6 Enchanted Tiny Home Designs Inspired By Disney Characters

If you grew up on Disney and still reminisce about your favorite characters, listen up. Have you ever wondered where your favorite characters would live in the modern age? Perhaps they would join the tiny house movement and live in a small cabin of sorts.

That's exactly what the team from Angie's List and NeoMam Studios envisioned. They embarked on a mission to mix the tiny house movement with Disney nostalgia for these awesome results.

The tiny house movement was inspired by Lester Walker’s 1987 book "Tiny Houses."

Unsplash | Geran de Klerk

It has since been embraced by those wanting a simpler and more eco-friendly way of life.

The idea is to live in a house no bigger than 300-square-feet.

Tiny homes are said to both save money and reduce waste. That is a commendable purpose — not to mention that they look adorable!

Merida from "Brave"

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Merida is the fiery and free-spirited heroine from Brave. A natural leader, Merida often spends her time outdoors exploring and practicing her archery skills.

Merida’s Tiny House

Angie's List

This tiny house is definitely inspired by bold geometrics of the real-life Scottish castles Merida might have been surrounded by back in the day.

And if Merida was around today, perhaps she would be surrounded by sturdy hardwood and stone.

Angie's List

These materials are as tough as she is. This design is bold and beautiful.

Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

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As the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, Jack is surrounded by a spooky and macabre aesthetic. He might be the only Disney character who makes pumpkins look chic.

Jack Skellington’s Tiny House

Angie's List

One thing we have to give Jack Skellington is his commitment to scaring people. So, I think this house does him justice.

If the exterior didn't keep you away and you venture inside, you'll find plenty of gothic-chic decor.

Angie's List

Right down to the jack-o’-lantern pumpkin contrasting with the black-and-blue color scheme.

Belle from "Beauty and the Beast"

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Belle is a gentle soul who isn't impressed by over-the-top gestures or people flaunting their wealth. Instead, she sees past all of that and values a kind heart above all else.

Belle’s Tiny House

Angie's List

It's no surprise that this tiny house is modeled after Belle's cottage, which she shared with her father. How cute!

The interior is just as lively as Belle's beloved character.

Angie's List

Her favorite colors, blue and maroon, are prominently featured here. And there's plenty of room for her books.

Woody from "Toy Story"

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This cowboy has had his fair share of adventures over the years. It's not surprising that his tiny home design would embrace his love of exploration.

Woody’s Tiny House

Angie's List

One can't think of Woody without thinking of the great outdoors or the wild west. This vintage-inspired tiny house seems right up his alley.

His whole rustic vibe has been incorporated into the interior of the house.

Angie's List

It comes with good ol' solid wood interiors, rustic cabinets, and even a "bookshelf of curiosities."

Mulan from "Mulan"

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Family and tradition are two things Mulan values above everything else, even though she defied convention to prove that women can be as strong as men.

Mulan's Tiny House

Angie's List

Mulan's tiny house is based on a traditional Chinese dwelling with some Japanese decorative touches. Designers even included a Zen garden in the plans.

Traditional decor meets a minimalist and modern layout in the interior of this home.

Angie's List

Large windows and wooden walls create a calming space, accented with bright pops of colors.

Elsa from "Frozen"

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It took a long time for Elsa to embrace her magical abilities and assume her rightful place as the Snow Queen. With the help of her sister, the two learned how to rule their kingdoms with love and kindness.

Elsa’s Tiny House

Angie's List

This tiny house's exposed wood definitely reflects Elsa’s roots in the Enchanted Forest. And the designers paid an homage to that with its Norwegian architecture aesthetic.

Even though Elsa seems to be surrounded by the color blue and plenty of ice, this tiny house can still embrace the chic and cozy "just snowed-in" vibe.

Angie's List

It would be so much fun to spend winter here!

Even though we're used to seeing Disney characters live outlandish lives in large castles and cottages, it's not that big of a stretch to imagine them in enchanted tiny homes.

I would live in one of these homes in a heartbeat!