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16 Infuriating Pics Of Things That Shouldn't Annoy Us But Really, Really Do

Diply 18 May 2018

As I was tying my shoes this morning, I found a small, tight knot in my laces. Is it the end of the world? Of course not. Is my fury irrational? Yep.

But you know it's going to drive me nuts until I find a way to get my fat fingers into the knot to untie it.

1. Please place this image in the dictionary next to "irony."

Reddit | AdibIsWat

Littering is pretty annoying on its own, but this brings it up to infuriating. Whoever tossed this was either oblivious of the message, or saw it and decided to be a jerk about it.

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2. "Hey Twix, what gives?" —Starcraftmartyr

Reddit | Starcraftmartyr

Unacceptable. I pledge my allegiance to the side with more tasty cookie and caramel! Right side, you are dead to me until you rectify the issue.

Though, admittedly, I always preferred the peanut butter Twix and miss it terribly.

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3. Once you've failed to tear it the first time, it just spirals from there.

Reddit | soltydog

If you're lucky, you can get at the leftover bits before they add up, but once you've reached this point, it's over. Just resign yourself to the remainder of the pad or start a whole new one.

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4. I get that full-sized bathroom mirrors aren't cheap, but...

Reddit | Cavsfan2014

There has to be a better solution to the problem than a trio of mismatched mirrors that aren't big enough to see your whole face in.

And the one that's twisted around makes it so much worse.

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5. "1 year after telling people to not use metal in the nonstick pan." —cornernope

Reddit | cornernope

And this is why I never spend more than $10 on non-stick anything when other people may use it. It doesn't matter if you store the proper utensils in the pot, some people still choose a metal spoon.

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6. Maintenance "fixed" this door real good, didn't they?

Reddit | ruralpunk

I suppose the most important thing is that it closes and locks securely, so what if it's totally awkward to actually use the handle afterwards?

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7. This lock is good and stuck. 

Reddit | ubscal

And the keyhole is wedged up at the side, so good luck getting it out of there. It's going to take some careful wiggling, or worst case, bolt cutters.

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Reddit | beans_seems_and_bees

When you buy Reese's, you expect one simple thing: peanut butter inside the chocolate. It's not that difficult!

Lucky for this person, the other three Easter eggs did contain peanut butter.

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9. I have a special anger for people who misuse the express lanes. 

Reddit | rahl07

They know that it would take longer for the cashier to argue with them or make them repack their cart than it would to just ring them up.

That's why they do it.

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10. We just want the pen body to match the color of the ink. Is that too much to ask?

Reddit | Awsisazeen

Apparently, because this pen that is clearly supposed to be blue actually has red ink. Not confusing at all.

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11. Maybe the instructions should have gone on the side you don't tear off?

Reddit | leon_everest

If you're lucky, you noticed before throwing the torn strip in the gross garbage can and can write the missing oven temperature on the box again.

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12. Yeah, those handles look secure.

Reddit | MJ420247

It's especially bad when it's a bookstore that has the super flimsy bags. Yes, we should all be trying our best to switch to reusable bags, but if you're going to charge me five cents for plastic, at least make it decent.

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13. So, you check the carton and find that one of the eggs is cracked. What do you do? 

Reddit | mrjeffums

Clearly, you swap your white egg for an unbroken one in the brown section. Duh.

This wouldn't bug me so much if they didn't insist on charging more for brown.

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14. High school bathrooms are gross enough without the soap joining the party.

Reddit | TheFoxySniper

You just know that some idiot kid thought it was funny to keep pressing the handle so that soap poured out all over the floor.

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15. Well, that's unfortunate. 

Reddit | DrHattan

I feel like this is something the restaurant should have noticed when putting the order together. I mean, even if you aren't looking, an empty plastic bag feels different than one with a fortune cookie in it.

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16. That poor screwdriver just wasn't up to the job. 

Reddit | Reddit

With the amount of wear on the bolt, it was going to be a fight anyway, but perhaps they should have gone with a ratchet and some WD-40?

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