14+ Pics We Can't Stop Thinking About

These days, our lives are basically a constant stream of images. We scroll through social media and articles at such a fast clip, it's hard for much of anything to stand out. So I thought, "Hey, why don't we just compile a bunch of the truly standout pics from the internet today?" ...Which apparently is the kind of thing that I think about. So...yeah, here it is, I guess?

As if pumpkins weren't Halloween-y enough...

Reddit | remembersarah18

I've heard of the Monster Mash before, but never the Monster Squash. That joke only works as long as you look at how the words look similar without actually thinking about the fact that they don't rhyme. So, do me this favor, okay?

If there's anything I love more than a family costume, it's a solid dad joke.

Reddit | MischiefDame

And if you can find a way to pull off both at the same time, you've got my heart. Unfortunately, it looks like the guy's already married.

How can you get mad at something so adorable?

Reddit | rrsafety

Squirrels, of course, need to store nuts away for the winter. Unfortunately, they don't really care if the hood of your van seems like the best place to do so.

That eerie feeling when you feel like you've seen this all before.

Reddit | hobbyanimal

Granted, there are only so many ways you can arrange a bathroom, so I guess it's not really all that spooky. But still, at the very least it's neat.

Adding insult to injury.

Or, at the very least, it's adding further injury to injury. What I'm saying is that nobody wants a snowball in the face, especially after a failed snowflop.


Reddit | AllVeggiesNoEggs

I cannot explain the rage that I feel when I go into my bathroom and see that people have been squeezing it from the middle. This tube has the decency to insist on being squeezed properly.

All the joys of painting, plus the ability to undo your happy little accidents.

Reddit | SkyGuardianOfTheSky

Granted, that's probably not the most productive way to spend your time in class, but I'm not really in a position to judge. That doesn't mean I'm not going to stop judging, just that I shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

I'd hate to be driving anywhere near it, but I'm still glad that this thing exists.

Reddit | kpmeowww

It's like they looked at Marty's hat from Back to the Future Part II and thought "yeah, I want that, but in a car."

George Washington couldn't tell a lie, but he sure could dab on the haters.

Reddit | tmmyhntn

It took a really long time to convince George Washington to go with "E pluribus unum" for the country's motto instead of just saying "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEET."

"Are you saying that I can bend water with a noodle?"

Reddit | Reddit

"No, I'm saying that when the times comes, you won't have to...but you still will because it's a cool party trick."

It's still cool to make Matrix references in 2018, right?

Honestly, just props to this person for going out like this in public.

Reddit | Retrolad87

Clearly a baseball cap is a regular part of their aesthetic, so it's nice when someone tries to mix it up a bit, y'know?

This is 100% what I would do if I was a city planner.

Reddit | mcmanybucks

And I would do things like come up with "Lane Street" or "Crescent Boulevard." No one would want to live in my town, and I couldn't blame them.

This is just cool, so I'm excited to show it to you.

Reddit | mattjh

I never thought I'd be able to actually see a tweet before (outside of Twitter), so yeah, this is just super neat.

This is what it looks like when you try to make a raclette in Antarctica.

Reddit | coweos

Or, at the very least, this is what it looks like when you stunt for Instagram in Antarctica and pretend that you don't know better food-preparing processes for your environment.

"As a wedding photographer, I peaked with this capture."


Yes, meme culture has now become so crucial in people's lives that people are using their marriage photos to recreate memes! We are through the looking glass now people.

Check out this hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in this person's resin kitchen floor.

Reddit | 1ofZuulsMinions

I'd love to be able to have this in my house. Can you imagine if you had people over for drinks though and they turned the light off only to see this when they were drunk, they'd have a fit!

This tiger was given a gold tooth after it lost one in an accident.

Reddit | Hugh-is-ledge

And you thought that tigers couldn't get any more badass! Imagine seeing that coming flying after you out of the rainforest!

This bottle of wine that was left on a freezing porch.

Reddit | auriolrd

Well now, that is one interesting and niche way to open a bottle of wine in a pinch! Using a corkscrew is probably much easier though.

New Years photobomb!

Reddit | surelyknott

It's only right that everyone gets involved during the New Year celebrations! Just make sure this furry friend doesn't get into the champagne!

Believe it or not, this photo is not even photoshopped.

Reddit | Lifelapse

It's actually just a botched panorama shot. Which is honestly adorable, so I'm not mad. But boy, does it make it seem like it's really hot in France right now.

This politican during the impeachment trial literally has cash coming out of his pocket like a cartoon.

Reddit | tugnasty

This man has clearly just walked out of the pages of a political comic strip. This is a picture that will definitely stick in people's minds, but for all of the wrong reasons!

"I enjoy photoshopping stupid things together, so I did this."

Reddit | staffell

And who says that photoshop isn't an art form! Just look at how happy all three of them look.

The way this plate broke into almost perfectly even pieces

Reddit | mmay_a

Now I'm not saying that aliens were to blame for this, but I'm suggesting the idea that aliens may have been involved.

This person made a Braille cookie for a friend who is blind.

Reddit | AnActualCrow

Now, that is the kind of wholesome material I signed up for! I can't imagine how touched the person who received this must have been by this gesture.

What happens when an insect gets stuck between the printer and the pillowcase.


Wow, that insect died in a truly horrific way. And to think, this person will be reminded of that death every time they sit on this chair!

This person went axe throwing, and somehow embedded it handle first.

Reddit | Fliggerty

I mean, I guess they technically succeeded at what they set out to achieve, they just did it in a fairly roundabout way. They must have really launched it!

Color gradient moss.

Reddit | littlewrenbird

Nature is capable of some amazing things! I'd love to know how this is even possible.

The prongs weren't cut on this fork.

Reddit | redrum993

What do you do with a forkless fork? What is its purpose? Perhaps as a tiny flat spade? Or maybe you could use it as a catapult?

140 million year Old, 500 Kg dinosaur femur discovered In France, 2019.

Reddit | HeadbangerNeckInjury

It is truly staggering to think that such animals once casually roamed around this planet. Imagine seeing one of these beasts when you were on your walk to the shops!

This kitten has an extra paw!

Reddit | Nikkibert

The owner of this adorable little feline explained that when the kitten was born, they simply thought that it was an extra toe. However, as she grew, they realized it was another paw.

Ice formation created as the river level dropped.

Reddit | SharkerP38

It's quite hard for my brain to process what is going on in this photo. The way that it has precariously held itself in place despite the water level has dropped is quite eerie.

Your new nightmares brought to you by this creepy "Lego" face one redditor found while sorting out a box of toys.

Reddit | kitherarin

Yep, I can safely say I'll never get the image of that grimacing nightmare machine out of my head. Can you imagine finding this in your old toys? I'd be burning that straight away, sending it straight back to hell.

The perfect moment this jogger realized he had stumbled into a stranger's engagement photo

Reddit | 123CJP

It's good that this guy gave that couple a photo to remember the day by! I like how it looks as though the dog is in on it as well.

Giant puffball mushroom this person found in the woods.

Reddit | kfranky

Holy mackerel! It looks like it's the size of a basketball! You could make some amount of mushroom... stuff with that. Look, I don't like mushrooms so I don't know what you'd make out of that; but, whatever it is you're making you could make a lot of it!

Something doesn't have to actually be true for you to make people believe it.

Instagram | @pubity

That kind of sounds like I'm advocating for gaslighting, and I'm pretty sure I'm not. Or am I? Is that what I'm doing right now?