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10+ Famous Men Who Are Unrecognizable Without Their Beard

There are plenty of famous women with signature looks — Ariana Grande and her ponytail, Pink and her pixie cut, the list goes on. But signature looks are not exclusive to women!

Men have been rocking beards since the stone age (literally), and some of them are nearly unrecognizable without them.

Joaquin Phoenix


Joaquin hasn't necessarily been known for his facial hair, but he has been sporting it for quite some time now.

It's seriously hard to picture him without it!

Zach Galifianakis

YouTube | Team Coco

Not going to lie. This one scared me a little bit.

Zach Galifianakis could commit a serious crime — his wanted poster could be on every street corner. But if I saw him without his signature beard, I would be none the wiser.

Tom Selleck


Tom Selleck's famous mustache is literally the first thing I think about when anyone says his name.

Without it, I can hardly recognize the guy!

Jared Leto

Twitter | @jaredleto

Ok, this one is major. Jared Leto sans beard looks like a completely different person that I want nothing to do with.

Sorry, not sorry.


Instagram | @champagnepapi

While Drake was beardless for the first few years of his career, his beard has become apart of his identity. It's what elevated him from baby-face to zaddy.

I can't imagine him without it!

Seth Rogen

Instagram | @sethrogen

True story: Seth Rogen does not have a beard in Super Bad, he has a goatee instead, and I kid you not, it took me 10 years to realize he was even in that movie.

Proof that his beard is such a key part of his appearance.

Chris Hemsworth

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

Chris is a total looker, no two ways about it. Beard or no beard.

But he looks significantly different one way or the other!

David Beckham

YouTube | Mirror

David Beckham so rarely goes completely shaven, you have to dig back years and years ago to find something without even stubble!

So this is the closest we could get.

Chris Evans

Twitter | @ChrisEvans

Chris Evans without a beard reminds me of a substitute teacher, working his first shift ever, not being able to conjure up any authority whatsoever, and letting the kids in the classroom run rampant.

With a beard, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

John Hamm

YouTube | GQ

John Hamm is one person off of a very short list of names that looks cool as hell with and without a beard.

He's so versatile!

Jake Gyllenhaal

Instagram | @jakegyllenhaal

I know everybody loves Jake Gyllenhaal and thinks he's adorable and all that. But I never really got on that bandwagon until he grew a beard. Now, as far as I'm concerned, it's a staple in his look.

May he never shave it off!

Donald Glover

YouTube | Noisey

Donald Glover has a fairly distinguished face without a beard.

But with one, he stands out so much more and makes me forget all about his pre-bearded look.

Adam Levine

Instagram | @adamlevine

Adam Levine has had a beard for so long, I can hardly remember his "She Will Be Loved" days — without a beard, and I'm not mad about it!

Nick Offerman


Nick Offerman is recognizable without a beard, but only_as long as_ he still has a mustache. The mustache is everything.

Otherwise, no dice!

Jason Momoa

Instagram | @prideofgypsies

Jason Momoa may look like two different people with and without a beard, but both of those people are smokin' hot, so it's okay!

Henry Cavill

Instagram | @henrycavill

He’s gone hairless for several roles, such as Superman and in The Witcher, and looked fine in both. But a beard seriously escalates a look.

It’s what he wears when he’s not acting, so you can clearly tell that it’s what he prefers.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo is probably the only man in the world who can sport a long, homeless-looking beard and still have a Victoria’s Secret model on his arm.

When he doesn’t have one, that’s when you know he’s either working on a film (unless it’s one that requires one) or busy promoting it!

Shia LaBeouf


The Even Stevens actor has a major baby face, so a beard ages him a few years — in a good way.

It makes him look much more distinguished and less like the guy who was making headlines for crazy things a few years ago.

Russell Brand

WB | @russellbrand

Russell Brand’s beard is always paired with his long, curly locks. It’s his signature look!

Without it, his face looks a great deal younger since there's no salt and pepper hair!

Charlie Hunnam


When he was on Sons of Anarchy, his beard became practically as famous as the show!

It was necessary to make him look super tough — and super attractive, if I do say so myself.

Burt Reynolds


Just like Tom Selleck’s beard is iconic, so was Burt Reynolds'.

The old Hollywood actor never went anywhere without it. He even had it during that iconic naked photo that Deadpool tried to hilariously recreate.

Ryan Gosling


One look at Ryan with a big, scruffy beard and I’m reminded of how he looked as Noah in the second half of The Notebook.

With or without it, he still makes us want to say, “Hey, boy.”

Zac Efron

Instagram | @zacefron

Seeing Efron without his beard is a huge reminder of how his baby face looked during his High School Musicial days.

When he started growing out his beard, it helped him shake off his Disney days and allowed him to look way more sophisticated.

Ed Sheeran

Instagram | @teddysphotos

Rocking a beard has done the “I Don’t Care” singer some good! He went from looking extremely boyish to super mature.

Daniel Radcliffe


Since it’s hard for actors to shake a character that they played for a long time, Radcliffe growing a beard made it easier for fans to stop associating him with Harry Potter every time they looked at him.

Aaron Paul


When he played Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, an unshaven look was necessary to make him look younger.

But now that he’s moved onto more mature roles, his chinstrap beard has allowed him to look much more distinguished.

Chris Pine


The actor looks soo gorgeous with or without a beard, but I personally think he looks way better with it!

It makes his features appear much more chiseled and gives off that smolder.

George Clooney


His salt-and-pepper beard makes him look like such a silver fox. I bet Amal approves!

The man ages like wine, he only gets finer.

Hugh Jackman

Instagram | @thehughjackman

Over the years, the Wolverine actor has tried out several different facial hair styles, but a beard is definitely a winning look.

Kanye West

KanyeWestVEVO | @kimkardashian

I seriously can’t remember what the rapper looks like without a beard.

That’s how long he’s had one and how much it suits him! It’s become part of his identity.

Tom Hardy

Instagram | @tomhardy

Seeing The Dark Knight Rises actor without his signature beard has me saying, “who dis??”

I hate to say this, but he looks just like a regular Joe without it. But with it, he is One. Fine. Man.