ice cube tray. You can suck on these on mornings when you feel nauseous and can't keep anything down. They are also refreshing during the summer months!

20. Compression Socks Are A Game-Changer

Compression socks can also help sore and swollen feet. Pick some up from your local pharmacy or medical supply store.

21. A Small Roller Can Also Do Wonders

A small roller for your muscles can also improve circulation in your legs and feet. These rollers also help work out any knots and can prevent inflammation.

22. Bring Your Pool Float Outside

Here's another great way to use a pool float for support if you want to lie on your belly. Bring it outside if you want to lounge or read on the grass. It's also great for sunbathing!

23. Show Off

Since 1910 | Since 1910

You won't be in this state forever. You won't love your belly forever. Enjoy the time you have with that lovely bump and take pictures!

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