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15+ Hilarious Memes To Show The Girls At Your Weekly Wine Night

Yes, that time of week again is fast approaching, the weekly wine night, be it Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or every day of the week (keep your judgment to yourself, I can feel it through the screen)! Regardless of what day it is, you need to be armed with some of the hot, hot, hottest memes out there to be impressing your friends!

Well, never fear, for here are 15+ hilarious memes to show the girls at your weekly wine night, and not a second before!

*Sniffs Clothing From The Floor*

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You just need to own it with the appropriate sass, "This is my lazy-chic aesthetic, now get the hell out of my face."

"Just bc I'm mad doesn't mean I don’t love you"

Reddit | MLH3315

Ah Pingu, more accurately expressing human emotions as a plasticine penguin than real human beings since 1986.


Reddit | MLH3315

Sometimes there is nothing quite like doing something that you know is going to wind someone up! It's called, being a d*ck!

Strike A Pose

Reddit | MLH3315

You know that the boyfriend will be looking at those very clothes, and wishing them well in their new life, as they will never wear them again.

I'll Just Have One Of Yours...

Instagram | sassyy.queens

Why people can't understand that some people want the entire portion of fries when they order a portion of fries is beyond me! Also, eating the little ones at the end doesn't count as doing me a favor 'cause they're the best ones!

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Twitter | chelsea100701

That's when you crack out the boombox and start blasting Celine Dion's My "Heart Will Go On", and don't stop playing until they turn back over.


Reddit | MLH3315

I don't think I've ever used the phrase #relatable before, and I doubt I ever will again, apparently it's what "The Youth" say. It was fun while it lasted though!

It Is Cute Though

Twitter | 0kbreathing

Well, I can understand this one completely. There are a lot of cute things out there after all. The one thing I never got, however, was trying on hundreds of things when you know you're not going to buy them.

They Make It Look So Easy

Instagram | memeandmygirls

I've tried to do this myself for a variety of Halloween looks; however they all end up with me smashing things and cursing make-up for being so unwieldy! Hence why I always end up having to throw together a very quick Adam Ant outfit at the last moment.

The Truth Hurts

Instagram | relatableafsayings

You're forgetting the wine! It's a crime that a bottle of wine can have more calories than a big mac meal! Especially when you end up ordering a big mac meal when you're drunk on wine and feel like death in the morning.

*Wakes Up Five Minutes Before Work*

Instagram | yoursassyex

My personal favourite lie I tell myself is that I'm going to go for a run before work. I mean, no one is really going to do that in their right mind when they could be in bed!

"Hey, chill out, yeah?"

Reddit | MLH3315

It can often seem like a joke is the perfect thing to diffuse a tense situation. This is false, it is never the perfect thing to diffuse a tense relationship situation, the opposite in fact!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Pissiest Of Them All?

Instagram | luvmemes_

What is it about beloved UK childhood TV characters perfectly accurately depicting the internal anger of being an adult? First Pingu, now Thomas the Tank Engine!

*Fights Back The Fourth Yawn That Minute*

Instagram | girlwithno_filter_memes

"And I don't even drink any water to look this hydrated!"

"Wow, really?"

"Yes!" Faints

Coming In Hot

Instagram | girlwithno_filter_memes

Taking a few moments, counting to ten, and taking a big sip of wine is the perfect thing to do before sending that incandescent text that you think is just what the doctor ordered!

"It Looks Freezing Out There!"

Reddit | musicartyoufeel

Look, where is the fun in having freezing extremities if you can't make other people suffer too?

"I'm A Different Person Now"

Instagram | yourclassyalcoholic

Yes, your toxic ex really is a trainer, stained red with the blood from your heart which they have trampled upon so many times — never be fooled by their ploys!

"Don't Make Me Say It Again"

Reddit | MLH3315

Sometimes it's nice to make people repeat their compliments! I mean, I can't say other people enjoy repeating them, but the compliments are for you, not them!

Beep Beep!

Instagram | tequilashots

I frequently have dreams that I am back at school, and I don't have student debts, or bills to pay, or things to feel, or emotions to run from, or existentialism to grapple with. Ah, those were simpler times!

Chaotic Neutral

Twitter | gothshakira

Sometimes I take a bag out, and I put like three things in it and just find myself wondering, "What on Earth do people carry around with them on a daily basis that could fill a whole bag?"