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'We-Sheds' With A Shared Deck Are Perfect For Couples Who Want Some Extra Space

A while ago I wrote about a cute idea of a "she shed" for all the ladies out there who need a cozy nook all to themselves. It's a similar idea to the "man cave" that we're used to seeing for the guys.

But what if you could join the two ideas and create a sweet "we shed" that couples can enjoy together? Doesn't that sound fun? I think it does.

Turns out couples are now building these "we sheds" that actually feature two separate sheds connected by a single deck.

They look absolutely amazing if you ask me.

OMG, doesn't that look fabulous? I'm totally digging this cool idea.

You can have your "me" time or come out and enjoy some together time on the deck.

This is the perfect idea for those couples who appreciate a little alone time away from each other but don't want to be too far apart.

It's the ideal solution.

You're not going to have to miss out on some of the amenities of a real house because the sheds come equipped with all the bells and whistles.

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Doesn't this look cozy?

So you'll be able to have a perfect man cave where you can chill and watch all the sports events to your heart's content in total peace.

Facebook | Portable Buildings of Greater Houston

Ha, ha! Sounds like a dream.

Meanwhile, your lady is going to have her very own relaxing place to enjoy whatever she fancies, like reading her favorite book or having tea with her best friends.

Awesome Inventions

I want to move in!

Imagine inviting your furry friends to come to this decked out space?

Awesome Inventions

I think this looks absolutely amazing. I think I wanna get one of these for myself.

Then, when you're ready to rejoin your spouse, you can just get a couple of deck chairs, sit down, relax, and watch the sunset together.

Doesn't that sound romantic?

I'm totally digging this whole idea.

Now, if only I had some property on which to build this. Haha. If you do, I'm so envious of you. It looks so relaxing.