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15+ People Who Looked For Laughs And Were Well Rewarded

Oh 2020, you really have been a rollercoaster already haven't you? It seems like the absurd reality that we experienced in 2019 is rolling right the way over into 2020. However, there is one way to combat those low rumblings of worry you may be feeling, and that is funny memes, the sweet elixir of distraction and warmth!

So, if you're looking for a bit of laughter as we crawl our way into February, then pour out a cuppa, and lose yourself in these 15+ people who looked for laughs and were well rewarded.

The Unhelpful Lettuce

Reddit | My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

It is probably best before whichever Monday that you open the bag and find the bag full of bacteria, slugs, and beetles. Unless you quite like that extra fiber in your lettuce, in which case keep munching!

"This man's Amazon review is glorious!"

Reddit | MayuMayhem

When this was posted to Reddit earlier this week, the man from the image actually commented, writing, "that's me just a quick update we had the kid." So it seems that this amazon review had a wonderfully happy ending!

"Come and see our new highway, you'll go nuts"

Reddit | ZappBrannigansLaw

There is simply no way that the planner who plotted this highway out didn't know exactly what they were doing!

"Ha ha. That was, funny. You, guys."

Reddit | BenMears5150

"Wow, that's... crazy! I can't believe, someone would do that. It's... an honor."

I Can't Bear To Be Without You

Reddit | kenantong

Each one of these poor bears is probably thinking that they have been stood up. Bears can have relationship problems too guys!

"My 15yo daughter bought this frog thingy at a thrift store and then painted him majestically."

Reddit | chriswrightmusic

Since this painting has received wild acclaim on Reddit, people across the website have been placing bets in order to buy this wonderful painting. However, I don't think the family is planning on selling it, and why would you?

"Funny picture of my wife running to get out of baby picture."

Reddit | cox-in-fox

That baby looks like it knows how absolutely ridiculous its mother is looking right at that moment!

"Baked Heart Cookies = Testicles"

Reddit | keckard

Ah, yes, they look truly... appetizing. Whoever baked these really ballsed the whole thing up!

"Interesting spout placement"

Reddit | WolfGuard_

Why do you need a spout at all? Just put a maple leaf on there or something, spouts in images never end well!

"Finally a remake worth watching"

Reddit | kekembas17

Wow, I didn't realise that they had let Quentin Tarantino take over this beloved children's TV property, but hot damn I'm excited!

"Surprise surprise"

Reddit | My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

How long do you reckon she's been planning this, only to goof it up spectacularly! How would you even go about explaining your way out of that situation when the person whose dorm it is shows up?

Cries In Emo

Reddit | eclipsed419

"When I was a young boy, my father took me into hot topic, to see the stock margins. He said, 'Son, when you grow up, would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the people who want wallets with inexplicable chains?'"

"I like to consider myself a handyman. Gotta do what you gotta do to pass university dorm inspections."

Reddit | 9D6Official

For a long time I was just convinced that those plastic useless squares were only used to cover holes, and this has just confirmed my suspicions! If I'd have done this in my university dorm though, the whole wall would have been full of them, so they may have realized what was going on!

"A Woody is a Woody I guess"

Reddit | IloveAnnie82

What an amazingly polite way to inform someone that they have made a mistake. Is there anyone cooler than Woody Harrelson?!

"Tried to take a selfie at JFK. Caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam."

Reddit | sumthininteresting

I just had to include this, because I can't help but laugh while also being slightly uplifted by how damn happy this woman looks to be having her picture taken! I wish I could radiate this kind of positivity!

"My brother, 26, forgot how to draw horses"

Reddit | Elzalma

It's like he used a funhouse mirror platypus as reference material. Either that or their brother has seen some messed-up horses in their time.

"A golf fan asks Bill Murray to please autograph his forehead"

Reddit | Splineguy

Yep, he signed the guy's head as Miley Cyrus. I hope no one told him what was on his head, only for him to spend the day looking confused as to why people keep singing Wrecking Ball at him.

Can You Play Journey?

Reddit | passeifodasekkk

I absolutely love that despite this being a tiny upright piano, whoever made it still took time to put on a sustain pedal!

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

Reddit | Sanktus107

Apparently, the coffee machine at this office has been missing for quite some time, and in order to deal with that tragedy, some employees have started leaving some hilarious memes around.

Hey, if you don't laugh about it, you'll cry, right?

Who's Going To Tell Them?

Reddit | TwirlyGuacamole

We're living in this weird time where not everyone knows that some emojis are NSFW, so we get signs like these that seem innocent, but definitely aren't.

"Gotta get them all confused from an early age."

Reddit | drak0bsidian

Honestly, this kid's face is my face when someone even mentions anything science related.

I left that nonsense behind me in high school, but this poor kid has years of dealing with it ahead of him.

Where Is The Lie?

Reddit | matts41

Every single part of this graph is right on the money, especially the part about wanting a roommate.

Sure, they help cover the rent, but dear God, at what cost?!

Rough Nice At The Castle, Ladies?

Reddit | stephidabefidea5

I'll let this Reddit user explain the situation here:

"My daughter used markers to put 'makeup' on her dolls. I tried to wash them. Cinderella had an especially rough night."

""It's always so cold in our house. Our furnace sucks.' -Wife Jan2020 -32C."

Reddit | dfGobBluth

Okay, but I'm actually super guilty of this myself. In fact, I just recently discovered that my "super cold bedroom" could be fixed by simply moving my dresser from blocking the heating vent. Who knew it was that easy?

Here's All My Quarters.

Reddit | skarvin

This cheeky sign was spotted in a London pub and honestly, it makes me want to dump the entire contents of my pockets out onto the bar top.

Smart signage, fellas.

How Does Someone End Up With So Much Fire Sauce, You Ask?

Reddit | superman2706

Well, as superman2706 explains,

"I asked guy taking my order for, 'as much fire sauce as you can give me without losing your job.' Turns out that’s 243 packets. I love you Taco Bell, and promise not to ask for anymore sauce for a while."

"Let's have a talk."

Reddit | BraySC

This is exactly how every high school principal in every movie ever looks when he's about to tell some kid that his grades and conduct are simply unacceptable for this institution.

"My daughter can't figure out why we can't stop laughing at the Yoda she made."

Reddit | Rumblepuff

"Stumbled upon this tribute..."

Reddit | insatiablesanibel

I mean, as long as Kati was lovable, that's all that matters to me. She's still a very good doggo.


Reddit | itzyaboichipsahoy

The best part about this post isn't the narrowed "eyes" of this home. No no, it's the Reddit user's caption, "Dinkleburg" that makes it 1000% funnier.

You know you read that in Timmy Turner's dad's voice. Don't even lie.

"Someone doesn't like their neighbour very much."

Reddit | Winter-icey

I mean, that's definitely one assumption you could draw from this picture.

The other is that there is simply "a hole" in that general area, and this person just wants to let everyone know.

These Kids Just Stunned Their Dad With A Dad Joke. The Circle Is Complete.

Reddit | narcolepsyinc

As this Reddit user wrote,

"My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this. Buncha comedians in my house..."

"How you know you're in a good neighborhood"

Reddit | Electrical_Pass

You're either in a "good" neighborhood, or just a neighborhood occupied exclusively by meathead car nuts with more money than sense.

"Google street view never disappoints."

Reddit | katemoo12

What a great way to start the new decade, by flipping off everyone on the internet at once!