Jason Momoa Shares Hilarious Pic Of The 'Real Aquaman'

Jason Momoa is, without a doubt, one of this nation's greatest treasures.

When he's not dropping our jaws with heart-pounding action in one of his movies or TV shows, he's making us mess our pants in laughter with one of his other projects.

Yes, we truly, dearly, madly love Mr. Momoa.

Jason Momoa is great.

We really do love the guy, which is why over the years he's gone from a Game Of Thrones throwaway character to playing Aquaman in one of DC's most successful movies.

And he got a Superbowl commercial!

Which was one of the funniest we've seen in a while.

It was a commercial where he revealed he isn't actually all that buff and intimidating, and he doesn't even have hair.

It was a commercial revealing the "real" him.

Well, he really seems to like that joke, because he shared this picture on Instagram, showing off the "real" Aquaman.

He's skinny, he's weak-looking, and guess what: he doesn't have hair!

Oh Jason Momoa, will there ever come a day when you don't make us laugh with your antics?

Instagram | @prideofgypsies

Oof, I really hope that sentence doesn't age badly.

Oh no, I just jinxed it didn't I?