16+ Moments That People Seriously Regret

Life is essentially a decades-long process of feeling and dodging, feelings of regret. Sometimes it's our own darn fault while other times, it seems like the universe is conspiring against us. If there's any solace, it's that we've all been there.

Of course they did.

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Kevin Hart is a funny guy who knows how to self deprecate about his small stature. But c'mon, arena operators, the man just wanted to watch some basketball, not be the game's featured child.


Reddit | thinkingbears

This was probably one of the most magical moments of this dude's life — until he posted a pic on Reddit, that is, and found out the awful truth.

Word to the wise.

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Everyone has that one friend who sends embarrassing texts that should be hidden from others at all costs. But this STD warning take the cringe levels to a near-nuclear level.

It would have been delicious.

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This is like the episode of The Office where Kevin brought chili to work. This is even worse, though, because it's lasagna, and lasagna is the most annoying, labor-intensive dish to make.

Did she at least find the Christmas tree?

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When I was a kid, I always wanted to go into the attic, and my parents always strongly discouraged me. I guess little mishaps like this are the reason why.

Winter wonderland.

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You can't leave your windows open, not even a crack, in any climate that gets regular precipitation. The wild thing here is that the snow is probably preferable to rain.

Burn the house down.

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Roombas are pretty smart when it comes to methodically vacuuming a room. They're pretty dumb, though, when it comes to avoiding spreading dog crap all over the freaking house.

It's just you and the buses now.

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Have you ever seen where they park buses at night? Those yards are locked down tight, with high fences and no escape. Hopefully this person has a decent night on the school bus.

At least he's getting exposure.

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This photo was taken by a friend of the man on the bus, who is not a sex offender at all, but a model for stock photography. Sometimes, his headshots wind up in weird places.

Snooze You Lose.

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This guy passed out at a festival, missing the chance to meet not only Dave Grohl, but also John Paul Jones. Judging by the dude's shirt, he probably regrets not meeting someone from his favorite band.

You think you're having a bad day?


This poor bus driver is taking a bunch of possible coronavirus patients to quarantine. The guy behind him has a hazmat suit, but the driver sure doesn't.

It's glitter's world and we're just living in it.

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Considering a small envelope full of glitter is enough to imbue your whole life with glitter, the photo above is just nightmarish. That house will literally never be glitter-free again.

Bad combination.

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European soccer games feature passionate fans, fireworks, flares and other incendiary devices, and cops with flammable pepper spray. Combine those things and fiery mishaps are bound to occur.

Too much truth in advertising.

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Take note: A single 'E' can make a significant difference, both serving up a giant, steaming warning to would-be patrons as well as stealing Taco Bell's thunder.

Making your choice.

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There must be a long, emotional, possibly tedious story behind this, but if the ending is a case of Busch, nobody's happy.

"Read the fine print."

Some good advice from actor Misha Collins here. Best known as Castiel on Supernatural, he gave us all a nice PSA on Twitter regarding how similar French Dip and maple syrup can look.

Hint: it's not a twist top.

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And if you treat every bottle cap like it's a pop top, you never have to worry about ruining your favorite shirt. Just a little life pro tip there courtesy of someone else's misfortune.

Yeah, this parking spot will do.

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What's a little ice? It's only water, how bad could that be? Well, this ought to be enough to make you think about parking your ride away from the house when temperatures go up.

But it could be worse.

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Which do you think this Lamborghini driver in Brazil regrets more, their choice of parking spot, or their lack of insurance?

Bet they'll remember next time.

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There's no second chance to read the tags before washing — memory foam pillows tend to be "spot treat only," and this person learned why the hard way.

Measure twice, order once.

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As the uploader admitted, "Didn't measure my cat and bought a carrying pack way too small for him." So all those outdoor adventures they were going to have will just have to wait.

Forbidden s'mores.

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Or at least surprise s'mores, I suppose, is what you get when you store your marshmallows on top of your toaster oven. Oops.

Suddenly late for work.

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It's like that old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon: "Don't know my own strength! Presto!"

Well, this is awkward.

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Turns out the Eiffel Tower is not the ideal spot to tie your shoelaces when you're on a romantic trip with your girlfriend.

Tough but fair.

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Now that cameras are everywhere, people need to be more careful when they pull jerk moves like this. Otherwise, they'll be put on blast for the whole neighborhood to see.

Time to host a party.

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I mean, that's probably the best option to find a good use for all this ice the freezer made after someone forgot to put the ice tray back.

That's a lot of bricks.

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What might look like two workers after a job well done is actually two workers who just realized that they delivered six thousand the wrong address.

The camouflage was too effective.

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Note: if you ever live in a place where you need to plug in your vehicle overnight, a white extension cord is a bad choice.

Time to be extra careful now.

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It's hard to say what exact moment this person regrets, but it's easy to pinpoint when they realized they should have some regrets.

There's one way out of this, and it's not pretty.

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When you forget to put the hair length guide on your trimmer, it's more of a roughneck solution, but it works.