Bride-To-Be Hasn't Cut Hair In 30 Years, Transforms For Wedding

A haircut can do wonders. It can completely change your look or give you that boost of confidence and self-esteem you were looking for.

For one woman, she needed a change for her wedding day, which was fast approaching. So she walked into a hair salon and the challenge she had for the stylists wasn't one they were going to back down from.

We all know that a haircut or a new style can do wonders for anyone.

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Whether you dye it a funky color or get highlights.

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Maybe you want to get extensions or try a wig.

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Or maybe you're the brave type and just cut it all off!

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We've also seen haircuts change a person's life in a few stories about mental illness. 

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This 16-year-old girl who suffers from depression was in such a deep episode, she hadn't brushed her hair in months.

She originally wanted her hair cut off, but the hairdresser was determined to help her feel beautiful again.

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Other people leave their hair alone because they are made to believe that one type of hair is the best, and they think this is the only way to be beautiful.

Holly was told that pretty women had long hair, and she took this to heart and grew her hair down to her hips. 

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Hairstylist Jeremy Harfield at Avant Garde Salon decided to start by cutting off her long locks.

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After giving her a short bob, he wanted to dye her hair and get rid of the dull color.

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Four shades of color later, and Holly was looking brighter and feeling more comfortable in her own skin.

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It took the stylist seven hours to complete her look, starting at 7 p.m. and ending at 2 in the morning.

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Holly not only looks years younger, but is also now ready for her wedding day!

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